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Friday, September 08, 2006

More Night Blooming Cereus

Two more flowers bloomed at Betty's place. The one on the top was one of the bulbs in yesterday's post. There are two more bulbs on either side of the flower.

The fall show season starts tomorrow. There will be photos from the shows at Orland. It's the farewell show at Orland, according to the announcement of the Sierra Foothill RBA.

Thursday, September 07, 2006

Night Blooming Cereus

There were excitement at Betty's home. The Night Blooming Cereus bloomed last night!

Night Blooming Cereus, as the name suggests, blooms at night. The flowers have a blooming life of about 12 hours. It smells and looks wonderful when the flowers are in full bloom, but sadly the beauty only last a very short time.

The first four photos are the early stage of the blooming in various views. The fifth photo is taken 10 hours after the blooming started.

The sixth photo shows the bulbs that yet to bloom; and the last photo shows the flower wilted.

Chinese use the phrase "One flash of Night Blooming Cereus" to describe a beauty or a glory that lasts a very short time.

For more about this plant, visit:

Wednesday, September 06, 2006

Happy Fall Season

Holly from Canada wishes NCAG members a happy fall. She sends in these beautiful fall theme photos of her two young white English Angora seniors. They are the offspring of Chu's Terena, who also took some fall theme photos before she left for Canada.

Fall is a happy time for serious rabbit breeders. Fall shows start around this time, we have the chance to go back to the shows to show off our rabbits, see our friends, and enjoy each others company.

Fall is a happy season indeed.

Monday, September 04, 2006

Emilia and Ashka on Japanese TV

Betty was contacted by a Japanese TV producer of "Amazing Animals" for information and photos of English Angora. The producer already had picked Emilia and Ashka as her choices at the time of contact. No, Betty and the rabbits were not invited to go to Japan, the request was for the photos.

The segment was broadcasted in Japan at the end of July. Yumiko taped the program and sent it to Betty. Yumiko was a good friend and associate of Chie. Yumiko has been continuing the correspondence with Betty since Chie's passing last year. Betty and Yumiko will be meeting for the first time in the upcoming convention in Fort Worth.

The English Angora segment starts with the photos of Emilia and Ashka. In the first picture, the logo of "Amazing Animals" is seen at the right corner. The second photo shows Ashka with five words that can be translated into "Unknown Animal!?"

Then the program follows a doe going through a pregnancy, giving birth and then the bunnies appear in the program in flesh. More will be reported in the future posts.

Just in case our readers wonder whether Betty received any compensation. Yes, there was a small payment for the use of the two photos.

Sunday, September 03, 2006

English Angora Going Through A Tube

In July, a Japanese TV program "Amazing Animals" did an experiment of putting an white English Angora through a glass tube.

In the first picture, it shows that the glass tube measures 60 cm (23.6 inches) long. The words in the upper left corner says "Experiment". (The direct translation of the two words is "practical examination").

In the second picture, it shows that the glass tube measure 15 cm (5.9 inches) in diameter. The same words "Experiment" appears on the upper left corner.

The third picture shows the white English Angora in waiting.

In the fourth, fifth, sixth and seventh pictures, the English Angora is going through the tube.

The last picture shows the English Angora sitting in the tube from the front view.

At the end, the rabbit came out in his original shape, totally unharmed.