Northern California Angora Guild

Saturday, May 15, 2010

Yellow Roses Of California

There is no song lyrics, no symbolic meanings, just beautiful yellow roses grown in California.

Friday, May 14, 2010

Found In The Paper: Snoopy And A Rabbit

It's very common to see Snoopy having friends and his best friends are Woodstock the bird and a whole lot of other birds.

It is a rare occasion that a rabbit is in the Peanuts comic strip; there isn't any visible rabbit statue or exhibit in the Charles Schultz museum in Santa Rosa.

Enjoy it when it lasts, Snoopy befriending a rabbit.

Thursday, May 13, 2010

Waiting, Waiting, Waiting, ...

The old light fixture at our front door.

There is some hay hanging at the base.

From the side, little eggs are visible.

View from the top of the light fixture: five little eggs in the nest that is lined by a mixture of hay and Angora wool.

Betty says,

"There has been a bird zipping and zapping every time we walk close to our front door. We figured that there must be a bird nest somewhere but did not know where it was. After much investigation, a clue appears: there is some hay hanging under the light fixture.

Getting on a stool, we could see from the side that there are some little eggs inside the light fixture. From the top, it's obvious that there are five eggs nested in the mixture of hay and luxurious Angora wool!

We are now the hostage in our own home: we don't open our front door, we don't turn on our light, we don't even walk close to the area, hoping that the mama bird would be able to sit in her nest to keep her eggs warm.

We are waiting, waiting and waiting for the baby birds to arrive so that we could reclaim our front door when they fly away."

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Miki Wants To Be A Show Rabbit

Miki is a very cute dog.

Miki enjoys sitting on mom Kim's lap.

Miki also likes to share a carrier with the New Zealand.

Show rabbits get a lot of attention, Miki wants to be a show rabbit.

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Betty And Scott, Old Friends Meet Again

At the West Coast Classic show, new judge Scott Rodriguez flew in from CO to judge the shows. Betty and Scott had a picture taken together with the English Angora in the background. Scott was a breeder/exhibitor of English Angora when he was a youth; his current breed is Holland Lop.

Betty and Scott have known each other for a long time. Here is a picture of Betty and Scott in the 1988 convention. Betty's blue doe Chu's Jessica Venus took Best of Breed in the open, Scott's white doe took Best of Variety White in the open and then a choc doe took Best of Breed in the youth. Scott was about 15 years old then.

Where did the 22 years go?

In case you are wondering why the English Angora in 1988 looked so much smaller than the English Angora today, it's because the blower was yet to be a grooming tool. All the rabbits were groomed with slicker brushes. The blower method started in the 1989 convention by Susan Conley of So. CA.

Monday, May 10, 2010

Useful Empty Kleenex Boxes

An empty Kleenex box is great for storing wool during grooming; the clear plastic flaps take wool off hands easily. It is a win-win practice to bring such to a show. It will help saving the wool for spinning later on and it will prevent the wool from leaving a mess at the show room.

The yarns are easily tangled up if the knitting project requires more than one color. Putting each ball of yarn in a separate Kleenex box makes knitting neat and easy.

This is the finished hat of the two-color knitting project.