Northern California Angora Guild

Saturday, May 09, 2009

Danielle Goes To Her Prom

Danielle changes into her prom dress.

Danielle with her admirer.

Danielle with friends in the show.

Only a diehard rabbit person would fit a rabbit show and a prom on the same day.

Danielle wants to go to the rabbit show, also wants to go to her prom. She went to the Big Valley RA show then in the late afternoon changed into her prom dress and rushed to her prom.

Friday, May 08, 2009

Judy And Buckshot

Buckshot wins the broken senior buck class and the honor of the best non-tort Holland Lop.

Judy is very proud of Buckshot.

Buckshot loves his mama Judy.

Tort is the most popular and common color in Holland Lop. Though there are solid and broken varieties, the winners are usually the solid tort and the broken tort.

In Monterey, Judy E. has a broken black buck, Buckshot, who won the broken senior buck class, over all the broken tort bucks. It speaks for Buckshot's quality; he also won the honor of the "Best Non-Tort Holland Lop" on that day.

Thursday, May 07, 2009

Boo Visits California

Last time we saw Boo, he and mama Tomalene and sissy Vanessa were in Myrtle Point, Oregon in March. They came to Monterey for the Mini Lop National in April.

Boo is not too thrilled to be in the rabbit shows for two days plus the long 10+ hour drive.

Betty says, "May I hold Boo?"

Betty and Boo are practicing ballroom dancing; two heads have to be as far apart as possible!

Boo is happier to be in mama's arms.

Wednesday, May 06, 2009

Don't Get Our Secretary Mad!

With three all breed shows, two national breed shows and over ten specialty shows going on in Monterey, our able secretary Rita is buried in paper work.

Rita says, "Who judged this breed? It's not marked; I am all confused!"

Dr. Steve R. says, "It's me, don't get mad!" Both are happy after the clarification.

Tuesday, May 05, 2009

Dolores And Granddaughter Colby

Proud Grandma and Colby in 2009.

Colby in 2007.

It's hard for grown-ups to realize how fast time flies.

In September 2007, Dolores brought granddaughter Colby to the BVRA show, see This past weekend we saw Colby growing into a little elegant princess.

Where did time go?

Monday, May 04, 2009

Youth Winners

Northern California has many talented and knowledge youth rabbit breeders. There were royalty contests two weekends in a roll. Here are some of the notable youth winners.

Big Valley RA youth show A winners, left to right: Kasey with her Polish that won RIS, Jordan with his BIS winner Californian and Judge Troy who picked the winners.

West Coast Class "Lady" winner Lena and her proud mother Melissa. Lena is no stranger to winning, her Himalayan won youth Group in the 2008 ARBA convention in Louisville.

"King" Justin won the title in both West Coast Classic and in the State contest two weekends in a roll.

State royalty "Duchess" Logan and "Duke" Cody. Cody also won the title in both contests.

Melanie holds the "Princess" title in both royalty contest.

Eleanor won the "Princess" title in the Dutch National in KS the week prior.