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Saturday, July 12, 2014

New York Daily News Features Betty's English Angora


New York Daily News website posts a gallery of Betty's English Angora photos on July 10, 2014.    These photos are different from most other news websites.
A Swedish news website also published photos of Betty's English Angora on July 7, 2014; the photos and material are mostly from the Huffington Post.   

Friday, July 11, 2014

Video of Betty and Sunny Boy on Good Morning America

The producers of Good Morning America has corresponded with Betty to air photos and/or video clips of her English Angora. 
With a very short notice,  Betty learned that the video clip of her grooming Sunny Boy would be aired on Good Morning America on the morning of Thursday, July 10, 2014.   
The video was produced by Amy Do, producer/director of Rabbit Fever. 
Thank you Amy.
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Thursday, July 10, 2014

Black vs. Chestnut


Black is in the self group, the color genetic code is:


Chestnut is in the agouti group, the color genetic code is:


As we can see from the color codes, both are full colored rabbits with black B and extension E genes.   The only difference is in the A series.   Chestnut is agouti and black is non-agouti or self.    We can say that chestnut is the agouti version of black or the black is the self version of chestnut.

Two black parents cannot make chestnut babies because agouti is dominant while two chestnut parents may be able to make black babies depending on whether both parents carry "a" after "A".


Wednesday, July 09, 2014

Tort vs. Pearl

This is a junior tort English Angora, the genetic coding is


The eye color of the tort is brown.

This is a junior pearl English Angora, the genetic coding is


The eye color of the pearl with non-dilute D is brown with tinges of ruby glow.

Both rabbits have darker points with lighter color wool, this is due to the non-extension "ee" genes that do not extend the darker color to the rest of the body except the points.   The tort carries C, the full color gene while the pearl carries the light chin gene c(chl).  The light chin gene is also called the sable gene.   The light chin gene removes all the yellow pigment thus the wool is grayish beige without any tan color. 

If one compares the color genetic make-up of these two rabbits, the only difference is in the c series; once again the tort carries C while the pearl carries c(chl).


Tuesday, July 08, 2014

Betty's English Angora Featured by UK Daily Mail and ABC Pop News


On Sunday, Betty received a request from UK Daily Mail for permission to use her English Angora photos and to be featured on their website.   A few hours later, the article and photos are published on:

ABC Pop News sent a request almost immediately after the UK Daily Mail for photos to be included on their "Pop News" of the day.    Betty's English Angora landed on the #1 spot over #2 Katy Perry, #3 Taylor Swift and #4 Jessica Simpson on the Pop News countdown of July 7, 2014.
There are more news media requests, we'll see what happens next....  

Monday, July 07, 2014

Shyun Visits Betty

Shyun is Betty's friend and was Betty's student in the master's program over 30 years ago.   When Betty's first French Lop Sweetie Pie had a litter, Shyun got a baby doe and she has had rabbit since.   She loves the pet aspect of having rabbits, but showing is not her cup of tea.

Shyun lives about 20 minutes form Carol's place so she stops by to visit Betty.   It's also gratifying to see Shyun being a very successful CPA, has a great husband and three grown children.


Sunday, July 06, 2014

French Angora Dating Scene at Portola Valley

Boy meets girl and girl meets boy.

Let's have fun!   Fat Bottom Girl, you are not supposed to be on the top.

Big Boy Jim is supposed to be on the top but it's the wrong end.

Now Big Boy Jim is on the top and it's the right end, any success?