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Saturday, January 05, 2008

Kelly Is A New Mom

Vicki sends wonderful news: Kelly is now a mom. Kelly won the youth Best In Show winner in the 1998 ARBA convention with her beautiful white English Angora doe Kelly's Lauren. New she has another Best In Show winner!

Vicki says, "Well we finally have a baby and hopefully a new angora breeder. Kelly had a little girl last night at 9:45 pm. Scott and I went down to Minneapolis in the early afternoon as Aaron (Kelly's husband) called to say she was in the hospital. Needless to say we had little bit of a wait but it was well worth it! Her name is Cora Elizabeth and she weighs in at 7 lbs. 5 oz. and 21" long. I think she gets that length from her daddy has he is almost 6'4", little different from Kelly!!!"

For we old time Angora breeders, it is very hard to believe that time has gone by so fast; Kelly went from a youth breeder to being married and now a mom. Vicki volunteered as the secretary of the National Angora Breeders Club for many years. She owns a very successful fiber product company.

Congratulations to grand parents Vicki and Scott and the proud new parents Kelly and Aaron.

Friday, January 04, 2008

Allen Guest Blogs From Africa V

Dressed-up in my tailored boubou, hand-made with fabric I chose at a market in Dakar.

The Marabout, or religous Muslim leader, addresses the Mosque at Tabaski prayer prior to his sacrifice.

Massive group of Muslims pray at and around my family's local Mosque in Kaolack

My Senegalese father’s father had two wives and 16 children, all of whom are now grown. For each Tabaski, all of the family meets to celebrate. Most of the Dieng family still lives in Kaolack on a “compound” of three basic houses. Some of the Diengs, like my host father, left Kaolack for the large city of Dakar for work opportunity. Most of Muhamet’s brothers and sisters now have children of their own. You can imagine the size of Tabaski in our family!

Tabaski occurred on Friday, December 21st, beginning with a morning
prayer at the Mosque. We all wore our fancy, new boubous, including me. Three weeks prior to Tabaski, I selected fabric at an open market in Dakar, and then had a boubou tailored for me. I was so excited to wear it, and equally excited to attend prayer at the mosque in it!

All of the men pray at the mosque together, with a large group of women in the distant back. Being Tabaski, the crowd was very large, and I was quite the oddity in the crowd. I “went through the motions” of prayer (i.e. bowing), but truly had no idea what I was doing. After prayer, we watched the Marabout (religious leader) sacrifice the first sheep. We then returned to the Dieng compound to sacrifice 10 sheep, prepare a massive meal, and best of all, eat!

Thursday, January 03, 2008

Too Sexy Wants To Be Sexy

Mama Maureen says, "You are not going to strip yourself! It is unlady like."

Too Sexy says, "I thought I was going to do a show. Striptease would have been a very sexy show".

The show is a rabbit show, not a burlesque show. Judge Bruce is checking on Too Sexy.

Judge Bob is also checking on Too Sexy.

In the New Year's Eve show in Ohio, Maureen's beautiful chocolate tort doe Too Sexy was chewing on herself. Maureen was afraid that she might go bold before getting onto the show table. We are showing an imaginary conversation between Mama Maureen and Too Sexy.

Wednesday, January 02, 2008

New Year Eve's Shows

There are a lot of interest about having a show date on or close to the New Year Day or Eve in 2009 in our area. Here are reports and photos of the two New Year Eve's shows: one in Indiana and another in Ohio. We thank Maureen and Randy for sharing these photos and information with us.

New Year Eve's Show In Ohio

Angora exhibitors in the OH New Year's eve show: Lisa, Maureen, Annette and Mary.

Showroom is full of rabbit people.

Potluck table.

Potluck table again.

Judge Terry is still in Christmas mood.

The Ohio New Year's Eve show is somewhat smaller than the one in Indiana. It has 600+ rabbits and this is probably the first time that such a show is stage in Ohio. It takes some time for people to catch up; no doubt the number will grow. The show started the check in at 7 pm; the Best In Show was picked at 4:30 am.

Maureen provided these pictures and the description. Thanks, Maureen. There will be more pictures of her and her pretty doe "Too Sexy" tomorrow.

New Year's Eve Show in Indiana

Randy is in Indiana spending Christmas and New Year with his family.

Every year he judges a show on New Years Eve for the Huntington County Exhibition Rabbit Promoters. The show was started nearly 20 years ago by the late ARBA president Dr Terry Reed and Randy. It was the first of its kind. The first year there was about 600 rabbits and the show has grown to 2500 rabbits in some of the years.

There was a snowstorm going on this year, there was still a nice turnout of 1800 rabbits. There was nearly 6 inches of snowfall during the show itself. There were exhibitors from 6 or 7 states. All of the 200+ exhibitors brought dishes for the potluck dinner and it was a huge holiday feast! Families love it as a good wholesome alternative to the regular New Year activities.

Randy took pictures of the winners of Satin Angora and English Angora. The Satin Angora was shown by NARBC president Judy, it was VERY nice, in Randy’s words. The English Angora owner is a new breeder- Gina of South Bend, IN. It’s a big accomplishment for a new breeder to have won the Best of Breed. Congratulations to both.

Photos and information are provided by Randy. Thanks, Randy.

Tuesday, January 01, 2008

Happy New Year

Northern Californian Angora Guild wishes everyone a Happy New Year.

Monday, December 31, 2007

Sevenah Says Goodbye To Her Show Coat

The year of 2007 has been a good year for Sevenah. From the time when she was a young junior, her potential was appreciated. During the year, she won many shows including the Best of Breed at the ARBA national convention plus many all breed Best In Show and Reserve In Show. She has 30 grand champion legs.

Though her show coat is still prime and pretty, it is time for her to exit the show circuit and enter the next phase of her life: to be a mother. The year of 2008 will be the year for her to have young and raise a family.

After these pictures, Sevenah says goodbye to her show coat.

Sunday, December 30, 2007

Maiko Writes from Japan

Elliott celebrated New Year in 2007 before moving to Japan.

Elliott moved to Japan in November 2007.

Vicki was born in Japan to parents that originally came from Betty.

Maiko and Betty with Sevenah in front of Betty's bunny barn.

In November, Maiko and her friend paid a surprise visit to Betty. They took pictures together and Maiko went home with Grand Champion white buck Chu's Elliott.

Maiko writes from Japan that Elliott is doing well and he will be husband to Vicki whose parents are Betty's rabbits.

Maiko is planning on going to Louisville and we look forward to seeing her and her rabbits.