Northern California Angora Guild

Saturday, April 05, 2008

Charlie's New House

Charlie sends in three photos and a report about the new house that he and partner David are building. He says,

"The first photo is David and I standing in the entry/ sitting room which will be furnished with wicker furniture and lots of plants. The tongue and groove knotty pine wainscot is up and I will sand and finish it before the final trim goes on. There will be a wooden coffered ceiling.

The second photo is us standing in our front yard. I wanted to show off all the daffodils I planted last year. I think it is hard to see much.

The third photo is us standing in front of our house. As you can see not much has changed outside as it is a low priority compared to getting the interior done.

Progress is being made but there is an awful lot to get done. We look forward to being complete by year-end and celebrating Christmas in our new home. Wish us lots of luck, we need it!"

Friday, April 04, 2008

New Colored Angora Goat Kids at The Eureka! Farm

Marla had triplets: a black, a deep red, and the darkest chocolate we have ever seen.

Marla's dark chocolate kid, same as the one in the first picture.

Allen and Randy have one of the best Angora goat herd in the country. They especially like to raise colored goats with intense color. They have good fortunate in getting lots of baby goats this year.

Allen reports,

"Kidding is here, and in full-force! We have over 20 natural colored Angora Goat kids, with 8 alone being born on one day! Last fall, we bred most of our does to a buck (Eureka! Sparks) we had bred several years ago. Sparks won Champion Colored Angora Buck at many fairs and shows as a yearling when we showed him. We sold him after his winning year and never used him as a herd sire. His new owners decided to get out of goats last summer; we took the chance to get back this buck that we regretted selling! And, with the amazing depth of chocolate and red color this spring, we're glad to have him back on our farm!"

Thursday, April 03, 2008

Sharon's First Grand Champion

Sharon does not go to shows much, though she has been involved in French Angora and English Angora for quite a few years.

Sharon has a beautiful white senior English Angora doe Chu's Trina that she showed once a while. It's a triple show day, Trina won Best of Varity in all three shows. Sharon now has a Grand Champion in her barn!

Congratulations, Sharon.

Wednesday, April 02, 2008

French Angora Winners

Lindsay and Carol W. had not gone to any shows since February 2; they sure were looking forward to seeing each other.

Carol took Best of Breed with her colored French in show A and Lindsay won Best of Breed in show B and in the Angora specialty show with her white French.

Both of them did a great job in presenting their rabbits.

Tuesday, April 01, 2008

Open and Youth Best In Show in Show A

Leslie and Allison are very happy to see their Silver Marten taking the Best In Show in open show A.

Holly has a super day; her Mini Rex took Youth Best In Show and her New Zealand took Youth Reserve In Show. She won the whole thing.

California Rabbit and Cavy Shows held double open and double youth all breed shows in Stockton.

Leslie won open Best In Show with her Silver Marten. Picture at the top shows Leslie with her daughter Allison. Leslie was also our judge for all four breeds of Angora in show A.

Holly's day was extraordinary. She won Youth Best In Show and Reserve In Show with her two rabbits. She said, "This is the first time that I won both BIS and RIS!"

Congratulations to both.

Monday, March 31, 2008

Emmy Wins All Breed Reserve In Show and Specialty Best In Show

After off the show circuit for 7 weeks, we went back to triple shows at Stockton.

Emmy enjoyed a good day at Stockton. She won the Best In Show at the NCAG Specialty Show and Reserve In Show in the all breed show in show B.

Emmy is Emilia's daughter. She is following her mama's step to winning in shows.

Sunday, March 30, 2008

Breakfast Served?

Charlie's bunnies are growing up nicely. In the morning, they are alert and anticipating a visit with their mom.

"Is our breakfast going to be served soon?"