Northern California Angora Guild

Saturday, October 12, 2019

Carol's New Mini Spinner

This is an electric spinner.

The spinner is very small; how small? The spinner and it’s accessories fit into the blue lunch bag.   Allen stops his lunch for a while to watch Carol spin.   Beth watches and Casey takes pictures.

Allen spins too, he is watching with interest and chatting with Carol. Needless to say that Carol is spinning her French Angora wool.    Carol is wearing a French Angora sweater that she spun and knit.   

Misty and daughter Abigail come over to watch.

Arie watches.

Some more chatting and some more spinning.   Great lunch break activity.

Friday, October 11, 2019

Youth English Angora Exhibitor at King City

It’s unusual to see a youth to do 4H project with Angoras in this area.  We are very pleasantly surprised to meet Layla Powell from vineyard 4h in Santa Maria CA at the King City show.  Here is Betty with Layla with her fawn senior die Cream Puff. 

Thursday, October 10, 2019

Twelve Week Old Italian Maremma Sheep Dog

Would you believe this is a 12-week-old puppy?

He is bred by Allen, now going home with his new mama.

Louis says Hi to the big boy.

Kendal and Lindsey join in the puppy petting.

Puppy's head is as big as new mama's head.

Look at these big paws.

The big boy will grow up to guard the herd of sheep and goats.

It's getting heavy, why is the new mama carrying this big boy?  Would you believe that he would not walk?  He wants to be carried like a baby, well, he is still a baby.

Wednesday, October 09, 2019

Carol's Chocolate Agouti French Angora Sweater

Remember Rose Gold?  Carol's French Angora that won many Best In Show and Reserve In Show in the spring shows.  

Rose Gold's beautiful wool is now a sweater!

The wonderful thing about the Angora rabbits is that they are beautiful and useful.   On the show table they win prizes, off the show table they provide wool for spinning and knitting.   

Louis is so impressed with Carol's sweater.

So soft, so airy, so ….

Allen likes it too, Carol does such a good job.

Tuesday, October 08, 2019

Debbie's English Angora Junioe Doe Wins Reserve In Show

While we were at the King City Show, Debbie is attending a show in GA.  Her black junior doe wins the all breed Reserve In Show.

It is unusual for a junior English Angora to win a top prize but look at this black doe, got the type, the wool, the color and the facial furnishings, it's a gem.

She deserves the big win.

Debbie is one of the team members presenting the broken English Angora.  Here is a preview of one of her presentation rabbits.

Here is another beauty.

Monday, October 07, 2019

Show B Best In Show Judging at King City

Immediately after the show A Best In Show judging, show B judging starts.  Mike Avesing from IA along with judge's assist Alan Rafferty make selection of the top winners.

A few BOB decide not to stay, there are slightly less rabbits on the table competing for the Best In Show honor.

Judge Mike examines the BOB English Angora.

Judge's assist Alan examines the BOB English Angora.

After examining the French Angora that is at the end of the lineup, Alan signals that he is ready.

The Best In Show goes to Betty's French Angora.  

Reserve In Show goes to Louis's English Spot.

Sunday, October 06, 2019

Show A Best In Show Judging at King City

Show A Best In Show is judged by Misty Polasik.   There are about 30 BOB rabbits on the table for her to choose from.

The BOB rabbits in coops from the other side.

Judge Misty examines the BOB French Angora.

Judge Misty examines the BOB English Angora. 

The Best In Show goes to Betty's English Angora.  The prize is an apron.

The Reserve In Show goes to Kelly's Tan, the prize is a banner.