Northern California Angora Guild

Saturday, April 12, 2008

Betty's Two Handsome Boys

These are the two handsome English Angora bucks that Betty is showing at the current time.

The first picture is Chu's Peter Fawnda; as the name suggests, a fawn buck. The second picture is Chu's Elio, a chocolate tort buck.

These two boys are taking terms in winning the Best Opposite Sex of the breed in shows. They are going to be in shows this weekend at Cow Palace.

Both boys are handsome and sweet; it is hard to say which one deserves to be the top dog in the show.

Friday, April 11, 2008

Poor Bo Bo

Holly sends in a report:

"Our one puppy Bo-Bo who is now 9 months had his eye surgery on Friday, so I got him all bathed at the groomer’s & now it's super hard to keep him from his Mother & brother.

He has to wear his cone for 3 weeks while the stitches to hold his eyes open heal. He also got fixed, so he had a lot done, poor puppy ... I hope this correct this once & for all. He has been going to work with me at night, which helps to keep his eyes safe."

On a happier note, Holly's bunnies from multiple Best In Show winners Nanuk and Avalanche are growing very well. They are 3-1/2 weeks old in these pictures.

We wish Bo Bo a speed recovery and the bunnies grow into Best In Show winners just like their parents.

Thursday, April 10, 2008

Beautiful Orchids

Orchids are usually grown in the greenhouse in most climates.

Northern California is blessed with mild climate; it is almost as nice as a greenhouse.

These beautiful orchids live in a natural environment. Without any special climate control, they bloom year after year.

Wednesday, April 09, 2008

A Fun Day for the Sisters

Rabbit show is a great bonding time for Keelyn and Melanie. In the morning, they arrived early with mom and their friends. Keelyn and Melanie walk their dog around the show room. They raise this dog from a little puppy, and it will eventually go to the guide dog for the blind project.

In between arriving at the show and packing to go home, Melanie shows rabbits for herself and for big sister Keelyn when Keelyn judges.

At the end of the day, Keelyn packs the family van very carefully as there are rabbits for four exhibitors; every single inch counts. Melanie stays in the van to give suggestions.

It has been a fun day for Keelyn and Melanie.

Tuesday, April 08, 2008

Maureen Finds Cottontail Bunnies

Spring definitely has come.

In CA, a baby squirrel dropped from the chimney to Betty's fireplace. In OH, Maureen's dog found a nest of 6 cottontail bunnies in her yard.

Maureen says,

"Today is my dog Laura's fifth birthday and as a present to herself she found a nest of bunnies in the backyard! John was out filling the bird feeders and Laura's tiny tail was moving as fast as it could to signal her great find. Fortunately she wasn't thinking bunny breakfast. I peaked inside and they look to be about a couple of days old. Boy was that nest ever warm!

Can you believe there are 6 babies in there? That was a prolific mom. One kept trying to get out despite the fact its eyes aren't even open yet. They are your standard cottontail rabbits. The white blaze on the top of their heads disappears with growth."

Maureen also provided a link to a site about the wild rabbits:

On this site there are some pictures of baby Jack rabbits with the biggest ears of all rabbits. Another interesting fact for we rabbit breeders is that Jackrabbits are born with open eyes and fully furred.

Monday, April 07, 2008

Local Strawberries

Northern California is blessed with good weather, nice cities and still close to the agricultural areas.

Watsonville, slightly north of Santa Cruz, is one of the areas that produce the best strawberries. Cool in the morning and evening, sunshine during the day, fertile soil and close to the ocean; these factors make Watsonville ideal for strawberries and artichokes.

Aren't these strawberries inviting? They are picked in the morning and available in farmer's markets or roadside stands around 10 am. They are not only eye candies, they are also candies for the taste buds.

Sunday, April 06, 2008

I Want My Mama!

Baby squirrel rescued from the fireplace; little tail full of ashes.

Baby squirrel on the lawn;
where am I?

I want my mama, I want my mama! Mama, come get me!

Mama squirrel looks down the chimney; where is my baby?

Betty says,

"During dinner, Albert and I kept on hearing squeaky noises. I went out to the yard and saw a few birds; I concluded that the birds were making those squeaks.

After dinner, we heard some more of the same noise. I went out to the yard but did not see any birds.

It must be the bunnies, I thought. I looked at bunnies in a big carrier in front of the fireplace; bunnies were sitting still, but there was this squeaky noise.

It must be a rat! That was my second thought.

I asked Albert to move the stuff next to the bunnies in front of the fireplace; I was afraid a rat would jump out.

There was nothing, but still the squeaks.

‘It must be inside the fireplace’, Albert said. He took out the flashlight but there was nothing. Still more squeaks. Finally at the corner, he saw two little eyes. He said, 'It's a mouse!' I said, 'I bet it's a baby squirrel'.

Albert put on heavy gloves and opened the glass fireplace screens. He caught the little thing; it's a baby squirrel.

Outside, a mama squirrel was climbing up and down our chimney, running across our roof, making loud noises.

Albert put the baby squirrel on the lawn. Mama called, baby answered. Baby called, mama answered.

Mama would not come down from our roof when we were standing there. Though I would love to have taken a picture of the mama and the baby squirrels reuniting with each other, we had to go inside. A few minutes later, the baby squirrel was gone and no more noises from either the mama squirrel or the baby squirrel."