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Saturday, October 14, 2017

Youth Best In Show at Indy

Lena grooms her American Fuzzy Lop that won the youth BOB.

Lena blow grooming.

Mom Melissa help to get the Fuzzy to pose.

Lena and the well posed Fuzzy.

Best In Show production photos are shot by Sandra who captures the essence of the breed and the owner.  Lena is on the screen.

Madison is on the screen with her Giant Angora BOB.

Melanie has two breeds that won BOB, here is her Jersey Wooly, the other breed is English Angora.

Pierce has the BOB Satin Angora.....  and there are 40+ more such photos on the screen before the judging starts.

The four group winners are: Group 1 Dutch, Group 2 Californian, Group 3 American Fuzzy Lop, Group 4 Florida White.

And the youth Best In Show winner is Lena Magee's American Fuzzy Lop.

Friday, October 13, 2017

Youth Angora Winners at the ARBA National Convention in Indy

Youth Angora was judged on Tuesday, October 3, 2017.
English Angora BOB and BOSB: Melanie Lyons with judge Stacy Easton Martin.


French Angora BOB: Sunorah Sadowski, (left), BOSB: William Ashton (middle) and judge Stacy Easton Martin.


Giant Angora BOB: Madison Shaw (right), BOSB: Rachel Penterman (left) and judge Stacy Easton Martin.


Satin Angora BOB: Pierce Deblieck (right), BOSB: Breanna Deblieck (left) and judge Stacy Easton Martin.

For all the class winners, go to:


Thursday, October 12, 2017

Open Giant Angora Judging at the ARBA Convention in Indy

Judge Stacy starts the judging of Giant Angora.   One may notice that there's very few people in the background.
It's after 9 pm, judging started at 8 am, judge Stacy has been judging for 13 hours with only very short breaks to use the restroom.

Breed secretary Melissa also has been working over 13 hours with judge Stacy.   It was a very long day.

The Giant Angora BOB goes to Deborah's junior doe and BOSB goes to Ashley's intermediate buck.
The showroom is totally empty except the Angora people, it's after 10 pm when this photo was taken.   Judge, secretary and exhibitors have been working for 14 hours with very little break in between.

For a complete list of Angora class winners, go to:

Wednesday, October 11, 2017

Open French Angora Judging at the ARBA Convention in Indy

The BOV and BOSV white French Angora, both shown by Eric and Gabe.  The BOV is the senior buck and the BOSV is the white junior doe.

Judge Stacy works on the colored French Angora.


Ashley and Julia help holding the coops.

More examination of the colored French Angora by judge Stacy.


Comparing the white French Angora BOV to the colored BOV to decide on BOB.

Judge Stacy picks the French Angora colored senior doe and colored junior buck as the BOB and BOSB.   Both winners belong to Eric and Gabe.  

For a complete list of Angora class winners, go to:


Tuesday, October 10, 2017

Open English Angora Judging at the ARBA Convention in Indy

The second breed of Angora on the table is the English Angora.   The white variety has been judged by the time this photo was taken, the BOV is Robin's junior doe and the BOSV is Matt's junior buck.  

Breed secretary Melissa hard at work.

Look at the English Angora butts.

Judge Stacy Easton Martin examining a colored English Angora.


Judge Stacy blows into the wool to see the crimp.  On top of the coop there are the tags for the runner to get rabbits from the coops and to return rabbits to the coops.   Before the judge starts examination, the runners also weigh the rabbits.   On this tag, there's a "7.0" indicating this is a senior class.   The upper limit for the English Angora buck is 7 pounds, the senior does are allowed to be a bit heavier to 7 pounds 8 ounces.


Judge Stacy picks Betty's senior doe as the BOB and the colored junior buck BOSB.

For a complete list of Angora class winners, go to:


Monday, October 09, 2017

Open Satin Angora Judging at the ARBA Convention in Indy

The Angoras are cooped between the Polish and the Jersey Wooly.

Angora judge: Stacy Easton Martin, OH
The judging order this year starts with Satin Angora.   The breed order rotates in alphabetical order among the four breeds.  This year the first breed on the judging table is the white Satin Angora.   In the coops are the two white juniors.  They are the junior buck and junior doe class-winners that advanced to BOV and BOSV.

The colored Satin Angora follows the white.


Working next to judge Stacy is the Angora breed secretary Melissa from Delaware.

The Angora club is the only club that taped the ground for exhibitors and watchers to know where we should stand.



Stacy is working hard on the colored Satin Angora.


Emily and Katelyn are watching the Satin Angora judging.
Eventually it's time to select a Best of Breed.   BOB goes to ... Sandra's Satin Angora colored senior doe.
Here is an interesting tidbit: Sandra only brought one rabbit to the convention and that's the one that won BOB!  Sandra has lots of activities during the convention because she is the ARBA official photographer who has a booth to take photos of winners, presentation animals, or anything unusual,  she is also the editor of Domestic Rabbits.
Heather's white junior buck is the BOSB.


The BOV goes to the white junior doe that is shown by Joan Hastings.

For a complete list of Angora class winners, go to:

Sunday, October 08, 2017

Betty Receives Distinguish Service Award from ARBA

At the ARBA banquet, the entire board members are sitting at the dais, executive director Eric is giving a speech.

I wasn't expecting the speech had something to do with me, I'm getting an award!

What an honor and what a surprise.

ARBA president Josh Humphries and executive director Eric Stewart presented me with Distinguish Service Award.  I am humbled and I am appreciative of the recognition.

Here is a close-up of the award.

It's very kind of Allen to post this on his FB page.

I'm with the lovely Allen who is always a great friend and very supportive of my passion for Angora.

Ray is our new district 2 director who is always kind and supportive to us Angora people.