Northern California Angora Guild

Saturday, November 07, 2009

Betty Teaches RabbitCon Classes

Betty taught two sessions of "Wool Products as a side business" on Saturday and Sunday. RabbitCon classes were held at the meeting rooms at Hilton Hotel while the rabbits were cooped at the San Diego County Fairgrounds at Del Mar. The pictures on this page were taken in the Sunday class. Betty is showing the needle felting in this picture. The sheep in her hand was made by Judge Allen M. On the table there are other products made from Angora wool, Fuzzy Lop wool and Mohair. Jersey Wooly wool is also suitable for such purposes.

Betty shows off a scarf that she made. This scarf is very dense and uses two colors; it is not the best project intended for sale; it requires a lot of Angora yarn and the pattern is time-consuming thus would command a higher price tag. On the table, there are some other scarves that show different styles.

Betty shows off a white lacy scarf made from Angora yarn. It's light and airy, the pattern is not very complicated and takes less yarn and less time to knit comparing to the blue/tort scarf in Betty's other hand. It's easier to make and sell a lacy and light scarf that does not command a high price. Later that day, the white scarf was sold.

Betty shows off a triangle shawl; Betty spun the yarn and her hubby wove the shawl on a loom that he made.

Guest speaker Carol G. shows off a Fuzzy Lop and Merino blend wool sample. On the right lower corner, some of the yarn samples are in the box.

These are samples of products that are made from Angora and Fuzzy Lop wool in conjunction with camel and merino yarns.

Friday, November 06, 2009

ARBA Convention Location And Booth

San Diego Fairgrounds at Del Mar, this is the gate that we enter and exit during the convention.

ARBA booth.

ARBA history booth.

ARBA 2009 convention at San Diego has ended successfully. There are many wonderful memories about the convention and the little city of Del Mar. Photos will be posted on our blog for many days to come.

Thursday, November 05, 2009

ARBA Convention Best In Show Goes To....

Mini Rex bred and owned by our handsome judge Doug King!!!!

Wednesday, November 04, 2009

San Diego Youth Angora Winners

Judge Ray with English Angora BOB winner Nicole Wilson with her colored senior buck.

Judge Ray with English Angora BOS winner Katie Rimker and her white junior doe.

Judge Ray with French Angora BOB and BOS winner Dominique Menn.

Judge Ray with Satin Angora BOB winner Danielle Alicea.

Tuesday, November 03, 2009

Angora Winners At San Diego Convention

Judge Ray with English Angora winner Betty and her white senior doe. Betty's colored senior buck took Best Opposite Sex, picture not shown.

Judge Ray with Elsa and her BOB French Angora colored senior doe.

Judge Ray with Giant Angora Best of Breed and Best Opposite Sex winner Lindsay and her two rabbits.

Judge Ray with Satin Angora Best Opposite Sex winner Joyce with her colored buck. Best of Breed winner was not present at the time of judging.

Monday, November 02, 2009

Ocean View and Showroom View

English Angora share post spaces with English Spot.

French Angora, Satin Angora and Giant Angora share the same aisle.

Chris O flies in from MA; the first order of business is to stop by at the beach.

Chris touches the Pacific Ocean.

Margaret flies in from MO, takes a picture with Betty in front of the "logo".

Sunday, November 01, 2009

The "Logo" Of the San Diego Convention

The image of this antique auto is on the official website and the cover. We never expect it to be the "real thing". Here it is, this beauty is at the entrance of the show room at the San Diego convention.

Kevin Whaley, the general chairman, is responsible in getting this antique into the show room. Carol, left, and Betty, right, had to have a picture taken with him and the car.

Carol and Betty at the entrance with the car.