Northern California Angora Guild

Saturday, October 21, 2006

Best of Breed Satin Angora and French Angora at Napa

Tracy had a wonderful day at Napa. Her French Angora broken senior doe won the Best of Breed and her Satin Angora colored senior doe also won Best of Breed. Two Best of Breed awards on the same day, what an accomplishment.

Both girls are going to Texas. Look out, French and Satin Angora breeders.

Thursday, October 19, 2006

Betty Now and Then

In the Napa show, judge Ray made a comment saying that he checked out our blog regularly. He likes our posts, and that he thought that the post with Betty's picture 20+ years ago was fun to see.

A couple of weeks ago, Betty's best friend Alice in Taiwan made Betty a special birthday card. It shows Betty in 2006 at the left and the handsome fawn buck that she is showing right now at the right. In the 1982 photo at the middle, it shows Betty carrying her first English Angora bunny. The background is a blue scarf Betty completed recently.

In this composite, it shows Betty's looks and her rabbits 24 years apart. What do you think?

Wednesday, October 18, 2006

A Night Visitor

In the past several weeks, Betty has been seeing disgusting piles of waste from unknown animals in the middle of the well-kept lawn in the backyard. Though the feces were clean up each morning, there would be more the next day.

A raccoon appeared in the yard at night, and then it got brave enough to get into the garage to steal cat food. Then it stood up outside the walkout door when Albert and Betty were watching TV in the family room.

No harm done to the rabbits yet, but the danger lingered.

Enough is enough. A live animal trap was purchased and set up with its favorite cat food inside. The best $70 spent, next morning, a young raccoon was trapped. As one could see from the two photos, it's not a very happy raccoon.

The young raccoon now has a new home in the beautiful Lake Anderson County Park where there are trees, land, other wild lives, and a beautiful dam. If our readers have good eyesight, you may be able to see the little dot in the third picture when it was dashing toward its new home.

Tuesday, October 17, 2006

Casey Shows New Stitches

Angora breeders in our area just love each other. We help each other in getting rabbits to and from the table, we share information and tips about rabbits, crafts, plus all kinds of life experiences.

In Napa, Casey showed off a new knitting stitches that she learned recently. In the top photo, Lindsay and Carol are listening carefully to Casey's description. The third person is Jenny, a Rex breeder, who is also interested in learning about Angora and Angora crafts. By showing off our Angora related skills and products, we are educating other breeders and making friends at the same time.

Casey sends in a photo of her house that has been recently painted blue. Her house is situated on the hillside with 3+ acres of land. In addition to English Angora rabbits, she also has dogs, cats, chickens and Angora goats. She will be acquiring a neutered Llama next month after returning from the convention. She also sees wild animals such as coyote, mountain lion, raccoon, possum, ... on a regular basis.

Monday, October 16, 2006

French and Satin Angora Breeders at Napa

Carol, Lindsay and Tracy are the major breeders of French and Satin Angora in our area. All three ladies showed at the Napa double shows. There are some other newer exhibitors, there were good numbers of French and Satin Angora in the show. With these three ladies there, the quality of the animals were excellent.

In the top photo, Carol is doing needle felting after she finished grooming her rabbits. Carol has not been in show for a couple of months, she spent a lot of time attending craft and hobby shows. Needle felting is one of the new projects that she started recently.

In the second photo, Lindsay on the left and Tracy at the right are working on the comment cards and control sheets after the breeds were judged. In the background we could see our two Angora judges of the day, Ray and Leslie.

A fun day for all.

Sunday, October 15, 2006

Molina and Fawntana

In the Napa shows, Casey won Best of Breed English Angora with her tort senior doe Molina in both shows. Molina has been burning up the show circuit. She won double Best In Show last Saturday, but did not go beyond the breed this week.

Best Opposite Sex English Angora in show A was won by Betty's fawn senior buck Chu's Fawntana. Show B BOS went to Casey's white buck.