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Saturday, September 08, 2007

Hello Turtle, Long Time No See

Betty reports,

"I was talking on the phone and saw a thing in my yard. I went closer to look; it was a turtle!

I put it in a rabbit carrier, gave it a bowl of water and went to the computer to google information about turtles; I also e-mailed several people including Pam Alley. Pam suggested that I call the wildlife center. After my description, I was told by the wildlife center that it's probably a Red Ear Slider turtle, usually a pet; also was told not to release it to the wild because it's non-native.

Next I called my neighbors to see whether anyone had lost a pet. My next door neighbor Stu said, "Oh, it must be that runaway. We found a turtle six or seven years ago and put it in our pond. It ran away about a year ago, probably it's the same one.

I remember that I also had found a turtle in the late 70s when we first moved into our house, a few years before I entered the wonderful world of rabbits. One of the neighbors took it as a pet but this neighbor had since moved away. I assumed that they took the turtle with them. May be not.

This turtle is 10 inches long and 8 inches wide; it is at least 15 years old according to the internet information. I am wondering whether this is the same one that I met about 28 or 29 years ago. Turtles live forever!

This morning, I took it to Stu and he graciously directed me to his pond and the turtle happily went into the water and started swimming.

I hope that the turtle has a happy life in Stu's pond and may be I'll see it again in 20-30 years!"

Friday, September 07, 2007

Caley and Jessica Win All Breed Best In Show

We receive good news from Caley and Jessica in Canada.

Their 9-month-old English Angora doe Fantasia took all breed Best In Show on Sept. 1. The top picture shows Caley and Jessica with the two presiding judges who picked the Best In Show. Of course, the big trophy is very impressive too.

The second picture was taken when Fantasia was still a junior. Her show potential was very evident by the time she reached 3 months old.

Thursday, September 06, 2007

The First Show Adventure for Susan and Powder

Our NV member Susan sends in a report about her French Angora Powder and the NV State Fair :

"I am fairly new to Angoras, as I have had 2 woolers for about 1-1/2 years now. I purchased my first show Angora from Dee Miravelle in June at the Reno show ( a baby French white doe - "Cedar Ridge's Powder"). I don't know if you remember, but over the summer I e-mailed you for some litter box training advice. I don't remember if I let you know the results, but Powder learned to use the litter box in one day!! and I can let her hop around the house (supervised by me) until she gets too tired as she has never had an accident on the carpet!

Powder is a real member of the family and lives in the house with us, as does my wooler. When she is out hopping around the house she loves to chase/hop after our 4 cats who range in age from 4 mos. to 18 years. The cats all run away from Powder. I think they don't quite know what she is yet. Also Powder has discovered the cats' toy basket and likes to play with their toys!

Anyway, Powder was in her first show (as well as mine) at the NV State Fair the weekend before last. Powder was in the Saturday single show on 08/25. The judges were a husband and wife team, I don't remember their names, but I think their last name was Brown?? Powder was the only Angora in the whole show. She was entered as a Junior Doe. She won 2 rosettes, one for Best of Breed and one for Best of Variety and a small ribbon that says First Place on it. I let Dee know the results the next day. I am attaching a photo."

Obviously that Susan had a great time, so did Powder. Welcome to the wonderful world of rabbit shows.

Wednesday, September 05, 2007

Carol's AFL Buck Wins Three All Breed Best In Show

Carol G. had a fantastic weekend in Crescent City. Her handsome buck Purdue won three Best In Show out of the five shows; the top picture shows one of the winnings. From left to right are Randy who picked the winners, Carol with Purdue and Cathy with her white Rex, the Reserve In Show winner.

Carol also had a good time visiting with friends and doing other activities. Here is her report:

"The Crescent City show was very nice. The location is lovely and several of the judges and exhibitors camped among the redwoods. For those who wanted a comfortable bed, there are plenty of motels in Crescent City since it is a fairly popular tourist spot for those visiting the Redwoods National Park. Crescent City is famous also because it was hit by a tsunami in March 1964 after a major earthquake in Alaska. There were two open shows on Saturday and then three open and youth shows on Sunday. The show was attended by exhibitors from both California and Oregon. In fact, it’s a great show to meet up with friends from the two neighboring states to meet up. I've included a photo of Randy (who judged BIS on Saturday and on Sunday for one show each day), Cathy S. and her white Rex doe, and me with AK's Purdue. Other pictures that I am sending include a photo of the ocean view from my hotel room; the lighthouse at Crescent City; Allen (CA), Charlcie (OR), Muriel (OR) and Deb (Minnesota; she's in CA to work with Allen at the LA county fair); one of my Fuzzies "enjoying" the redwood trees; a male elk at Elk Meadow south of CC and finally the view of the Golden Gate bridge after a long drive home!"

The other two Best In Show winners are Cathy's white Rex doe and Roger H's Satin. Cathy's white Rex doe also won three Reserve In Show.

Tuesday, September 04, 2007

Fire! Fire! Fire!

The big news in the small town of Morgan Hill is a big wild fire in the back mountains of Henry Coe State Park.

Betty reports,

"The freeway exit to my home is the same as to the state park. The first picture shows the view after getting off the freeway.

The second picture shows the emergency vehicles rushing to the mountain.

The third picture is the view at the intersection to go to my home.

The fourth picture was taken at the cross street to my home.

The fifth picture shows the view from my backyard.

Luckily the state park is some 20+ miles of winding road from my home.

The view is spectacular but the air quality suffers.

Hopefully the fire will be controlled soon."

Monday, September 03, 2007

Nancy and Rich Enjoying Their Lunch

For someone who is not familiar with rabbit breeds, he might think that most of the rabbits have wool. At the Monterey Fair, the majority of the rabbits are wool breeds.

Nancy is the major Jersey Wooly breeder in this area. She and Rich showed up with their beautiful Jersey Wooly.

During the lunch break, two of them were enjoying their tri tip sandwich made by the 4-H booth. Going to the fair to show rabbits, supporting the local 4-H program and at the same getting a delicious lunch, what a wonderful thing to do.

Sunday, September 02, 2007

Charlotte's Web?

A spider made a complete web next to Betty's rabbit barn.

Though spiders are not welcome at any rabbit barn, this one is so beautiful that it is something to be remembered.