Northern California Angora Guild

Saturday, February 22, 2014

Meara Plays Mom to All

It's a room full of bunnies in Meara's condo; the chestnut are French Angora bunnies and the white are English Angora bunnies.   Meara has milk for all and she takes them all in without any reservation.  Bunnies visit Meara in the morning for nursing then go back to their own living quarters.

Meara wonders whether there's room for her.

Meara hides in the back, hoping that the bunnies will soon go back to their own condo.


Friday, February 21, 2014

Big Boy Jim loved by All

Big Boy Jim is such a sweetie, Allen, Betty and Carol all love to cuddle him.   Allen says, "Let's have a selfie with Jim."


Thursday, February 20, 2014

Big Boy Jim Likes to Exercise

Big Boy Jim is in a show coat.

Even with a show coat, he still likes to exercise.

He runs, ...

He turns, ...


Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Brad Pit's Good Life with Maureen

Brad Pit was a stray that Maureen rescued from the street, she tried hard to socialize and train him and hoping to find a home for him.  Being a Pit Bull, Brad has not had anyone welcoming him to a home thus Maureen is pretty much his mom now.    Maureen takes him to Rural King, a supermarket for farm equipment and animals in the Midwest.  

Brad is fascinated by the newly hatched chicks at Rural King.

Even with the constant snowing in Ohio, there is a ray of sunshine at Maureen's home and Brad is working on his suntan. 

Maureen even made a collage photo for Brad not long after he was picked up from the street last year.  Comparing to the photos taken this week, he was more puppy look then.

Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Betty Makes More Hats

Betty's favorite knitting project is making Angora beanie hats.    Without any shows during the weekends, Betty completed two 100% Angora hats over the weekend.

This hat is a little out of ordinary.  Normally Betty uses all Angora yarn but this one is Angora combined with some imported French ribbon yarn that is not Angora.   It's a fun hat, not sure whether others will like it or hate it.

Monday, February 17, 2014

A Cat Show in Ohio


We are all so familiar with rabbit shows, we usually hear from spectators that our rabbits are well-behaved when being groomed and on the show table.   Here are some very well-behaved cats in a cat show in Ohio.   Maureen went to the show and shares these photos with us.   The cats on the judging stand are both Maine Coons, they sit there patiently while the judge is making comments.  
Rabbit shows usually charge $3.00 per rabbit per show.  If there are double shows on the same day, the fee would be $6.00 and triple shows usually $9.00.   We sometimes whine that it's getting expensive.  Let's take a look at the fee schedule listed in this cat show catalog:

$46– First Entry (Includes Catalog)

$41 – Second and subsequent entries (Same Owner)

$35 – AOV, Miscellaneous, and Provisional

$ 5 – Discount for each Premiership Entry

$30 – Grooming Space (No Cage Setup Permitted)

$20 – Sales & Double Cages (Per Opening) with Entry

$10 – End of Row Benching

$10 – Late Payment Fee if not paid by 2/22/2014

$5 – Catalog


Wouldn't our readers agree that the rabbits shows are quite reasonable? 

Sunday, February 16, 2014

Little Mackie Enjoys His Life

Mackie is a handsome little thing even when he was a baby.

Mackie likes his fresh green grass.

Mackie enjoys the green treat.

A cup of pellets with green grass as side salad, Mackie has a good diet.
It's time to take a nap, Mackie likes his bed, but ...

Mama's lap is even better.