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Saturday, September 03, 2011

Found On The Net: Upside Down Fat Monkey

The same artist, Florentijn Hofman, who designed the Big Yellow Rabbit, also designed an upside monkey in 2010 in Brazil. With an inflatable base, covered in 10,000 flip-flops — which serve as pixels — the 45-foot-long monkey sprawls across a park in the center of the city.

Though it's not rabbit related, it's still a very interesting piece.

Friday, September 02, 2011

Found On The Net: Upside Down Big Yellow Rabbit

In the town of Orebro, Sweden, there is a upside down Big Yellow Rabbit sculpture that is designed by Dutch artist Florentijn Hofman. The Big Yellow Rabbit, known as Stor gul Kanin in Swedish, it measures 42-ft high was constructed with concrete, metal and wood by local craftsmen. This same artist has done similar sculptures of bear and monkey with all sorts of material. More about this art project, see:

Thursday, September 01, 2011

One Hundred Plus Legs Moving Around

There are four rabbits and 16 little legs, where are the 100+ legs?

Black buck Jamey has 46 legs, chocolate tort does Lucianna has 30 and Valencia has 13, white doe Susie has 32. There are 121 grand champion legs among these four rabbits.

All winning show coats have to go some time, they are in their down home look.

Jamey wonders why the girls are ignoring him.

"I wonder if the girls are talking about me?"

Girls love to do small talks.

"Lucianna, what are you girls talking about?"

"Jamey, they said you are very handsome, and Valencia said you were a good lover."

"Lucianna, you are so pretty, may I have your phone number?"

"Jamey, I don't have a phone; do you have a phone?"

"No, Lucianna, I don't have a phone either. Can I have a date with you?"

"Let's pretend that we are not talking to each other."

"Jamey, I got to go, bye."

"Lucianna, don't forget me, come to my condo some time."

Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Little Brush For Perforated J Feeder

It's a very nice J feeder made of durable hard plastic, the bottom is perforated to allow the pellet fine to go through; overtime the little holes could get clogged up by the fines. In addition, most Angora breeders use grain mix, the grains could get stuck in the little holes and hard to remove.

A dental tool called "Proxabrush" has the brush top that is small enough to go through the little holes to push out the stuck grains or to brush out the accumulated fines.

A close look at the proxabrush; it's of course good for cleaning between teeth too.

A close look showing the brush working on a little hole.

Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Found On The Net: Dog And Meerkat Best Friends

It seems that it is an acceptable practice to keep meerkats in the UK. A couple by the names of John and Sally Bent have kept meerkats and other animals. When one of the meerkats got attacked by others, Timons was taken inside the house. Doggie Poppy adopted Timons right away.

Mix terrier dog Poppy and meerkat Timons are best friends.
The are inseparable.

They live happily in the Bent household in UK.

John Bent puts Poppy and Timons on leash for a walk.

Mama Sally Bent cleans up Poppy and Timons.

Monday, August 29, 2011

A Foggy Morning

Having a foggy morning or even foggy day is no big deal in San Francisco, Monterey or most of the cities close to the ocean. Golden Gate Bridge in San Francisco is almost invisible most of the time due to fog.

Having a foggy morning in Morgan Hill is a rarity, a few days per year the most. This morning, it's foggy thus a photo op. A couple of hours later the sun comes out and it's blue sky and as clear as it could be. Bye Bye Fog.

Sunday, August 28, 2011

Seeing Red

Casey's red doe Isolde has a litter of two bunnies.

What color are they? Take a guess.

They look like a red and fawn. Only time will tell whether the guess is correct.