Northern California Angora Guild

Saturday, February 10, 2007

Carol Works With Doug and Armando

As reported in previous posts, top Fuzzy Lop breeder Carol G. is working for her judge's license. She has to work 8 shows under 8 judges and receive favorable reports from 6 judges to complete her apprenticeship.

In the BVRA show at Stockton, Carol worked with Doug, our favorite handsome judge.

In the top photo, Doug and Carol are working on the Satin Angora; the exhibitors are watching and listening carefully to their comments.

In the second photo, Carol is doing a pre-check on the English Angora colored senior buck class.

In the SMRA show at Santa Rosa, Carol worked with Armando, the youngest member of the ARBA Standard Committee. They are working on Havana when the photo was taken.

These are Carol's sixth and seventh show; one more show to go before she receives her judge's license. She has already been asked to judge in April, we are looking forward to seeing her behind the judging table.

Friday, February 09, 2007

Celebs at Pebble Beach

One of the fun things going to Pebble Beach is to see the celebrities.

At the top, Carson Daly is standing next to his golf clubs.

In the second photo, Ray Romano is discussing strategy with his caddy.

In the third photo, George Lopez is signing autograph on Albert's hat.

The fourth photo shows Albert's autograph hunt of the day: the top left is Carson Daly, bottom left with a K in the front and a long tail is Kevin Costner, the middle one is from Ray Romano and the very right is the scribble of George Lopez.

Thursday, February 08, 2007

AT&T Golf at Pebble Beach

Once a year, Albert and Betty take a trip to Pebble Beach. The main attraction is the AT&T Pro Am Golf Tournament.

Pebble Beach is at the southern tip of Monterey, an exclusive gated area that requires a $9.00 admission charge to drive on the famous "17-Mile Drive" to get there. The real estate price at Pebble Beach is higher than most people's reach; a recent house on the market that closed commanded 24 million dollars.

During the Pro Am game, spectators have to park their cars at the California State University Monterey Bay campus and then take a bus to get into Pebble Beach. Though no gate charge, there is an admission charge of $50-60 per person.

AT&T Pro Am Tournament started some 60+ years ago when Bill Crosby invited his friends for a fun game. Gradually it grew larger and larger and became a tournament called the Crosby Pro Am. After Bill Crosby passed away, the family decided not to lend his name to the game; AT&T took over the sponsorship. The winner of the professional game will get $990,000 and the celebrities play for $29,000 for their charities. Each year the tournament raises millions of dollars for the charities in Monterey County.

Betty has the choice to go see the "Pro" on the weekend or the celebrity challenge on Wednesday; she chose to go on Wednesday. The top photo is Betty in front of a round statue that shows the movement of the golf swing.

The second photo is a line up of the celebrities who are playing the charity golf. The one on the left with the golf putter is Kelly Slater, world surfing champion. The celebrities in the line up are: Ray Romano, Kevin James, Kevin Costner, George Lopez, Andy Garcia, Carson Daly, Bill Murray, Huey Lewis, Don Cheadle, Kenny G. The rest are caddies and their friends and relatives.

The third photo shows the course and a beautiful home on the right, a multi-million dollar property.

The fourth photo was taken at the 17th hole. At far top in the ocean there is a white wave created by a whale playfully coming up and down when golf was going on.

It was a fun day.

Wednesday, February 07, 2007

Satin Angora Winners at Stockton

We have very happy Satin Angora winners at the Stockton show.

Tracy won the Best of Breed in show A with a white doe. Her protege youth breeder Amanda won the Best Opposite Sex with a colored buck. Amanda bought her stock from Tracy and obviously Tracy has done a great job in mentoring her.

In the middle is our pretty judge Kimijo who has done an excellent job in judging.

In show B, Tracy again won the Best of Breed but with a colored Satin Angora doe and Amanda won the Best Opposite Sex of the breed.

Tuesday, February 06, 2007

French Angora Winners at Stockton

At the Stockton shows, there were very nice French Angora shown.

The Best of Breed in the two shows are two different white does.

The top photo on the right is the show A Best of Breed winner Lindsay and her white doe.

The left photo is the show B Best of Breed winner Carol W. and her white doe. Both does are excellent in body, density and texture; it's a real toss up for the judges to choose the best one in the class.

The third photo is Kimijo examining a junior colored French Angora; the fourth photo is Doug giving comments while Carol G. is checking a white French Angora.

Monday, February 05, 2007

Great News from PA Convention

During the BVRA show at Stockton, Allen was on the phone having a big smile as shown in the third picture.

"What's going on?" Betty asked. Allen, "It's Randy on the phone, Eric got Best In Show at the PA State convention!" Betty, "That is great! Pictures, tell Randy and Eric that we want pictures!"

The top picture is Eric S. and his partner Michael with the Best In Show winner castor senior doe "Fondue" and the huge trophy. The Best In Show judge was Bruce O., the current ARBA Vice President.

In addition to winning the Best In Show, Fondue won the Best of Breed two more times, the fourth show was also won by Eric and Michael with a castor junior doe "Pug". They also won the Best Opposite Sex in all four shows plus several Best of Variety and classes. There were more than 200 Mini Rex in each show and there were over 4,000 rabbits in the show. It is the biggest show weekend in the east.

The second picture is Randy, Michael with Fondue and a fellow Mini Rex breeder Jackie Y.

Congratulations to Eric S. and Michael. What a great win!

Sunday, February 04, 2007

English Angora Winners at Stockton

In the Big Valley Rabbit Association double shows at Stockton yesterday, the Angora exhibitors are very happy to get two wonderful judges for the breeds.

In show A, Kimijo from AZ judged English Angora, French Angora and Satin Angora. There was no Giant Angora shown. As usual, Kimijo did a great job. English Angora Chu's Fawntasia and Chu's Mario are the Best of Breed and Best Opposite Sex winners.

In show B, our handsome judge Doug judged all three breeds of Angora as well. Carol G. worked as apprentice. Same two rabbits were selected as the BOB and BOS.

The top photo is Fawntasia, second photo Mario.

The third photo is Kimijo judging the white English Angora; the fourth photo is Doug with Carol G. discussing the colored senior buck class.