Northern California Angora Guild

Saturday, August 09, 2008

Ed's Best Peaches

It's summer, the summer fruits are in season. In the first photo, Ed is showing off his white peaches, the best anyone would have tasted. While Ed is delivering his boxes of peaches, nectarines and combination of various summer fruits, wife Melissa is in the right side background waiting for Mini Rex to come to the table to be judged.

Ed and Melissa had a good day, their daughter Lena had a great day. Lena won Reserve In Show with her Himalayan in show A.

Friday, August 08, 2008

World Traveler Allen

Allen judged at the Monterey Show; he and Randy had just returned from Alaska a few days prior. After the show, he is getting ready to go to France. He says, "I am really looking forward to the trip. It's been 7 years since I have visited France, and now that my French is better... I am excited to see how easier it will be to get around!"

In the last issue of Domestic Rabbits, ARBA district 1 director Roger H. called Allen the "World Traveler" (page 11, May/June 2008); he certainly deserves that title. He has agreed to guest blog when he is in France, we are looking forward to the reports of his adventures.

Photos on this page were taken during Allen's Best In Show judging at show B in Monterey.

Thursday, August 07, 2008

Chicks On The Wall

Monterey Fair has interesting art work. There were curved animal and people statues that we featured on

Then there is this poultry barn. There are so many happy chickens from one end of the barn to the other end.

Gabrielle and her two little angels Dominique and Elsa happened to walk by and they are in the picture with the happy chicks.

Wednesday, August 06, 2008

Gabrielle And Her Two Angels

Gabrielle with Dominique (l.) and Elsa(r.)

Big sister Dominique.

Little sister Elsa.

Rabbit shows are a chance for quality time for Gabrielle and her girls. They came down to Monterey on Friday night and stayed over at the fairgrounds.

Dominique and Elsa both earned a lot of ribbons and legs for their rabbits. They certainly did a great job.

Tuesday, August 05, 2008

Lindsay Goes White

Two white senior does won BOB French Angora in show A and show B.

Lindsay with her Giant Angora.

Lindsay did very well in the California Rabbit and Cavy Shows in Monterey. She won Best of Breed French Angora and Giant Angora.

Two different white senior does won the BOB French Angora and needless to say BOB Giant Angora has to be a white.

Lindsay goes white all the way!!!

Monday, August 04, 2008

The Future "Keelyns"

Judge Randy with youth Best In Show winner Maddy and her Dutch.

Judge Randy with RIS winner Lena (l.) and BIS winner Maddy (r.)

In the California Rabbit and Cavy Shows youth show A, little Maddy took Best In Show with her Dutch. She is a new comer to the Best In Show ring. Her older sister Eleanor, however, is no stranger to winning Best In Show.

Youth Reserve In Show in show A went to Lena's Himalayan. Lena's mom is judge Melissa who also started raising rabbits as a youth.

Both girls are following their family traditions of being rabbit breeders.

Judge Randy comments that these are the two future "Keelyns". As we all know that Keelyn was one of the most frequent winner of Best In Show in youth shows. Keelyn is also the youngest judge; she has became old enough to be an open exhibitor a little over a month ago.

The same Dutch also won Best In Show in youth show B; the Reserve In Show was a Californian.

Sunday, August 03, 2008

Marie Wins All Breed Best In Show

Marie sitting pretty in the sunset.

Judge Chris Z with Betty and Marie.

Judge Chris Z examines the BOB rabbits during the BIS judging. Marie and Lindsay's Giant Angora are on the back table.

California Rabbit and Cavy Shows held double open and double youth shows at the Monterey Fairgrounds on Saturday. It's summer, warm in most places but Monterey was totally fogged in when the show started in the morning. It was cold and windy until in the afternoon when the sun came out.

For most breeds, this is the first show for the new sweepstakes year. It's a great beginning for English Angora, Betty's tort senior doe Marie won all breed Best In Show in show A. Reserve In Show was a Dutch.

Chris Z's Holland Lop took Reserve In Show in show B under judge Allen and the Best In Show was a Dutch.