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Saturday, April 04, 2009

Gabrielle's Oregon Trip Experience

The metal dragon outside of Yreka.
Yreka is the big town at the northern tip of CA.

Crossing the border from CA to OR.

Just outside of Grants Pass is this wonderful wildlife rehabilitation center. When Terri Irwin moved to Australia (Crocodile Hunter fame), some of her animals, including her mountain lion, Malina, came here to live. The girls have adopted a mountain lion, a bobcat, and a bear. (This picture was taken December 2007.)

In order to get to Myrtle Point from I-5, you take H-42 through the town of Winston where my grandma lives. Winston is home to Wildlife Safari. This is the view from my grandmother's front door. She lives on the South Umpqua River

Just outside of Myrtle Point, I found myself behind this van: It's Betty!!

On the drive home, it was pouring rain. On Sunday morning, before heading to the show room, Lindsay and I checked traffic conditions, knowing that we would have to climb up the Siskiyou pass in order to get home. Although we did not have to wear chains, all vehicles were required to carry them. Sure enough, it was snowing when we climbed Mt Ashland, but not cold enough to stick yet.

And... when we got to the agricultural checkpoint upon entering California, look who was directly in front of us: Lindsay!

Friday, April 03, 2009

More Photos From OR Trip

Fujiyama or Shasta Mountain? They certainly look alike. This photo was taken at the northern tip of CA before entering OR.

It rains a lot at Myrtle Points, OR. Dawn called it the "Oregon Sunshine". The overnighters at the parking area outside the showroom, the grounds were all wet.

The red van in the photo is Betty's Sienna. At the time of loading bunnies to the van around noon, it poured. With a slopped parking space and pouring rain, everything got wet.

This was the driving condition leaving Myrtle Points. An hour after entered CA border, it was totally dry.

Thursday, April 02, 2009

Fuzzy Lop Arts

Two prizes for the top winners in the American Fuzzy Lop National Show this coming Saturday in Utah.

Three prizes for the same Fuzzy National.

Wednesday, April 01, 2009

Found On The Net: Extreme Grooming

Poodle as a Clydesdale Horse.

Poodle as a camel.

Poodle as a vineyard.

Poodle gone fishing.

Poodle as a peacock.

Poodle as a buffalo.

Angora people are familiar with grooming; it is a fun thing and it is also a necessity. However, it is not likely that any of the Angora people has seen or done any grooming remotely similar to the Poodle Extreme Grooming contest posted on the net.

What do you think? This blogger is speechless.

Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Sibling Rivalry

Katianna in her pretty pose.

Katianna in another pose.

Katianna on the side view.

Handsome Eddy in his pretty pose.

Eddy in pose two.

Eddy in another pose.

Katianna and Eddy are littermate sister/brother. They both are doing well in shows. It's almost a tradition that does would win over bucks in the English Angora breed; only once in a blue moon that a buck could win over the doe during the final Best of Breed pick. Between Katianna and Eddy, the rivalry has been no exception, Katianna always won over Eddy. Eddy keeps on wondering what he needs to do to win over his sister. What do you think?

Monday, March 30, 2009

Fuzzy Fiber Projects

Carol's handsome Fuzzy Lop buck.

A Beautiful Fuzzy Lop girl.

A skein of yarn made of 100% Fuzzy Lop wool.

A yarn made from Fuzzy Lop and Merino blend wool, dyed with Easter egg dye.

When knitted, the Fuzzy x Merino blend yarn gives out nice halo.

There are six recognized wool breed rabbits in the ARBA standard: English Angora, French Angora, Giant Angora, Satin Angora, American Fuzzy Lop and Jersey Wooly. The four breeds of Angora are normally associated with fiber projects. Fuzzy Lop and Jersey Wooly, though have shorter wool, they are also suitable for fiber projects.

Carol G. not only is a top breeder of Fuzzy Lop and Jersey Wooly and an accomplished judge, she is also a very talented fiber artist. Look at the yarns that she spun out of Fuzzy Lop wool, and also the fingerless gloves that she knitted, they are as beautiful, fluffy and soft as our Angora products. It is hoped that she will inspire other Fuzzy and Wooly breeders to utilize their wool and join the rank of fiber enthusiasts.

Sunday, March 29, 2009

A Wedding Of Blended Tradition

Betty says,

"My friend Alice recently attended an interesting wedding ceremony. She sent me this picture and allowed me to share it on our blog.

The bride is Alice's niece, a Chinese-American and the groom is an Iranian-American, both born in California. They had their wedding ceremony in Hong Kong last weekend.

The ceremony was a mixture of the two cultures, more Persian than Chinese. One of the typical parts of an Iranian wedding tradition is to perform a "Sweet and Happy" ceremony. In the photo, four happily married female relatives, mostly bride's close family members, hold a scarf made out a fine fabric over the heads of the bride and bridegroom during the ceremony. Alice is to the right of the groom in red suit with white blouse. Another female relative grinds two sugar cones made of hardened sugar over the scarf; the grinding process loosens up the sugar and showers the bride and groom with sweetness and happiness.

We thank Alice for sharing this photo and the interesting experience."