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Saturday, March 08, 2014

Natalie Redding's "Shear Madness" on Nat Geo Wild

Our blog readers have visited Natalie's Blogtalk radio program several times when she interviewed Randy, Allen, Eric and Betty.   Now she has a new TV series on Nat Geo Wild on cable.  

From model and city-dweller to farm owner and yarn-trepreneur, Natalie Redding left urban life behind to pursue her passions: breeding and raising over 200 sheep and spinning high-quality yarn from their wool. Meet the woman behind Namaste Farms.

Natalie working on her herd.

The program is very interesting especially for us animal lovers and fiber enthusiasts.   If your TV provider carries this channel, make sure you watch it tonight.  If not, click:

to watch selected clips.


Friday, March 07, 2014

Eric's French Angora Wins All Breed Best In Show in Louisiana

Louisiana State RBA had a wonderful weekend for the rabbit enthusiasts from all over the country.   The Best In Show winner is Eric's French Angora HGF Stunning; Eric is from PA.    The Best In Show judge is Scott from CO, Scott was judging in CA the week prior.   

HGF Stunning is also the Best In Show winner over several thousand rabbits at the Pa State Convention in early February.  See

It's an amazing win for HGF Stunning, she is a mama, grandma and great grandma many times over but she continues to win and to produce winning offspring.   One of her more well-known offspring on our blog is HGF Meara who is also a good mom and winning rabbit. 


Thursday, March 06, 2014

Kendall Visits at Turlock

Kendall brings her two students to the California State Convention at Turlock.   This is the first rabbit convention that her students have ever attended.

Kendall says to mom judge Carol G., "Aren't Fuzzy Lops enough for you to groom, you are now raising French Angoras?  Too much work."

Kendall tries her hands in grooming big boy Jim.

Kendall concludes that grooming French Angora is quite a fun thing to do, and her student agrees.

The two young ladies have fun at the rabbit show.  Two new committed rabbit exhibitors in the future?

Wednesday, March 05, 2014

Courtney Flies from Michigan to CA

Betty and Courtney met at the ARBA convention at Harrisburg.  Courtney was working at her Oxy-Gen product booth when Betty spotted a picture of her English Angora being used in the booth.    Courtney lives in Michigan, she and her mother are Netherland Dwarf breeders and also a dealer of the Oxy-Gen products.

Arielle and her family are starting a dealership of Oxy-Gen products.  Courtney flies in from Michigan to help the set up of this dealers in CA.


   Courtney and Arielle are answering questions from the exhibitors.


Tuesday, March 04, 2014

Britannia Petite/Polish from UK

Randy and Allen went to UK in January to be observers of the biggest rabbit show in UK at Bradford.   On Randy's Facebook page, he posted this picture of the "Polish" being judged.  The caption says,

"The REW Polish adult buck class is I believe the largest class in the entire show, and one could argue the most competitive class in the show. Win this class and you are almost guaranteed BOB, and on a fast track to Best in Show. Randy"

Randy and Allen posted these photos on Facebook and declared:

"The Poles made it safe and sound from the UK! "

At the California State Convention the "Poles" made their debut in their original crate, it's located behind Randy's table.   This picture shows the other side of the same crate as the photo above.     Randy explains, "Their breeder advised me to keep them in the small crate when going to the show.   When they are taken out of the small crate, they would be so curious to see the outside and stretch their bodies.  The Britannia Petites are supposed to pose with their head stretched up. "

There were five in the crate as one of the six is expecting babies at home. 

The Polish or the Poles in UK is the Britannia Petite in the US.  Same breed, different names.

The same Britannia Petite won three Best In Show out of the four shows at the California State Convention.

Monday, March 03, 2014

Angora Judging in the California State Convention on Sunday

In show C on Sunday, judge Chris Z judges English Angora in the morning.

Judge Chris Z selects a colored senior doe as the BOB English Angora.

The BOB French Angora goes to a white senior doe.


Judge Allen in show D is commenting on a French Angora colored senior buck, Kendall takes down the remarks.

judge Allen is comparing two French Angora white senior does.

Judge Allen is very thorough, he not only blows into the Angora's coat, he pushes down the wool to have a close look at the skin and the wool condition.

For a complete list of show results on Sunday, go to:


Sunday, March 02, 2014

Angora Judging in the California State Convention on Saturday

In show A, judge Kevin from AZ judges English Angora.

In show A, judge Scott from WY is comparing the best colored French Angora with the best white French Angora.   The white doe wins the Best of Breed and the fawn buck is the Best Opposite Sex of Breed.

In show B, judge Scott is judging English Angora with Casey being the table help.  On the table is one of the colored senior bucks.  

In show B, judge Randy is placing a French Angora colored junior doe, Julie and Casey are at the other side of the judging table.

For a list of the complete results, go to