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Saturday, July 07, 2018

A Designer Scarf

This is Angora yarn with natural beige and dyed purple wool.

Carolyn bought two skeins of the beige/purple yarn and decided to combine it with eyelash yarn.

The combination gives an interesting texture and look.

At the Portola Valley show, Carolyn shows off the completed scarf; it's very warm, very thick and absolutely gorgeous.

Friday, July 06, 2018

NCAG Specialty Show by Judge Kevin

Judges Kevin and Melissa working next to each other.

Judge Kevin works on the English Angora, Casey clerks.

Judge Kevin working on the white French Angora, Carol clerks.   The colored French Angora are waiting in the coops.  

Judge Kevin is examining a French Angora senior doe.  

Judge Kevin comments on a broken French Angora.

A young chestnut French Angora is on judge Kevin's table.

There are five Giant Angora in the specialty shows.

A Satin Angora is waiting in the coop.   

The specialty Best In Show goes to Carol's white French Angora senior doe.

For a complete list of show results, go to:

Thursday, July 05, 2018

NCAG Specialty Show by Judge Melissa

Judge Melissa is examining a very cute baby English Angora.

Amanda jumps in to help clerking even though she does not have English Angora.   

There are lots of French Angora on the table.   In the background is Carol's guest house.

Betty clerks and Carol listens to Melissa's comments.

Jill and Amanda listens to Melissa's comments while Christine takes photos.

Daughter Rayna on the left and mama Henrieta compete in the same class.

Carol clerks and Carolyn watches Melissa commenting on the French Angora colored senior doe class.

There are several junior French Angora debuting their show career at the show.

Judge Melissa blows into the wool of a chestnut French Angora.

This beautiful French Angora colored junior doe won the class in all three shows, has a lot of potential.

The French Angora BOB is Betty's Colored senior doe and she goes on to win the specialty Best In Show.

For a complete list of show results, go to:

Wednesday, July 04, 2018

Celebrating the Fourth of July 2018

Northern California Angora Guild

Celebrates the Fourth of July and wish everyone a happy and joyful day.

Tuesday, July 03, 2018

NCAG Specialty by Judge Arie

Carol's annual backyard show and potluck lunch is the most anticipated fun show.   It's relaxing and informal and believe it or not, there are 5 judges present.    English Angora goes on the judge Arie's table first thing in the morning while the Jersey Wooly and the American Fuzzy Lop are on different tables.

The English Angora colored senior doe is very impressive.

Casey's two Satin Angora littermates have been winning BOB and BOS in all shows big and small.   Even in the photo, the doe's sheen is very obvious.

Judge Arie is handling a very handsome French Angora pearl junior buck.

There are more French Angora colored senior does in the class than the judging coops can hold.

On the table are the two French Angora senior does plus some of the colored French Angora.

Laurie is watching judge Arie handling a French Angora colored senior doe.

Kathi has been hosting judge Arie during her stay in the US, they also studied together on rabbits and cavies.  They both have taken the cavy registrar test.

On the table are the two finalist for the French Angora BOB: white senior doe and colored senior doe.

The winner of French Angora BOB and the specialty BIS is Carol's white senior doe.

Monday, July 02, 2018

Summer Wool Party at Carol's

Much anticipated summer potluck and shows at Carol's are held on Saturday.

Carol's yard is beautiful with trees and a gorgeous swimming pool.  Casey and Betty chatting at the Angora corner.   Leslie on the right is observing; Leslie is a retired judging whom we have not seen for a while.  So happy that she decided to visit.

The wool breeds are on three judging stations.   The far right is the Jersey Wooly table, the American Fuzzy Lop are on the middle table and the far left is the Angora table.    

Sunday, July 01, 2018

Found on the Net: Find the Bunny

Found this on internet: In this sea of cats, there is one bunny.   According to the accompanying article, people were struggling over it.   Well, I found it in a split second.  It's so easy to find a bunny, it's just natural for a rabbit lover.

Did you find it?