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Saturday, March 25, 2006

More Irresistible Kids and Bunnies

Today we have two photos of the youngest Angora exhibitor and spinner, courtesy of Elaine and Ellen from PA. Karina, at three years old, grooms and takes care of her own Angora for show. She owns an English Angora and a Satin Angora. On the top photo, she is shown with her pointed white English Angora in a show over a year ago. Our readers may notice the wooden judging table in the background. These tables look very different from the wire bottom judging tables that we see in the West Coast.

In the second photo, Karina is all grow up at almost four years old spinning on her mother Ellen's lap. This photo is taken very recently. Karina will be four years old in May.

Friday, March 24, 2006

Irresistible Kids and Bunnies

Cathy and Kim run a preschool program. They send in three photos showing the precious moments of the kids interacting with the bunnies.

Cathy reports, "We have been tracking the growth of the baby Angoras as part of our preschool curriculum. Kim is presenting a science lesson during our circle.The kids have been great with the bunnies during the limited contact periods, remembering not to touch and just to look. It is hard with such a cute baby. Soon they will not be allowed to interact except through the cage wire, so these last few looks up close are special."

In the two top photos, Kamrin, 22 months old, feels special that the bunny chose to sit on her. In the third photo, the little guy is asking the bunny, "Do you really have eyes? Where are they?"

Thursday, March 23, 2006

Cathy's and Kim's Bunnies

On December 29, Cathy and Kim received a wonderful litter from Chu's Elsia. They shared photos of these bunnies with us a few days after they were born.

How time flies, these bunnies are now almost three months old, will make their debut on the show table when we all go back to the show circuit in April. Here are two photos of their favorite does. The one on the right is their first choice, Big Bertha. The one on the left is littermate sister to Bertha, yet to be named. May be we should call her Big Nose?

Wednesday, March 22, 2006

Pam, A Knowledgeable Expert

One of the most knowledgeable contributors on the internet rabbit lists is Pam Alley. She is also the editor of a rabbit research journal and monitors the VHD around the country. Whenever we see her name appears on the posts, we know these posts are accurate and helpful.

She has not been going to shows for at least 6 or 7 years, most people do not know what she looks like.

Recently she showed up in a show to visit and meet up with Betty for some Angora wool (yes, Pam is a very good spinner). When she was introduced to the other breeders who knew her name but not her face, everyone was so excited. Netherland Dwarf breeder Jennifer said, "I was starting to wonder whether Pam Alley existed, now I know she does!"

The secret is out. Pam is seen here in the show and with the Best In Show winner of the day, Chu's Emilia.

If one wonders why Pam has not been active on the rabbit lists recently, she is in the Bay Area taking care of her mother.

Tuesday, March 21, 2006

James Receives a BOB Certificate

Cathy reported that the Phillips family went to the Happy Valley youth show on Sunday. Their little boy James shows his baby tort doe and received a Best Of Breed certificate. James is very happy and proud. He grooms and takes care of the tort doe himself.

Monday, March 20, 2006

Maureen is Happy

Maureen reports, "I am happy!"

Chu's Marissa and Chu's Bruno won Best of Breed and Best Opposite Sex in double shows in Ohio yesterday, and there were legs granted.

The pair have recently become parents to four beautiful bunnies. Maureen kept the two girls and they are now three months old and have started going to shows. Mommy and daddy are in good shape and tag along though they are already grand champs. Babies are still little too young to compete with their parents, but the days of winning will be coming very soon.

Here is a picture of Maureen with Marissa and Bruno after the show. Maureen travels in style, the background is her motor home.

Sunday, March 19, 2006

Holly's Beautiful White English Angora Bunnies

Holly reports happy news, Chu's Terena has given her a wonderful litter of six white bunnies. Everyone of them is cute and perfect, all top show potentials.

It is a happy ending of a very long and difficult trip for Terena and Damon to get from California to Sask., Canada last November. The entire trip spread over two days, including being stuck in the cargo office for one whole day. Luckily both arrived in good condition. For recap, click

Holly reports that Terena was very selective. After being courted by a few bucks, she chose HHR's Rue to be her mate. She gave birth to six healthy bunnies and is being a wonderful mom to them.

Holly, thanks for sharing these beautiful photos with our readers.