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Saturday, February 12, 2011

A "Smartie" Youth Rabbit Breeder Named Ellyn

Ellyn is a youth Polish breeder from Michigan. She loves the challenges of raising rabbits and competing in youth contests. Over the years, she won many youth contests such as ARBA national youth achievement and twice a runner-up for ARBA queen, and she was the rabbit queen of Michigan not too long ago. This photo shows Ellyn and other youth breeders who placed at the top of the 2007 ARBA King and Queen contests at the 2007 ARBA convention in Grand Rapids. Ellyn is the first girl on the left.

Derived from her experience of raising her prize-winning Polish and from youth contests, Ellyn wrote five books that are useful for all breeders but especially useful for youth breeders who wish to compete in royalty and other youth contests. Shown here are covers of two of Ellyn’s books, “Rabbit Smarties” and “A book About Bunny Colors”,

Here aer two sample pages from “Rabbit Smarties”; Ellyn's books are available via

Ellyn's Irate Pirate, a Polish black senior buck that won the open Best of Breed at the MN convention. Ellyn is his breeder but he was shown and owned by Tiffany who has owned him for over 2 years.

Friday, February 11, 2011

Rabbits A Great Hit At Japanese Pet Fair

On February 5 and February 6, a pet fair was held in Nagoya Dome. There were estimated 50,000 people in attendance. The Central Japan Show Rabbit Club put on a display at the fair.

Mr. Nakayama, an ARBA registrar, is introducing the rabbit breeds on the center stage.

A big crowd gather at the club booth to see the rabbits.

Maiko with her English Angora Vicky.

Two English Angora does, Vicky and Disco, are being shown to the audience.

We thank Maiko for sending the pictures and the report. To see more pictures of this event, please go to

Thursday, February 10, 2011

Two Peas In A Pod

Left: Mary Jane, right: Nikki.

What's going on there?

Hi, we are here.

Please, come out to play.

Something interesting there?

Yea, look at the birds!

Wednesday, February 09, 2011

Allen Judges Angora

Allen, our world traveller, just completed a trip to Singapore and Malaysia. He stayed there for almost two weeks and missed the fun of judging the shows in Chico and Oregon. Now he is back and we got him to judge Angoras in show A at Stockton.

Allen is making the decision between the white doe and the colored doe for Best Of Breed English Angora. Lilianna, the white doe, won over her littermate sister Lucianna who is behind Lilianna.

Between the white buck and the colored buck for Best Opposite Sex of English Angora, Allen went for the black buck Jamey.

Tuesday, February 08, 2011

Temperance Wins Specialty Best In Show At Stockton

Casey's English Angora tort senior doe Temperance has a repeat performance of winning the specialty Best In Show at Stockton on Saturday. When there are more than one show going on the same day, the winners could be totally different from show to show.

Monday, February 07, 2011

Lilianna Wins All Breed Reserve In Show

Lilianna is a pretty English Angora white senior doe.

Left to right, judge Ray, Betty with her Reserve In Show winner Chu's Lilianna, Best In Show winner Netherland Dwarf shown by Megan, Yasmin, Jordan, Joseph & Jeanette, judge Ted from Oregon.

Judge Ted takes Lilianna out of her coop during the Best In Show judging.

Judge Ray examines Lilianna during the Best In Show judging.

In Stockton, Big Valley RA put on the double open and double youth shows plus some specialty shows. In open show A there were 32 breed represented. Photos of show A winners are shown above.

In youth show A, Breanna's English Spot took Best In Show and Shianne's Mini Lop took Reserve In Show.

In youth show B, Jordan and Joseph's Netherland Dwarf took Best In Show and Katealyn's New Zealand was the Reserve In Show winner.

In open show B, Ashley's Florida White took Best In Show and Larry and Rita's Satin took Reserve In Show.

Sunday, February 06, 2011

Mountain Rabbit?

Rabbits sometimes are being put into the category of rodents, and most of us rabbit breeders are not happy about it.

When this picture of a "Pika" appeared in a Red Bluff/Redding area newspaper, it's hard to argue that the "mountain rabbit" is not a close relative of a rat! The only difference between this mountain rabbit and a rat seems to be the tail and that this mountain rabbit seems to be a little more rounded that a regular rat. Upon more research, Pika is in a family within the order of lagomorphs that also includes rabbit and hare.

It is also interesting to learn that the Japanese Pokemon character Pikachu is somewhat based on the like of a Pika.