Northern California Angora Guild

Saturday, May 18, 2013

The West Coast Classic Cup

At Reno, KW cages donated a perpetual trophy "West Coast Classic Cup" to memorialize the breeds and exhibitors of the best overall rabbits in the event each year.


So far there are four names engraved on the WCC cup:

2009 Chris DeSurra Mini Lop
2010 Alison Votaw Mini Lop
2011 Betty Chu English Angora
2012 Julie Spier Havana

Here are the 2009 and 2011 winners of this honor, Chris DeSurra and Betty Chu, having a photo op with the WCC cup.

The next name to be engraved is:

2013 Eric Stewart French Angora.


Friday, May 17, 2013

Dreamsicle and Friends

Dreamsicle says, I am waiting to go on the judging table.  

Betty, are you going to give me the last fluff up?


Hi, Lindsay, what do you have? Give me some.


Paulette, Allen and Nancy, you are so much taller than I.


Allen, I love you.


Karin, you are pretty.


Lisa is great!


Paulette and Nancy, thanks for visiting me at my pink carrier.


Thursday, May 16, 2013

National Angora Rabbit Breeders Club Booth at WCC

Four breeds of Angora photos are shown on the curtain.


There are displays of the entries of the wool, skein and garment contest.   Carol W. is instrumental in putting the booth together and manning the booth.

Carol W. demonstrates spinning in the booth and new comer Alexandria from So. CA. sits and knits.


Carol G.'s 100% Angora shawl is the Best In Show winner at the wool, skein and garment contest.


Here are some of the beautiful entries.


Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Jack and Karin Visit and Help

Jack and Karin flew in from New York to participate in the Angora National.  They did not bring any rabbits but they bring all the help to the show.


Jack works with judge Nate during the judging of the rabbits on Saturday.


Jack takes down judge Nate's comments.

Both Jack and Karin work hard behind the judging table.

On Sunday, Karin is all dolled up ready to continue their trip to vacation in Hawaii, she and Dreamsicle have a picture taken together. 

When Jack and Karin are ready to leave for the airport, Betty says THANKS.

Jack and Karin helped to run the judging table, they participated in the wool, skein and garment contest and won the best overall wool with their clipped Giant Angora wool.   Jack is the treasurer of the National Angora Club, he also paid the expenses on the spot, it saved a lot of paper work for us at Northern California Angora Guild.

We enjoy Jack and Karin's visit and appreciate their help.


Tuesday, May 14, 2013

HGF TP Wins Double Best In Show Again

While Eric's French Angora colored doe HGF Dreamsicle was on "special assignment" of making a big splash at the WCC event in Reno, Eric has his white doe HGF TP with him in the show in OH the following week.    HGF TP wins double Best In Show again!    She has only been shown four times and won four all breed Best In Show!    See her earlier double Best In Show win:

A side view of HGF TP.

While TP is winning big in the east, her father HGF Jim has moved west to live in the sunny CA.  See


Monday, May 13, 2013

More Winner Photos from WCC at Reno

Due to the size of the WCC event, it was hard to get photos of all winners.  Here are some photos of the happy winners during the weekend.
In youth show A, the Best In Show goes to a broken Havana shown by Tanner.  The two judges are judges Todd from IN and Briony from KS.

Judges Todd and Briony award the youth Reserve In Show to Cruz's Netherland Dwarf.

In open show B, the Best In Show winner is the Netherland Dwarf shown by Kevin and Coleman and the Reserve In Show is Nate's American Fuzzy Lop.

From left to right are: Coleman, judge Leann from IN, Kevin, Nate and judge Tex from MO.

In open show C, judges Rosa and Wade select the Britannia Petite as the Reserve In Show, the happy owners are Timmy, Danielle and their little girl Delani.

Other top winners in youth are:

Youth B
BIS Havana shown by Tanner 
RIS Himalayan shown by Lena  

Youth C
BIS J. Wooly shown by Julia 
RIS Mini Lop, Stuart, Parker & Natalie 


Sunday, May 12, 2013

Guys with Blowers

Usually we see gals blowing their wool rabbits outside the showroom.  At Reno, we see Allen blowing Dreamsicle, the French Angora that he is showing for Eric.

Now adding another guy with blower:  Timmy is blowing the Jersey Wooly that he and his wife Danielle are showing.

Now the third guy is added to the blowing crowd!   Nate is blowing his
American Fuzzy Lop that he and his son are showing together.   

These three rabbits are big winners during the weekend:
The French Angora is the Best In Show winner of Angora National, all breed show A and show C and the Best Overall Rabbit of the entire event.
The American Fuzzy Lop is the winner of the Reserve In Show in show B and the specialty Best In Show.
The Jersey Wooly is the Reserve to Reserve In Show in all breed show A and specialty Best In Show.