Northern California Angora Guild

Saturday, February 03, 2007

Greetings from Canada

Our Canadian member Holly had a nice visit from Lisa and sister Holly recently. Lisa is also our member. They had a fun time evaluating and playing with the litter from Chu's Vance and Chu's Eqadora; we have seen the photos of these bunnies since they were little bunnies.

Top two photos are Holly with the three month old litter, two REW, two tort and one choc tort.

The third photo is Lisa with the litter.

The fouth photo is Lisa with sister Lora. Lora is yet to enter the wonderful world of Angora, but it's not going to be too long before that happens.

The background are the custom-made cages in Holly's rabbitry.

Friday, February 02, 2007

Rabbit Fashion Show

We love our rabbits. We are artistic. It's natural for us to use our artistic talents to benefit our rabbits.

At the top, two cut down English Angora are wearing sweaters made by Betty.

In the next composite photo on the left, Holland Lops are modeling Yumiko's kimono creation. In case our readers are interested in the words under the three kimonos at the top of the picture, the words from left to right are "black, tea, red" indicating the colors of the kimonos.

The right photo is our talented designer Tracy wearing a matching scarf to her French Angora's sweater that she made. The bottom photo shows a clear side view of the fashion sweater modeled by Tracy's French Angora.

Thursday, February 01, 2007

Denise From Willits

Denise has been a member of NCAG for a long time; we got to see her once a year at Santa Rosa. She works on Saturdays and can hardly go to any shows. She takes a day off on the third Saturday in January every year in order to visit us in the SMRA show. We love to see her there.

"Denise, stand still for a picture."

Denise said, "For the blog again?"

"Yes, stand still and smile!"

Wednesday, January 31, 2007

Mario Takes A Nap

At Santa Rosa, People walking by Betty were doing a double take.

"What is that? A stuff animal?"

"Is that a real rabbit?"

Mario is taking a nap, shhhh, quiet!

Our English Angora are so docile, so calm, so tame. It is hard to believe that they are for real.

Tuesday, January 30, 2007

Service for Christy

Lonita reported from So. CA. on January 29 :

"Bill & I just got back from Christy's funeral. It was as beautiful as she was, surrounded by many friends and family and the most lovely flowers were everywhere. The entire chapel was almost full with so many people contributing heart felt stories of special times they had with her. One lady that spoke had been in 3rd grade with her and another lady that spoke had met Christy when they were in 5th grade! Christy made a lasting impression on everyone she met with her positive and fun attitude. She will truly be missed but will stay in our hearts forever.

After the grave side services, a large group of both past and present CARS members met at Pat Hall's home in Hacienda Heights who served an array of wonderful food and drink. The hours slipped by as we all chatted away remembering the good times we had with Christy.

Attached are the two photos and the wording on her remembrance card we were given when we arrived at the chapel.

In Memory Of
Margurite M. Sconsa

February 24, 1932

Passed Away
January 12, 2007"

Monday, January 29, 2007

Brooke Judges

Brooke used to judge almost every show around Northern California. Recently she has been spending more of her time working around her house and does not travel far for shows. It's nice to see her at Santa Rosa judging for the SMRA shows. She is a member of the club and good friend of Stephanie, the superintendent. That probably explains why she would agree to judge.

People were greeting her saying, "Long time no see". A picture was taken when she was chatting with Linda W. of Potter Valley. Then they posed together with a big smile for another photo.

Brooke, we would like to see you in shows more often.

Sunday, January 28, 2007

Cathy and Kim's Bunny

Two weeks ago, Cathy and Kim drove almost 3 hours one way to Betty's place to have their sole bunny fostered. (

Now the little black boy's eyes are open and has hopped out of the nestbox.
All Betty's other bunnies are at least three weeks older; little black boy is following his cousins everywhere and trying very hard to stay under the cousin's tummy to keep his little nose warm. He is behaving more mature and more active than a normal 15-day-old bunny, probably due to fact that his role models are the 5-week-old cousins.