Northern California Angora Guild

Saturday, November 22, 2008

Maureen Visits At Convention

Maureen, Betty and Chris; Chris is in her "professional groomer" attire.

The above picture was taken under the English Angora and French Angora signs.

Louisville is about 2 hours away from where Maureen lives. She, however, decided not to enter in the convention because it's too hard to be away for five days; she and John are the owners of Big Times Kennel that boards and grooms dogs and cats. They took one day off to come to Louisville to visit Betty and Chris and to watch the judging of English Angora. The pro of visiting on Monday is that judging was going on and there were lots of tension and excitement; the con of visiting Monday is that judging was going on and everyone was nervous and excited; it's harder to carry on a conversation.

Maureen and John stayed for several hours and had a great time visiting. John took the picture of Maureen with Betty and Chris.

Friday, November 21, 2008

Broken English Angora At Convention

Brenda with her broken black doe.

Brenda with her broken black buck.

Brenda with another one of her broken black doe.

Brenda and Chris O. discuss broken English Angora, on the table is a broken black doe.

Broken English Angora was supposed to be presented for the first showing at the convention in Louisville. Unfortunately Lynn's rabbits were stressed out; the presentation was pulled at the last minute.

ARBA rule allows only one holder of the development certificate thus Lynn is the only one who can do the presentation. Brenda brought in some very nice broken black English Angora that were in excellent condition; however, Brenda is not the certificate holder thus she could not present these rabbits. Hopefully next year in San Diego Lynn will be successful in doing the first presentation of the broken English Angora.

Thursday, November 20, 2008

Chris O. Models A Pretty Satin Angora Shawl

At the ARBA convention in Louisville, the national Angora club was given the job to be in charge of the ARBA Commercial Booth.

In addition to the regular NARBC booth that were full of Angora products entered in the Skein, Wool and Garment contest, in the ARBA Commercial Booth there were all sorts of other Angora products. Among the products on display, there was a big shawl made of Satin Angora combings. The shawl has very nice bright color and sheen; it's lumpy, thick and very warm.

Chris was feeling cold; she tried on the shawl and was very satisfied with the warmth it provided.

Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Yumiko Attends The Convention

ARBA conventions attract serious rabbit breeders all over the world. Just in the Louisville convention, we met breeders from UK, Canada and Japan.

Yumiko attended the 2006 ARBA convention in Fort Worth, TX. She did not make the convention in Grand Rapids but she's back in the Louisville convention. She is sweet and courteous and has gifts for everyone. Here is a picture of Yumiko visiting Betty and Nolan just before the Best In Show judging.

Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Candy's History Books

Candy's colored junior buck won Best of Breed English Angora in 1984 at the ARBA convention in Orlando, FL.

Candy's convention albums from 1979 to 1992.

Chris O, Betty, Judy L. and Candy had dinner at the Executive Inn.

Betty says,

"One of the fun things going to conventions is to see old friends. Candy has gone to the earliest convention amongst all Angora breeders. Her first convention was in Tucson, AZ in 1979. She recalls that the coops used then were remodeled chicken coops. The bottom wire was way wider than the 1/2" x 1" size that we use today. As a result of the inadequate equipment, many rabbits broke their legs and had to be put down. After this convention, ARBA purchased the collapsible coops with wooden floors that are used today. The 1979 convention also produced the first youth English Angora Best In Show, shown by Diana Oldham of CA.

Chris, Candy, Judy L from UK and I had dinner at the hotel restaurant on Wednesday night. We had a great time talking about the old time and the present. After dinner we went to Candy and Judy's room to see her convention albums from 1979 to 1992 that she brought with her. I have gone to every convention since 1987, so Candy decided not to bring the albums after 1992. We posted a picture of Cindy Wickizer judging English Angora in 1979; see It's interesting to see Cindy judging 29 years ago in a convention and then judging the same breed this year.

At the top, we have a picture of Candy in 1984 after winning Best of Breed English Angora at the ARBA convention in Orlando, FL. The third picture shows Candy today. The biggest difference, I'd say, is the hair. I have met Candy in person in 1987 and I had never seen Candy wearing hair that long!"

Monday, November 17, 2008

Brian Wins Double Best OF Breed At Convention

When most breeders are happy to win something in the convention, Brian Hartzell of OH wins BOB in both of the breeds that he raises: American Fuzzy Lop and Jersey Wooly. He says, "These are exactly the two right rabbits."

Congratulations, Brian.

Sunday, November 16, 2008

Mary Had A Great Convention

Judge Mary Crawford of Texas had a great convention.

Her English Lop won Best of Breed. Pictures above were taken when she and her BOB winner were waiting for the Best In Show judging on October 28.

Mary has been working on getting Velveteen Lop accepted for many years, there was joy and there was heartbreak. Last year her had great success, her presentation passed the first showing; this year her second presentation passed with flying colors. One more successful presentation, Velveteen Lop will be a new breed.

It is hard to show and present a new breed or variety at the same time. There are only that many hours in a day and there are only that many cage space. Mary is able to do both, what an accomplishment.

Congratulations, Mary, you certainly deserve it.