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Saturday, August 29, 2009

Dominique Says Goodbye To Sissy

Gabrielle says, "The girls and I had a recent discussion about which rabbits to breed, and making room for new babies. I asked them which rabbits they wouldn't mind selling so that they can have new babies. I was surprised to hear who they were willing to part with. I was especially happy to hear Elsa's empathetic answer: "Well, some people don't have any French Angoras, and I have a whole bunch! And I love them very much and they make me happy, and they can make other people really happy too! So, I can share and sale (sic) some!"

Well, the day arrived when someone came to choose a rabbit to love. She fell in love with Dominique's Grand Champion doe Menn's Sissy. Dominique spent some happy time with Sissy on the couch and said happy goodbyes. The next day, I found notes taped to Sissy's old cage: The first read: "This cage was once the home of Sissy my old good girl bunny and I miss her very much." The second: "I miss you." And a third said "Sissy M4A" (her ear number) and had a drawing of her.

Enjoy your new home, Sissy!!"

Friday, August 28, 2009

Youth Breeders Katie And Sharlene

These are two youth breeders Katie and Sharlene from WA state. They do their own grooming and showing. Mom Kath is very proud them and wishes to share their picture.

They will be going to the ARBA convention in San Diego this coming November. They are very excited about it as this will be their first convention.

Thursday, August 27, 2009

Squirrel Soap Opera: I Am A Protective Mom

I want something nice and soft.

My babies can use some more bedding material.

Me and my nest, that is happiness.

What's going on down there?

Keep quiet, my babies are sleeping.

Do you hear me? Go away!

I am coming down now, you are bothering us.

Get lost, leave us alone.

Look at what you've just done, you woke up my babies, I got to run.

Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Squirrel Soap Opera: I Am Depressed!

I got two! I got two!

Two big fresh walnuts, look at me, I got two!

Oh, no, where are my walnuts!

Where are they?

I can't believe this is happening to me.

I am so depressed, I don't want to move, I am going to stay here forever.

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Dustbunny Rules Obsidian Prey

Everyone is going to read about me, the very artistic dustbunny.

The guy on the cover is hot, but not as hot as I. I should be on the cover!

Monday, August 24, 2009

Dustbunny Video For Obsidian Prey

Dustbunny strikes again!

Best seller Jayne Castle's new book "Obsidian Prey" will be published tomorrow, August 25. Dustbunny Vincent is already making a splash on youtube.

Vincent is played by Betty's English Angora Angelababy.

For two other videos featuring Dustbunnies Araminta and Elvis, see

Sunday, August 23, 2009

Angelababy Has Her Own Mug

Angelababy is very happy that her image is now on a mug; well, more accurately, the role she plays has his own mug.

Angelababy plays the artistic dustbunny Vincent in best seller author Jayne Castle's new book Obsidian Prey.

The mug is currently available for sale at

Also available for sale on the same website is the dustbunny Elvis mug; Elvis is played by Chu's Donovan.