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Saturday, April 18, 2009

Found On The Net: Ram As House Pet

In UK, a guy named David Palmer found a new-born lamb crying in the tall grass, but there was no other sheep near this little lamb.

Mr. Palmer rescued this lamb and tried to find the owner but no one ever came to claim it. His wife used a human baby bottle fed milk to the little lamb and named it Nick Boing. That was three years ago.

Mr Palmer tried to reintroduce Nick to farm-life, he had refused to go near other sheep and would not settle; Nick preferred his home comforts at the Palmer residence, watching TV and taking trips in the car.

Mr Palmer, 53, said Nick had even slept in his bed when he was a lamb but was too big for that now.

Nick has become a hit with the neighbours in the village and Mr Palmer said the sheep knows which gardens he is allowed into.

He said he had built Nick his own little bungalow in the back garden, complete with carpet and windows, but the sheep still likes to spend time in the living room.

"He's more intelligent than your average sheep that's stuck in a field.
He's in the house and in the car and meeting people over the park and around the village."

"He's part of the family. He comes in every evening, head-butts the cushions off the sofa and watches TV. If the biscuit barrel is out he'll butt it on the floor because he knows the lid will come off. Come 11 pm he'll have a swede or an apple and then he's out for the night. It probably smells in here, but I'm used to it."

Mr Palmer said: "It takes me five hours to shear him with a pair of scissors but I only have to do that once a year.

"He loves being shampooed and will lie on his back with his legs in the air for me to wash him."

He said Nick also enjoys lying in the front doorway watching the world go by and that he is the mascot for his son's rugby team.

Mr. Palmer also takes him to visit local schools.

"Who would have thought it? Going up and down the street with a lamb is one thing, I didn't think I could do it with a sheep but there you are. He's such good company and he knows what's what, he's not stupid at all."

Friday, April 17, 2009

Oldies But Goodies

Vera was a very impressive rabbit in 2001.

Betty with Vera in 2001.

Adisson was a very handsome boy in 2001.

No longer show-pretty but have good lives together in 2009, Vera is in charge, Adisson accepts the bottom position.

Even during exercise time, Adisson follows Vera's lead.

The 2009 ARBA convention is to be held on November 1 in San Diego, CA. The last time CA hosted an ARBA convention was in 2001, also in San Diego.

In the 2001 ARBA convention, Chu's Vera won BOB English Angora then went on to win Group, became one of the four finalists competing for the Best In Show. Born at the end of 2000, Vera is now 8-1/2 years old.
Chu's Adisson won colored senior buck class and BOSV in the same convention. Born in early 2001, he is 8-1/4 years old.

Neither is show-pretty, but both are alive and well sharing their lives together. They are like any old couple, lots of companionship and caring for each other but no more burning love. Vera is definitely the boss, Adisson follows her lead, lets her do whatever she wants without any complaint.

It's no fun to be old, whether it's animals or people; Vera and Adisson are helping each other to go through their twilight years.

Thursday, April 16, 2009

French Angora At Cow Palace

Carol W. with her colored senior doe.

Carol W. with her broken junior doe.

A long line up of Angora. In the near left, Chris Z. is judging French Angora with Lindsay writing. Carol W. is taking notes while Curt and Elsa are watching. In the far end of the judging table, Keelyn is judging English Angora with Casey writing. Altogether there are over 40 Angora rabbits on these judging coops.

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Charlie Goes To Show

Charlie has not been in shows much. At the Cow Palace weekend, he was there for all six shows.

He only has two English Angora white bucks entered, they won BOS or BOSV in five out of six shows. It's a great showing, and it is hoped that Charlie will be back in the show circuit regularly soon.

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

The Glove Gang

Madison fell in love with the fuzzy gloves, she got all tied up by the price tag.

Now the gloves belong to her, she is untied from the price tag.

The fuzzy gloves proved to be a lucky charm, Madison's Mini Lop took youth Best In Show the next day.

Jessica also likes the gloves, she got a pair of Angora with Merino wool.

Madison and Jessica compare their gloves.

This sweetie got another pair of Angora x Merino.

She certainly is enjoying the gloves.

The beautiful fingerless gloves made by Carol G. were a hit at Cow Palace. Young ladies just love them. Here are three very happy young ladies in these gloves. I hope these three sweeties are reading this blog. Betty is really sorry that she could not find the piece of paper that has the e-mail addresses. Please leave a comment to the blog or send an e-mail to

For those who are interested in getting a similar pair of fingerless gloves, go to or Carol can make any color combination that strikes your fancy.

Monday, April 13, 2009

American Fuzzy Lop National Show

Solid senior doe winner Indiana.

Christina is Indiana's mom; she is here with judge Joey.

Carol G. with a Fuzzy breeder in Utah.

Judge Joey is the Fuzzy national show judge.

Fuzzy breeders in Utah. Brian H. won most of the classes including BOB and BOS. He is the second from right and his pretty mom Sherry is in the middle. To Brian's right is Marian, one of our CA breeders.

Sunday, April 12, 2009

Katelyn's First Easter

Katelyn with a French Angora, mama Alicia's breed.

Katelyn with a broken English Angora, grandma Deb's breed.

Mama Alicia and grandma Deb; picture taken in the 2007 convention.

Little Katelyn is supposed to arrive in late March 2009, a week or so before Easter. She decided to enter this world three months early on December 30, 2008, weighed 2 pounds and 2 ounces.

She stayed in incubator for months and finally she is health to be with her parents Tim and Alicia and grandma Deb; she is also experiencing her first Easter.

Grandma Deb reports from MN:

"Little Katelyn hasn't decided yet if she wants to show English or French, so we took a picture of her with both. She is even considering Satins, but we don't have any of those to take her picture with. But, I thought I would send you these pictures of her and the bunnies.

Have a Wonderful Easter!"

Indeed it is a wonderful Easter and happy Easter to all.