Northern California Angora Guild

Saturday, July 11, 2015

Allen Manages Small Animals at the Alameda Fair

Small animals at Alameda Fair is big business.

Allen is the manager of the Small Animals division.

There are two rabbits shows, one in open and one in youth.    The rabbits have to be cooped and stay there for several days for display and/or for sale.

Here are some of the rabbits.

It looks like a French Angora but the sign says Lionhead.
A Dutch for sure.

A broken Satin?

People can buy the rabbits at the rabbit barn and buy all the equipment needed to raise them.

There are also ducklings for sale.

And baby turkeys.

Baby chicks too.

There are quite a crowd in the small animal barn.

In addition to rabbits, there are also pigeons for display and sale in the rabbit barn.

Another pigeon.

On display and for competition are eggs from different poultry.

Friday, July 10, 2015

Tanya Tucker Concert at the Alameda Fair

Allen invites Betty and hubby to attend Tanya Tucker's concert at the Alameda Fair.

Tanya Tucker is a very well known country music artist since the 1970s, her first single "Delta Dawn" became a hit when she was 13 years old.  She has been in the music business for over 40 years.

Her singing is as good as when she was in prime.

Betty and Allen enjoy big ice cream sundaes, and see them sing along with Tanya

Thursday, July 09, 2015

Relaxing after the Show

The show is over, Carol G finally can relax.   With her are Coleman and Kevin from AZ and Nate's daughter Natalie from UT.

Boo wants some attention from mama Carol G. 

Boo tries to get the attention of the camera person.

Wednesday, July 08, 2015

Boo Looks for Treats

Boo to Scarlett,  "What do you have?"


Mom, Scarlett is eating rabbit poops!


Count me out, I want something better than rabbit poops.


I smell hamburger, where is the hamburger?  Did you guys ate them all?   I want some.


Tuesday, July 07, 2015

French Angora and Carol G., Hope and Betty

Carol, Hope and Betty each holds one of the three "Chestnut Brothers".    The brothers belong to Carol G though they had temporarily lived with Betty for a few weeks.   Hope is taking one of the brothers back to Utah with her as a classroom bunny and potentially a show bunny.    Hope is one of the top Holland Lop breeders in the country, her Holland Lop won the BOB in the Holland Lop National Show in April.

Most people are familiar with Betty blow grooming an English Angora; here is French Angora Freddie getting ready for the show table. 

Betty is getting Fat Bottom Girl ready to go to the judging table.   Fat Bottom Girl belongs to Carol G but mama Carol is working at the American Fuzzy Lop table so auntie Betty steps in to help.   Fat Bottom Girl is Freddie's mother.


Ok, Ok, this is NOT a French Angora.  This is a very regular picture of Betty working on an English Angora.  Her name is Chu's Minka who was the first place white junior doe winner at the ARBA convention in Forth Worth last year, she has since accumulated 31 legs.  

We thank Carolyn for these photos.


Monday, July 06, 2015

Maria Drives a Long Way from WA

Maria came to this show last year and had a great time.  Though the WA state convention is being held on the same day, she decides to drive a long way to come to Carol's home again.    With her are her two English Angora colored junior does.   The tort doe has being doing especially well, already has 2 junior legs from previous shows, she won another junior leg in a class of 7 colored junior does.


Maria is very helpful in running the rabbits back and forth.  Though she does not have any white English Angora with her, she is helping Betty and Casey carrying their white to and from the table.

NCAG really appreciate Maria's coming from such a long distance to attend the show, hope she will consider this as her annual outing to CA.


Sunday, July 05, 2015

Matt is A First Time Dad

Matt is a new English Angora breeder/exhibitor.  He recently had the first litter of out of a buck from Casey and a doe from Betty.  The litter includes a white buck, a white doe and a tort doe; what a perfect combination of color and gender.

Matt is absolutely thrilled with the litter.   Though the bunnies are too young to win legs, they all received excellent comments.  

This close up photo is taken by Carolyn.

Here is a further close up of the bunnies.

Matt is a well-know poet when he is not playing with English Angora rabbits.   There are many YouTube videos of his performances.   Here is a 19-minute one-man show: