Northern California Angora Guild

Saturday, January 27, 2007

Christy Sconsa - In Memoriam

Sad news from So. CA, Christy passed away. Christy was a Giant Angora breeder who was very active in California Angora Rabbit Society (CARS) in So. CA. Most of us knew her and her best friend/animal partner Chata; they were very active and competitive in rabbit shows in the 80s to mid 90s. In the last ten years or so, they switched their focus to Angora Goats. Randy and Allen frequently had contact with them. Here is a photo of Chata (L) and Christy (R) in the Orange County Fair last year.

Randy and Allen remembered Christy:

"Few people at Christy's age were as active and influential in their enthusiasm. Do you know anyone who, at over 70 years of age, would travel to goat shows throughout the summer, set-up a large farm display, show her animals, sell her work, and find time to create beautiful fiber art all in a few days? Christy Sconsa did just that. Annually, at the Orange County Fair in Costa Mesa, California, for example, Christy would travel with her animals and set-up a two-week long display for fair guests on the fiber industry. An exhibition of twenty colored and white Angora Goats, six Angora rabbits, and a plethora of gorgeous hand-knit, hand-spun garments and yarns would adorn her booth. For hours upon hours, Christy would spin, groom, and make conversations with the "animal-foreign" Orange County fair-goer. If you have ever tried introducing agriculture to southern California you know how challenging and repetitive Christy's job was! We will always remember Christy giving her daily speech and presentation at the Orange County Fair to an audience of many people in the arena, as well. Her distinct, rather deep voice, would echo with passion and excitement as she spoke about her goats, her fiber, and her art. Her eyes would light up behind her large glasses, introducing agriculture, history, and artistry. It is no shock that her audience was captivated and in the end, more educated on the topic of natural fiber, specifically mohair, Christy's favorite fiber. I am certain that some fair guests returned each year to see Christy on her spinning wheel, pet her friendly goats, or run a hand over her soft, beautiful work.

Christy, our advocate, fellow breeder, and most of all, friend, you will be forever missed, and forever an icon among us."

Friday, January 26, 2007

Going GaGa for Baby

SMRA president and show superintendent Stephanie has just had her first child a month ago. In the show, people were going ga ga for the baby girl.

In the top photo, we see our handsome judge Doug holding the little girl. He is the dad to his cutie pups; he wishes that he were also the dad of a real baby. Is there a volunteer out there to grant him the wish?

In the second photo, Tami is holding the baby with Doug and Trina by her side. Tami has just come back to shows after a major surgery; it's good to see her well. Trina and hubby David won Reserve In Show in show A with their top quality English Lop.

Thursday, January 25, 2007

Joanie's Pups

It has been a month since Doug's Champion French Bulldog Joanie has her pups.

We are very happy to be able to see the pups in the Santa Rosa show.

Doug is protective of pups, so is mama Joanie. The top photo was taken at Doug's van, Joanie comes out and gives a look of "What do you want to do with my babies? Don't have any weird ideas, I am here to protect them!"

Proud Papa Doug, of course, could take the pups out for a couple of photos.

Aren't they adorable? The pups and Doug!

Wednesday, January 24, 2007

Russell Visits Mom

During the judging of English Angora, a little boy rushed over and excitedly proclaimed, "Mom, look at my prize, it's a flash light".

It's Russell, Melissa's boy, who won in the 4H shwomanship contest. In the top photo, Melissa said, "Wow, that's wonderful!" In the second photo, Russell is showing off the flash light to us.

Tuesday, January 23, 2007

Best In Show at Santa Rosa

At the SMRA shows in Santa Rosa, the Best In Show in show A went to Randy and Allen's broken Mini Rex doe "Hydroponix" and Reserve In Show went to the Carlsen's English Lop.

In the top picture, from left to right are: John S., Randy and Allen, Kevin of KW cages, Chris Z, David, and the two judges Cathy S. and Joey S.

The second photo shows the youth show A Best In Show winner Keelyn's rabbit and her little sister Melony.

The third photo is the open show B Best In Show winner John with his white Satin. Show B Best In Show judging was done after 6:30 pm. Everyone was anxiously to leave. The Best In Show judge Armando, Reserve in Show winner and the youth winner all left quickly after the judging was done, we did not get a chance to catch them for photos.

Monday, January 22, 2007

French Angora BOB and BOS at Santa Rosa

Manuel and Melissa were the two judges for French Angora at Santa Rosa.

At the top, Melissa is between the winners of French Angora Best of Breed and Best Opposite Sex of Breed in show B. Carol with her white doe on the right is the BOB winner and Danielle on the left is holding her BOS winner.

The second photo is Lindsay with her pearl buck that won the Best of Breed and her white doe that won the Best Opposite Sex of Breed in show A.

Carol in the first photo is wearing an Angora scarf; Lindsay in the second photo is wearing an Angora hat. Angora is a multi-purpose animal. We breeders exhibit our beautiful animals and use their wool for products that we wear ourselves or sell the products to others.

The third photo shows the French Angora exhibitors watching Manuel judging the breed in show A.

Sunday, January 21, 2007

English Angora BOB and BOS at Santa Rosa

After a long break, the first show in 2007 finally came. Sonoma Marin Rabbit Association held their annual January Jamboree at Santa Rosa on Saturday. This show has a long history; Northern California Angora Guild held the first Board of Director meeting at this show in 1982. Betty is the only remaining officer that attended that meeting.

In show A, Manuel judged English Angora and French Angora. There were five Giant Angora entered but the exhibitor did not show up. There was no Satin Angora shown. Manuel picked Chu's Fawntasia as the Best of Breed and Chu's Fawntana as the Best Opposite Sex of the Breed.

In show B, Melissa was the judge for Angora. She picked Chu's Fawntana as the Best of Breed and Chu's Fawntasia as the Best Opposite Sex of the Breed.

Photo one is Fawntana, the second photos is Fawntasia, they are littermate brother and sister. They both received top five honorable mention in the Best In Show judging but did not go to the top two.

The third photo is Manuel examining a white English Angora and the fourth photo is Melissa checking on a black junior English Angora.

More photos and report to come.