Northern California Angora Guild

Saturday, October 08, 2011

Chase Is So Bored

"Is he alright?" All those standing at the judging table ask. Chase flips over and falls asleep.

Chase is a mellow buck except when judge Carol is around. Whenever he sees judge Carol, he would show his teeth then assume an attack position as his alter ego JAWS. He had his teeth whitened and claws sharpened waiting to see Carol in Santa Rosa. When he does not see Carol, he is bored to death.

When judge Justin works on other rabbits, Chase decides to take a nap in his itsy bitsy judging coop. Next to him is Barclay whose coat is growing back to about 2 inches after being cut.

Friday, October 07, 2011

Setting Up In Sheep Stalls

Showing in a venue with public access has pros and cons. The pluses are to show off our beautiful animals and possibly marketing some of our Angora creations; the minuses are that the public all want to touch our beautiful animals and get in the way when we need to take rabbits to and from being judged. At the Sonoma Marin RA show in the Harvest Fair, most of the exhibitors are set up in stalls for goats and sheep inside an area that is surrounded by chain link fence. Public get to see our rabbits but they don't get to touch the rabbits.

Jennabella is sitting on the grooming table waiting to go into the show ring, she does not have to dodge the unwanted hands from the general public.

With the electric outlet so close to the stalls, grooming is easy. Jennabella is getting blown to prepare for the show table. Jennabella is a gorgeous white doe but she has a very hard time competing with Lilianna that is an exceptional white doe.

The good arrangement is also a bad arrangement, none of the public get to see and touch Betty's yarn and hats thus no sales.

Those spectators are intrigued by what's going on inside the chain link fence.

Thursday, October 06, 2011

Barn Mates To Rabbits

One group of animals that share the barn with the rabbit shows are the sheep.

This Lamancha earless goat is very friendly.

The two Lamancha goats are making friends.

These have to be the milk goats. There is a sanctioned Boer goat show at the Harvest fair.

These are the Boer goat kids; hard to imagine that they are bred for meat, they look very cute.

Interesting information about sheep.

A pair of sheep.

Sharing with goats and sheep, there are also some chickens, guinea fowls and pet rabbits in the same barn.

Wednesday, October 05, 2011

Real Cow And Fake Cow At Harvest Fair

It's Harvest Fair, there are some real cows being exhibited.

There is also a fake cow as a part of the exhibit.

Did you see what these kids are doing? Go take a look....

These kids are milking the fake cow!

Tuesday, October 04, 2011

Rebecca's Holland Lop Wins Double Youth Best In Show

Rebecca's four-month old Holland Lop doe does her proud, winning Youth Best In Show in both show A and show B in the Sonoma Marin RA shows at Harvest Fair in Santa Rosa. Judge Brooke picks top winners in show A, judge Randy picks top winners in show B.

Judge Brooke picks Patrick's Havana Youth Reserve In Show in show A.

Judge Randy picks Taylor's Dutch as youth Reserve In Show.

Monday, October 03, 2011

Chloeanna Wins All Breed Best In Show In Show B

At the Sonoma Marin show in the Harvest Fair, Betty's English Angora colored senior doe Chu's Chloeanna wins her first all breed Best In Show. She is a younger full sister of Lilianna who won the all Breed Best In Show in show A.

Left to right are Betty with Best In Show English Angora, judge Allen and Chris Z with her Reserve In Show Holland Lop.

Allen starts to examine the Best of Breed rabbits on the Best In Show table while Brock helps to check the ear numbers against the list of BOB winners.

Chloeanna is being examined by Allen during Best In Show judging.

Breed judge Justin working on the colored senior doe class; Casey is taking down comments. When deciding the Best of Breed, it takes Justin quite a while going back and forth between Lilianna and Chloeanna. He picks Chloeanna BOB.

Sunday, October 02, 2011

Lilianna Wins All Breed Best In Show in Show A

Sonoma Marin RA holds the annual Harvest Fair show in Santa Rosa. In show A, Betty's English Angora white senior doe Lilianna wins all breed Best In Show under judge Randy.

Randy picks Brooke's Mini Lop Reserve In Show.

English Angora and Mini Lop both are ready to kiss Randy.

Judge Randy checks Lilianna during the Best In Show judging.

The breed judge in show A is Keelyn. In this picture Keelyn is explaining the colored senior doe class to the potential registrar candidate Kate.

In the far back, Casey is working as the writer for judge Keelyn.