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Saturday, June 16, 2007

Rock Steady Goes Naked

Casey's Llama Rock Steady is wearing his summer hair style now. Casey has a wonderful fleece for spinning and Rock Steady is feeling relieved to be out of his winter coat.

Top picture is newly naked Rock Steady and the second photo is Rock Steady with his fleece on during the winter.

Friday, June 15, 2007

More Show Scenes in Japan

Here are four more pictures from the show in Japan.
The first photo is judge Doug from California seriously examining a Netherland Dwarf.

The second photo is judge Jeremy from Michigan judging an English Angora.

The third photo is judge Julie from Japan judging Californian.

The fourth photo shows the exhibitors and their rabbits.

Thursday, June 14, 2007

Doug in Japan

Our handsome judge Doug was invited to judge in Japan again. The show was held on June 10, just a few days ago.

Our friend Yumiko took a long trip to go to the show without her famous English Angora. She has some beautiful English Angora bunnies but they are too young to show. She went to the show to visit and took a lot of pictures to share with us.

The top picture is Doug with Yumiko.

The second picture is Doug with the show A Best In Show winner American Fuzzy Lop. Exhibitor's name unknown.

The third photo is Doug examining a Netherland Dwarf.

The fourth photo is Doug with Julie who is the only ARBA licensed judge in Japan. Julie also translates for Doug when he gives his thanks to the exhibitors and breeders in Japan.

Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Adam and Carol's Volunteer Misson

From previous posts, we know that Carol G. was out of the country for a while. She and Adam were in Dominican Republic doing volunteer work. Here is her report about their volunteer mission:

"Here are a few photos from our trip.

Somos Amigos Medical Mission is a group that has been traveling to and serving El Naranjito in Dominican Republic for more than 10 years. When the program first started, there was no actual clinic building and only one doctor came. Now there is a clinic with several examination rooms, dental area, pharmacy, and clinical laboratory.

This year, Somos Amigos will make 3 visits to the area, bringing about 30 volunteers on each trip, including doctors, dentists, translators, and others. This group works closely with the local community, and residents of El Naranjito consider the medical mission their own service project, preparing food for the volunteers, giving us housing for the week, and supporting the mission by organizing the patients.

Somos Amigos serves approximately 1000 Dominicans, many of whom have no other source of medical treatment. We arrived on a Sunday, traveling by buses about 3 hr from Santiago, and first set up the clinic.

By 7 am on Monday, patients had already gathered and signed into the list for the day. We worked 12-13 hr days and in the 3.5 days the clinic was open, 635 patients were treated in the medical clinic and approximately 200 in the dental clinic. Adam's job was to help with the movement of patients from the waiting area (outside under the trees) through registration and to the doctors. I worked in the pharmacy. One of the photos that I am sending of the group coming down the hill in the morning after breakfast, where you can see that patients have already arrived and are waiting for us. The location was beautiful, the people were friendly and warm. It was a fantastic experience and both Adam and I want to return again."

Carol also says, "the group is always looking for donations (money, equipment, medications) and volunteers (medical professionals and others), so if anyone is interested they should contact me and I can put them in touch with the Somos Amigos organizers." Carol's e-mail is

The description of the eight photos from top to bottom are:

(1) Adam and Carol.
(2) Group of volunteers.
(3) Carol working.
(4) Adam working.
(5) Morning trip.
(6) Beautiful view.
(7) School boys.
(8) A Dominican Republic cow.

Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Two Pretty Girls

Betty is sharing pictures of her two pretty girls Carrie and Sevenah.

These two pretty girls are littermate sisters. They look very much alike, just like two peas in a pod.

They have been doing very well in shows, alternating wins from show to show.

The top two photos are Chu's Sevenah.

The third and fourth photos are Chu's Carrie.

Monday, June 11, 2007

Melissa and American Fuzzy Lop

In the Gridley show B, Melissa had a great time judging the American Fuzzy Lop.

The top photo is Melissa with the Best of Breed and Best Opposite Sex winner.

Though Melissa picked the senior doe and senior buck as the top winners, her favorite American Fuzzy Lop on that day was the broken junior doe. She thought the junior doe was very cute and full of potential. Two photos were taken of Melissa and this cute AFL junior doe.

Sunday, June 10, 2007

Top Rex Breeders Cathy and Kristin

In the Gridley show, when judge Cathy was waiting for the rabbits to get on the table, Kristin came by to visit.

Both Cathy and Kristin are top breeders of Rex. They are usually competing for the top honor but they are also are good friends. It is the most wonderful thing to see top competitors that are also good friends with each other and appreciate each other's effort.

Cathy is the president of the national Rex club. Both Cathy and Kristin are frequent winners of Best In Show. Kristin's rabbit won the BOB in the ARBA convention in Texas last year.