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Saturday, September 06, 2008

Five-Show Weekend At Crescent City

Nice showroom at Crescent City.

Carol Green & whrilling French Angora.

Kurt is an expert in using the electrical tattoo pen; Elsa and Dominique are watching their dad's handy work.

Crescent City is at the very northern tip of California, just south of Oregon. It is a very nice and cool city. During the Labor Weekend, there were five shows held at the fairgrounds there.

The shows were small but fun. Everyone got plenty of room to spread out.

Melissa M. won Best In Show in three of the shows with her Mini Satin; Carol G. won one Best In Show with her American Fuzzy Lop and Jeannie won two Reserve In Show with her French Lop. Congratulations to all. The information is incomplete. If more information and the pictures of the winners come in , they will be posted.

These pictures are supplied by Lindsay, thanks.

Thursday, September 04, 2008

Satin Angora Today - 21 Years After Acceptance

After Mrs. L. P. Meyer's successful presentation of Satin Angora in 1987, the breed has had its ups and downs.

In some years, there were plenty of Satin Angora shown around the country and in the ARBA conventions; in some other years, the number of Satin Angora shown in the ARBA conventions were so small that it risk losing its recognition.

In our show area, the Satin Angora breed is alive and well due to Tracy's dedication. She has won Best of Breed at the ARBA convention and does very well locally too. Pictured in this post are Rios Firecracker and her litter of three bunnies. Red and Ruby Eye White are Tracy's favorite colors and her red Satin Angora are very red, and they have very nice type and sheen. Mrs. Meyer would have been pleased.

Remember When: Satin Angora Creator Mrs. L. P. Meyer

Mrs. L.P. Meyer in the 1983 ARBA Convention at Colorado Springs.

Page one of letter to Polly explaining how she created Satin Angora.

Page two of letter to Polly.

Mrs. Meyer (in gray and white stripe) with the ARBA Standard Committee in 1987 that accepted Satin Angora.

Mrs. Meyer sitting at the table when the ARBA Standard Committee discussed her presentation of Satin Angora.

From left to right: Irene Burns, Karen Waliser (Lovett), Linda Lewis and Mrs. L. P. Meyer in the 1990 ARBA convention at Tampa, FL. This was Mrs. Meyer's last appearance in a convention.

Satin Angora was accepted into ARBA Standard of Perfection at the 1987 ARBA convention in Portland, Oregon. The presenter was Mrs. L. P. Meyer, the founder of NARBC.

It was before the time of ARBA requiring certificate of development and/or a rigorious procedure involving signed letters from five other breeders and letter of intention from the presenter before a set date. It was a little vague of how Mrs. Meyer created Satin Angora.

Polly corresponded with Mrs. Meyer and asked the question of how Mrs. Meyer started developing Satin Angora. Mrs. Meyer wrote back; the part about Satin Angora is as follows:

"The Edwards (Ruth and Ron) had copper brown short-haired Satins, but once they had offspring, one turned out to have long-shiney wool. Ruth at the time was a NARBC secretary.

The Edwards came here one day, bringing with them a tiny baby satin doe. I loved it at once and got it for 10 dollars. However, we really had to let it grown strong, spoiled it by running loose in the garden. I finally bred her to the longest haired fawn buck. The ones turned out as Satins, were the reddish haired ones. It took years to get the pure satins. In Portland, Oregon I showed them for the third year and got them standardized."

From this letter, we can assume that the Edwards' short hair Satin carried the recessive wool gene to have at least one long wool offspring. Mrs. Meyer utilized the Edwards' Satin to breed for Satin Angora and eventually bred true thus recognized as a new breed by the ARBA in 1987.

The letter was supplied by Polly Holmes and photos were supplied by Candy Haenszel. We thank both for preserving the valuable history of Satin Angora and the memory of Mrs. L. P. Meyer.

Wednesday, September 03, 2008

Polly Soon To Move

Polly with Betty. Betty's rabbits and fiber stuff are in the background.

Polly with Lindsay. Lindsay's beautiful scarves and yarns are hanging on the display tree in the background.

Polly's kid Mohair. It's very soft to the touch.

One of the most pleasant things about Nevada is to see Polly in shows. She is usually the registrar in a rabbit show; at the Nevada State Fair, she did double duty as the registrar for rabbits and superintendent for the Angora goat show.

Polly is about to move to Texas; the schedule date is October 1. We will really miss Polly's friendly face in the Nevada shows.

Tuesday, September 02, 2008

Additional Scenes At Nevada State Fair

Queen of Nevada State Fair.

Mother and daughter showing Guinea Fowls.

Freddie and pretty girl friend enjoying the fair.

Lindsay and new French Angora owners.

Service dog in training.

The reptile exhibit are going around the fair circuits. This is the same albino Boa Constrictor that Betty had an encounter in June at the San Joaquin fair, see

Monday, September 01, 2008

Judge Ray Judges Angora

Ray examines the body of an English Angora.

Ray places an English Angora.

Ray judges Best In Show. There were 21 breeds to be considered but only 16 spaces on the judging table. Five of the breeds are in carriers on the spare table.

Ray awards Best In Show to Betty's English Angora colored senior doe on Sunday.

Ray awards the Reserve In Show to Lindsay's French Angora white senior doe on Saturday. There were 20 breeds shown on Saturday.

Sunday, August 31, 2008

Beautiful Flower Arrangement

Betty says,

"I was so pleasantly surprised when FTD delivered this beautiful flower arrangement. Can't help but to take a picture and share the beauty.

Thank you, Jayne."