Northern California Angora Guild

Saturday, October 01, 2011

Angora News From The East

On Sept. 10, Matt S won youth Reserve In Show with his English Angora colored senior doe in West Virginia.

On Sept. 24 in Virginia, Alyssa won specialty Best In Show with her English Angora colored senior buck. The prize of the original painting was painted and donated by Alyssa; she won it back.

On Sept. 24 in Virginia, Dru's English Angora colored senior doe was 2nd Reserve In Show.

In case those in the west are not familiar with "2nd Reserve In Show", it probably means the 3rd best on the Best In Show table. In the west, it would be included in the honorable mention list.

Friday, September 30, 2011

Making Red By Casey

A few years ago, Casey made the decision to introduce red into English Angora by using Thrianta. It has been a very long process, a lot longer than expected. Color made it into Casey's herd but the wool and type of the red and red carriers are not nearly as good as her original herd. These two bunnies carry a special meaning as Betty lent a helping hand to put Molina's gene into the red breeding. Molina was one of Casey's big winners but Casey has not been able to put her gene into the red bunnies.

Red and fawn have essentially the same color genetic codes, red is fawn with Rufus. In this picture, the one in the left is a fawn and the one in the right is the "prize": fawn with Rufus thus red. They are three weeks old in this picture.

Left to right: red and fawn at 6 weeks old.

Left to right, fawn and red at 6 weeks old. It would have been nice if the colors are as intense as shown in the picture but it's more due to the camera flash.

Thursday, September 29, 2011

White Rabbit Having Fun

Though fall is coming, weather is still nice and warm. White Rabbit is having a good time in the woods.

(Image from Wells Fargo 2011 Calendar)

Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Stroller For Bubbles

Other rabbits travel in rabbit carriers but Bubbles travels in her special stroller.

Bubbles's mom April lifts the soft carrier bag from the stroller.

Peek-a-Boo Bubbles.

It's so interesting that others are checking out Bubbles in the stroller.

April is more than happy to explain how clean Bubbles is, she never poops or pees in the stroller. Bubbles would wait for April to take her out of stroller to do her thing. At home, Bubbles is totally litterbox trained.

Tuesday, September 27, 2011

More Scenes From Napa Shows

Nate and Hope are two of the four guest exhibitors coming from Utah. Though they did not have rabbits in the shows, they had a great time. Nate drove in with his wife Lisa and Hope came with her dad Randy. Nate is a top Fuzzy Lop breeder and will be taking over the president job of the Fuzzy Lop club in a month; the current president is Carol G. Hope is a top youth Holland Lop breeder, her rabbits win Best In Show regularly in the Utah show circuit and neighboring states.

Gabrielle is putting up her French Angora.

Melissa really likes the French Angora colored senior doe....

....but she likes the English Angora white senior doe a little better thus the specialty Best In Show.

Rebecca is the youth who had the vision of putting on the specialty shows at the park in Napa; she is here with Betty and the Angora specialty BIS rabbit Danibella.

Monday, September 26, 2011

Danibella Wins Double Specialty Best In Show

In the double specialty show at the park in Napa, Betty's white senior doe Chu's Danibella wins Best In Show in both shows. Danibella is a young senior, has not been going to shows very much due to the dominance of her auntie Lilianna in the white doe class. When auntie Lilianna takes a break, Danibella gets the chance to shine.

Danibella still has a babyish look; she will have lots of time to stay in the show circuit.

Danibella's littermate brother Septimus has been doing well in shows; he wins 80% of the Best Opposite Sex prize in the shows that he attends.

Danibella and Septimus have been known in the wonderful world of rabbits at a very young age. Their images are on the cover of Domestic Rabbits, March/April 2011.

Sunday, September 25, 2011

A Fun Show At The Park

A youth club invites various breed clubs to join them in a fun show at a park behind the 4-H office in Napa.

When judge Carol judged her first show several years ago, an exhibitor saw her name with a "Dr." title and commented, "No, she can't be a doctor, she is too little to be a doctor". We thought that was a very funny comment. May be there is some truth to it, she may be even too little to be a judge! Can you find judge Carol in this picture?

Casey records judge Melissa's comments.

Here are our two judges at work.

Rebecca is instrumental in organizing this fun show at the park, her friend Carrie works hard to help.

Rebecca's mom Carol comes into the kitchen to work with Carrie.