Northern California Angora Guild

Saturday, July 21, 2007

Woof, Woof, Betty Into Dogs?

There has been an invasion of dog breeders into the rabbit shows and rabbit breeders into the dog shows. The two show worlds are now overlapped for many breeders.

Is Betty following the recent trend and getting into dogs? Here are two pictures of her holding a show quality French Bulldog. Are these pictures a proof of her not being able to resist the temptation?

Stay tuned.

Friday, July 20, 2007

Judges in the Show

Here are photos of some of the judges in the show.

At the top is Armando who is in line to check in with the show committee. The little bottle in his hand contains the ear tags for cavies.

The second photo is Nita who is in front of the Satin Angora. Next to the Satin Angora is a spinning design that Nita is interested in looking at.

The third photo is Doug who is working hard at his station.
The fourth photo is Allen B. from San Diego area. He has been judging for over 20 years but is a rare guest in our area.
The fifth photo is Melissa. Melissa and hubby Ed own a family farm that produces the best peaches, nectarines and apricots in the world. They delivered many cases to the show people who have been waiting for these delicious fruits for a long time.

Thursday, July 19, 2007

Lunch Time

Rabbit judges really have to love what they do. They have to drive a long distance, stand and give comments all day long, getting paid very little, and sometimes even have to endure exhibitors' being upset.

They also have very limited break time, including lunch. Most take 10, 15 minutes for a quick bite and then it's back to the judging table. At the top, we caught Allen and Randy having a "sit down" lunch with a rabbit plant arrangement. What a luxury! In the second picture, Joe is getting a fast lunch to get back to work.

Hats off to the hard working judges.

Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Carriers Going High Rise

Exhibitors are getting more creative about setting up carriers in shows. Though most exhibitors still put their carriers on the floor, some are using different equipment to help alleviate the stress on their backs or to save space in a crowded showroom.

In the first photo, English Angora are on wooden stands. To the right of English Angora are American Fuzzy Lop carriers on the stand. These stands can be assembled and taken down very easily; they are quite sturdy and do not take up too much room in the bunny mobile. The space under the stands could be used for carriers if the showroom is very crowded or be used for storing the dolly and miscellaneous things.

In the second photo, we see two different styles of wooden stands. The ones on the straight legs are Satin Angora and carriers on the sawhorse are housing the French Angora.

In the third photo, French Lop carriers are on the stands made from hard boards.

In the fourth photo, American Fuzzy Lop are in the carriers on cart with the side-open doors. The entire cart could be pulled to and from the judging table. This design is very popular among the small breed exhibitors. Some carriers could go as high as five tiers.

The fifth photo was taken early in the morning before most of the exhibitors arrive in the show room. Most still use the traditional method of placing the carriers on the floor.

Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Satin Angora and French Angora Winners

In the CRCS shows at Watsonville, Tracy's beautiful Satin Angora white senior buck took Best of Breed in both shows. Both judges commented that Tracy's Satin Angora have excellent type, wool and sheen. Picture at the top is Tracy with Rios Blizzard, the Best of Breed winner.

French Angora Best of Breed was won by Lindsay's colored senior doe, a very pretty big girl. In the photo are Lindsay with judge Chris Z.

Monday, July 16, 2007

Bobbie Joe Wins All Breed Best In Show

Betty's 8-month-old English Angora white senior buck Chu's Bobbie Joe took all breed Best In Show in the California Rabbit and Cavy Show B on Sunday in Watsonville.

On Saturday, there were triple crown Holland Lop shows plus several other breed specialty shows. On Sunday, CRCS held double open and double youth shows. The shows were well attended with exhibitors came from far away.

At the top, Armando in the middle is the judge who picks the top winners. Betty won Best In Show with her white buck and Carol G. won Reserve In Show with her solid American Fuzzy Lop.

In the second photo, Bobbie Joe is posing on his grooming table; the third photo is Bobbie Joe on the judging table after the Best In Show selection. The carrier on top is his prize.

Sunday, July 15, 2007

Holly's Handsome Nanuk and New Bunnies

Holly is sharing some new pictures with us.

The top is her handsome boy HHR's Nanuk who is 7 months old with 7 legs. His winnings include an all breed Best In Show and an all breed Reserve In Show. His coat is still going strong and will earn more legs in the near future.

Holly's new bunnies are coming along well. The white bunnies are Nanuk's half siblings from the father's side and the colored/white bunnies are Nanuk's half siblings from the mother's side. These bunnies will supply Holly with lots of show winners in the fall.