Northern California Angora Guild

Saturday, March 21, 2009

Caged? Jailed?

Josh in the "cage" for running breeds in show A.

Rusty is now caged.

Joy is working hard behind bars.

Is Ronn happy being jailed?

Betty's asked, "Why is there a cage over the judging tables?"

Lindsay asked, "Why is the judge in the jail?"

For the CA exhibitors, this was a new experience. We had never seen wire around the judging tables. It turned out that this is a special set-up for the running breeds such as Checker Giant, Tan, English Spot, ... : a wire enclosure over the judging coops. Such set-up prevents (a) the running breeds from overshooting the table to land on the ground, (b) the Checkers from spraying into the spectators outside the enclosure.

We learn something new everyday.

Friday, March 20, 2009

Angora Breeders At Myrtle Points Shows

Betty and Dawn. Dawn breeds English and French Angoras, also has a Satin Angora as a house bunny.

Betty and Marcia, both English Angora breeders.

Jody breeds English Angora and Holland Lop.

Renee is holding her new English Angora doe from Betty; she and her family drove over 4 hours to pick up Chu's Carrie.

Lindsay and Dawn are NARBC district directors; they are discussing official business and writing their reports for the club newsletter.

French Angora breeders. Front: Kathy, Gabrielle, Dominique, Tyler, Elsa. Back: Sue, Deidre, Lindsay and Dawn.

Left to right: Deidre, Dawn with her Satin Angora house bunny, Sue and Kathy.

Thursday, March 19, 2009

Katianna Wins Specialty Best In Show

Left to right: Betty with BIS winner English Angora tort senior doe, Judge Josh and Kathy with RIS winner French Angora.

Judge Josh examines the English Angora.

Judge Josh again checking the English Angora.

In addition to the all breed shows, PacCoastRCBA also sponsored an Angora specialty show; judge Josh presides. Katianna won specialty Best In Show and Karen's French Angora won the Reserve In Show.

The weekend was full of fun. Betty's three senior does won a total of three Best In Show and one Reserve In Show. White doe Samantha won an all breed BIS in show A, then white doe Allison took all breed RIS in show B, followed by tort doe Katianna's win of an all breed BIS in show C then the specialty BIS.

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Katianna Wins All Breed Best In Show

Left to right: Betty with her BIS winner English Angora tort senior doe, Judge Josh and Ramie with her RIS winner Britannia Petite.

Judge Josh from TN picks Best In Show in show C.

Judge Ronn from IN blows into the wool of an English Angora.

At Myrtle Points, Oregon, show C was held on Saturday afternoon. Judge Ronn from Indiana judged all of the Angora breeds. Ronn is the current ARBA district 8 director.

Judge Josh from Tennessee picked the two top winners. Betty's English Angora colored senior doe Chu's Katianna was awarded Best In Show. Ramie's Britannia Petite won Reserve In Show. Josh is the current ARBA district 6 director.

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Allison Wins All Breed Reserve In Show

Left to right: Betty with RIS winner English Angora white senior doe, Judge Vern and Diane with BIS winner Mini Satin.

Judge Vern examines the Giant Angora while Allison waits in her coop during the Best In Show judging.

Judge Joy judges English Angora.

Show B of the Myrtle Point, Oregon show was held on Saturday morning. Oregon judge Joy judged all of the Angora breeds. Betty's English Angora white senior doe Chu's Allison won over her niece Samatha in the white senior doe class, then took the Best of Breed and went on to win Reserve In Show. Best In Show and Reserve In Show were picked by Oregon judge Vern. There were 24 breeds on the table.

Monday, March 16, 2009

Samantha Wins All Breed Best In Show

Left to right: Kathy and her Reserve In Show winner broken Rex, Judge Rusty, Betty and her Best In Show winner white English Angora senior doe.

Samantha in her coop and the wooden plaque for her Best In Show win.

Judge Rusty from Tennessee examines the Best of Breed Rabbits. There were 20+ breeds on the table.

Judge Jan from Canada judges English Angora, Gabrielle writes.

Judge Jan judges French Angora; Deidre writes, Dawn helps behind the table. Gabrielle, Dominique and Lindsay listen and record comments.

It was a long trip to Oregon: 7-1/2 hours one way each for Lindsay and for Gabrielle and 9-1/2 hours one way for Betty. We arrived within half of an hour of each other on late Friday afternoon. There were lots of good food on the potluck table; around 7 pm, the Friday night show started; it's designated as "Show A".

The two top winners in show A both have come a long way from CA. Best In Show is Betty's English Angora white senior doe Chu's Samantha and Reserve In Show is Kathy's broken Rex. This Rex also won the all breed Best In Show in "Show D" on Sunday.