Northern California Angora Guild

Saturday, July 08, 2006

Lorelei is Ready for Summer

It is so hot everywhere that our Angora rabbits want treats for summer.

Spang's Lorelei has her shades on, ice tea and beach towels ready. She is all prepared for the summer.

Friday, July 07, 2006

Amy's Beautiful French Junior

Our New York member Amy is sharing pictures of her 3-1/2 months old white French Angora doe Spang's Athena. Nice depth and a coat full of finish. Looks like a sure winner in the coming shows.

Thursday, July 06, 2006

Cole is Twenty

When Casey bought her first pair of English Angora from Betty, she bought her son Cole with her to Betty's place. Cole was 5 years old then. Cole has been going to rabbit shows with Casey for over 12 years until he got a job on weekends and then left home to attend the University of California, Santa Barbara.

Can't believe that time flies so fast, Cole has turned 20 years old a week ago. He is home for the summer, and there was a celebration at Casey's house.

The right photo is Cole with girlfriend Ashley. We have also met Ashley in shows and her picture has appeared with Casey last August. The left picture show Cole with grandpa and his delicious cake.

Grandpa Jones has just gone through a triple bypass surgery on Monday, now in the hospital recuperating.

We wish Cole a happy birthday and many success in the future, and wish Grandpa Jones a speedy recovery.

Wednesday, July 05, 2006

Wool Harvesting

On the "AngoraRabbitList" recently, Franco and a new Angora owner have been exchanging posts concerning how, when and what to use to take wool from the rabbit.

Betty has some photos of wool harvesting in her albums. Here are photos of Chu's Tianna being clipped.

Betty uses small scissors to clip, no fancy clipper needed. The scissors, however, need to be pointed and very sharp.

The first photo shows Tianna's last day in her virgin show coat.

In the second photo, her wool is parted in the middle of the back and a small piece is cut, this is the starting point.

The third picture shows more wool being cut from all sides.

The fourth picture shows the wool is mostly off Tianna but still hanging. Afterwards, pull the wool off the rabbit's body gently and store in a plastic bag or roll it between large sheets of tissue papers.

The rabbit is then turned on her back to cut the sides and tummy. There isn't any picture taken as Betty is the wool harvester as well as the photographer. She could not do both at the same time. The wool from the tummy is shorter, Betty usually stores it in a different plastic bag.

The fifth picture shows Tianna totally naked.

The last picture shows Tianna in an Angora sweater to protect her from being chilled at night. The sweater is taken off during the day and put back on during the night for about three days.

Tuesday, July 04, 2006

Happy The Fourth Of July

NCAG wishes all our readers a Happy The Fourth of July!

Our patriotic bunnies are celebrating a Happy The Fourth of July: English Angora bunnies are standing by the American time machine; French Angora juniors are wrapped in red and blue; and Satin Angora bunnies are in front of the flags.

Monday, July 03, 2006

View from Betty's Barn

Betty's rabbit barn is being totally remodeled. Rabbits are in the garage, both Albert and Betty are working at the barn everyday. It's hard work, especially in the heat. While taking breaks, the view of the backyard is very nice. It's good rest for the sore eyes.

When the barn is close to being in shape, Betty will take some pictures to share.

Sunday, July 02, 2006

More Photos of the ARBA Library

Here are two more photos of the ARBA Library.

The third photo is the most interesting one. Other than the stamps, in the old days the ARBA registrar had a badge. Almost look like a sheriff's badge. These items were donated by Candy to the ARBA Library.