Northern California Angora Guild

Saturday, August 29, 2015

Meara's Wool Gets Harvested Again

Meara's wool grows fast, here is a picture taken at Watsonville on July 19 when she won the Best of Breed French Angora.

Another month passed, she is very ready for a hair cut.


A close up of her beautiful wool.

Meara is ready for a tummy rub, but what she gets is a tummy cut.

Either a tummy rub or a tummy cut, Meara relaxes so much that she falls asleep.

Meara's beautiful wool is now in a bag.

Friday, August 28, 2015

Angora Goat Crazy at the Iowa State Fair

Iowa State Fair has been the center of the world recently.   Those who are running for the president of the United States all congregated at the Iowa State Fair, some even had the pork chop on the stick in their hands.   
For the Angora goat enthusiasts, Iowa State Fair is the location of the Colored Goat National Show where all the top goat people attend.  
The judge for the national show is Dr. Fred Speck from Texas, Dr. Speck is the ultimate Angora goat authority.    Next to Dr. Speck is our ultimate rabbit authority Allen and Randy who are exhibiting their goats under Eureka Mohair moniker.

Another familiar face for rabbit enthusiasts is Eric and his partner Gabe who also drove a long way from PA to exhibit their Angora goats.
Kathi is the helper and photographer of the goat show, here she is with Gabe.

Lauralee with Eric and Gabe and their goat.



Nancy comes all the way from Arkansas to join the fun with Josh and Randy.    Isn't it interesting to see the president and vice president in a goat show?

Allen and Eric lead their goats in the show ring.

Eric and Gabe lead their goats.

The eventual winner: Allen and his goat!

The other big winner: Randy and his goat.


Thursday, August 27, 2015

We are Celebrating the National Dog Day

Angus and Roxie to mama Maureen,

It's the National Dog Day, what do you have for us? 

A cake?  A steak?  A little massage?  Some kissing?  


Wednesday, August 26, 2015

Danibella and Ida Reminisce of Past Glory


Ida (left) and mama Danibella got together at the exercise pen.   They both had a glories past that they could reminisce.

Danibella tells Ida, "My dear daughter, did you know that I was on the cover of Domestic Rabbits when I was a baby?" 


Ida says, "Mom, but I was on TV, Steve Harvey even danced with me!"

My fans took picture of me when I appeared.

German TV crew even came all the way to film me and Franchesca.


TV host Sandra played with me and Franchesca.

Now our glory days are over, but we still have each other.




Tuesday, August 25, 2015

Freddie Gets His First Hair Cut

What's up, mom, you want to take my pretty pictures again?

What are you doing?

This is strange, mom, what are you doing to me?

I am shocked!

This is not good, should I run?

You mean you want this side too?

I am trapped, what do I do?

I am sad.

I am depressed.

I want to hide my face.

Mom, do you still love me now that I don't have my pretty coat?

Monday, August 24, 2015

Carol Visits Carol, Betty Tags Along

Three chocolate agouti girls are on the grooming table, two Carols evaluate.

Judge's opinion is important.

Betty joins in, one will be her baby.


The white buck and chocolate agouti doe are half brother and sisters, they have the same dad.

The white boy gets tattooed and goes home with Betty.

All bunnies are evaluated, mission accomplished, bunnies back to the golf cart to return home.



Sunday, August 23, 2015

Carol Visits Carol

Carol W. arrives at Carol G.'s home with her chocolate agouti bunnies.

Aren't these chocolate agouti girls pretty?


All bunnies are in Carol G.'s golf cart.


The two Carols drive off, where to?

They pass the orchard...


The arrives at the destination of ...


Carol W. is taking her bunnies off the golf cart.


Carol W. with her chocolate agouti French Angora girls inside Carol G.'s barn. 

What happens next?