Northern California Angora Guild

Saturday, September 27, 2008

Autumn's World

Autumn with daddy Kevin.

Autumn with mommy Jennifer who is a transplanted Minnesota Girl.

Autumn with cousin Julie.

Autumn on her horsey.

Autumn's horsey and kitty.

Autumn's first mousehead.

We all know KW cages and its owner Kevin for a long time. Kevin not only designs and builds all the wonderful rabbit equipment, he is also the one who created the software for ARBA convention on-line entries and the show secretary program this is used by most of the shows today. If you have used the on-line entries in the conventions in 2001, 2003, 2004, 2005, 2006 and the current year, you have used Kevin's program. In addition, Kevin and the CA group will be at the Louisville convention helping the set up and tear down, a part of the duty of being the host of the next year's convention.

Autumn is Kevin and Jennifer's first and only child; she has been to shows locally and out of state, even the ARBA convention. She is growing up in front of our eyes, and she will be daddy's helper in no time.

Friday, September 26, 2008

John's Winning French Angora

John B. is doing really well recently. He has just become a daddy to his daughter in early September and then a few weeks later, his French Angora are winning in shows.

He had a great show day in Santa Maria; he sends in photos to share: the top picture is the broken opal junior doe that won the Best of Breed; the second photo is the white doe that won the Best of Variety and the third picture is the first place senior doe.

Congratulations, John.

Thursday, September 25, 2008

Spinning Gillian

Armando's beautiful Texel, Gillian, that won BOB at the 2008 Cavy National.

Gillian's winning coat now harvested.

Gillian's coat has perfect locks.

The fur is spun in locks.

The weight of Gillian's coat is 1-1/2 oz, and filled about 1/6 of the 8-oz bobbin.

One ply of Gillian's fur and one ply of white English Angora wool make a beautiful skein of yarn.

Betty says,

"Armando's beautiful Texel cavy Gillian finally is off the show table. Her coat has been harvested by Armando who generously gave it to me.

I had a fun spinning it; the texture and feel are closer to Mohair than to Angora wool. The best method to spin the cavy fur, after some trial and error, is the "inch-worm" method. I tried long draw but it did not work too well.

I plied the ply of Gillian's fur with a ply of my own English Angora single and the skein turned out nice. The total yardage is about 50; it's enough for a small scarf or for a hat by combining with about 20 yards of Angora yarn. I have not yet decided how to use the yarn."

Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Liberty Is Free

Morgan Hill, CA is a town that people, development and wild life co-exist harmoniously.

In 2001 an orphaned female Bobcat kitten was brought to the Wild Life Center at Morgan Hill. The estimated birthdate of this kitten was around 9/11/2001. To honor those who passed away in the 9/11 tragedy, the kitten was named Liberty.

After 8 months of being taught skills to survive in the wild by the volunteers, she was released. A bronze sculpture of Liberty leaping to freedom is permanently displayed at the community park.

Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Kitty And English Angora

Rabbits are suitable for shows as well as pets. Niheeta sends in pictures of Chu's Annabelle, Grand Champion English Angora, inside the kitchen waiting for her treats. Persian kitties are also waiting for treats; they get along well.

Both Annabelle and the Persian kitties are Niheeta's pets as well as show animals.

Monday, September 22, 2008

How To Pack For Air Travel

Betty says,

"For those who have not shipped rabbits or have not flown with rabbits, shipping sounds mysterious.

How do you pack them, I was frequently asked.

Since airlines charge by the piece and then by the dimensional and actual weight, it is important to learn the requirement of each airline in order to pack efficiently.

Shown in the picture are two KW three-hole carriers put together by four travel locks; this configuration ships 6 rabbits for the similar cost as shipping one or two. If the two carriers were not locked together, they will be considered as two pieces thus cost twice as much as this locked piece.

Each compartment has two cups for pellets and for water. I use yogurt containers or tuna fish cans because these are lightweight thus ideal for shipping. There is a piece of cardboard on the top with the names, addresses, phone numbers of the shipper and the receiver, plus the flight number and reservation number. I also put in a piece of cardboard on each of the four sides to minimize the stress for the rabbits.

After I put all the rabbits in the carriers and arrive at the airport, the agents may want to open the carriers to do a visual and physical check. After checking, I zip tie the travel locks to prevent them from being open by accident, the I zip tie the carrier top.

I hope this will give our readers a general idea about efficient packing."

Sunday, September 21, 2008

The First Fall Show

Melissa judges Satin Angora, Tracy writes.

Keelyn judges French Angora.

Carol G. poses with the handsome 6-year-old American Fuzzy Lop AK's Buckeye.

Betty's fiber stuff.

With perfect weather and over 2000 rabbits in the barn, many prefer to stay outside under an old oak tree.

A glance of the inside of the barn.

Big Valley RA puts on the first fall show at Stockton. There were over 2000 rabbits entered in each show, 4000+ rabbits judged in two shows. The show committee had to call in more judges; the number of entries is way higher than expected. It is a sign that Big Valley puts on good shows.

Out of two open and one Angora specialty shows, Satin Angora BOB belongs to Tracy in all three shows; three different exhibitors on the other hand showed French Angora BOB. English Angora BOB went to two different rabbits and owners as well.

Best In Show in show A went to Rita's Satin and Reserve went to Chris Z's Holland Lop. Rita is the Louisville convention secretary. If our readers see her in Louisville, make sure to say hello and congratulate her. Show B Best In Show was a Netherland Dwarf belings to Rick S. from So. CA.