Northern California Angora Guild

Saturday, April 25, 2009

Lindsay Had A Great Time At Cow Palace

Lindsay's white French Angora has been doing really well in shows. In Cow Palace, her white does each took Best of Breed. Here is a picture with judge Randy after he picked the white doe as the BOB.

Lindsay will be missed in Monterey this coming weekend. Her brother and family are visiting from Belgium and she will be spending time with them. It is hoped that she will be back in shows the following week at Stockton.

Friday, April 24, 2009

Terry's New Life

Left to right: Terry's son Michael, husband Larry and stepson Chris.

Beautiful Iris in competition.

For those who were around in rabbit shows in the 90s, Terry was a familiar sight. She used to live in Coalinga now lives around Fresno. She has nice French Angora and Satin Angora, though her first Angora rabbit was an English Angora; and she had her registrar's license.

Michael, her son, was preteen, always tagged along in rabbit shows. One of Michael's favorite activities in rabbit shows was to walk Suzanne B's dog Toyo, a beautiful and even tampered Burmese Mountain Dog.

Michael is now 24 years old, still remembers Toyo; with such a fond memory he keeps talking about Sheriff's Dept or Highway Patrol K-9 division. He is currently a video store manager.

Terry remarried over 3 yrs ago to a wonderful man Larry who supports Terry's hobbies and her need to compete. Terry is now the secretary of the Fresno Iris Society and she competes in Iris shows.

We thank Terry for sharing her photos and updating her life. May be one day she will be back in rabbit shows and competing again.

Thursday, April 23, 2009

When Is My Turn?

Heidi sends in this cute baby Mini Lop picture to share. It has been hot in CA; one of the babies finds the feed bowl a cool place to sleep. The other one wants to join in.

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Hangin' In There

What is that?

Hi, it's me.

It's hot out there, let me in.

If I'd find a gap, I'm in.

May be a different room?

I am trying to find a way to get in.

I am really trying hard to hang in there. Please......

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

That's Hot

Someone forgot to tell the weather god that it's only April, it's supposed to be spring.

For three days, California is in a heat wave. Under a tree in the shade, it says 92 degrees F; it's a lot hotter under the sun. Cities by the Bay such as San Francisco and Monterey are usually in the 60s during the summer, but it's in the 90s right now. Records kept since 1906 have been broken in most cities.

It is forecasted that the fog is going to move in and the temperature will drop by 30 degrees by the weekend. It's hoped that this prediction will come true; in Monterey this weekend, there will be breed nationals plus many specialty shows and all breed shows.

Monday, April 20, 2009

Fuzzy Lops Win Big at Bakersfield

Mary and Jenny won all breed Best In Show in the open show B with their Fuzzy Lop AK's Highlander, pick by judge Armando. Highlander is bred by Carol G.

Jenny won Youth Best In Show in show B with her rabbit Waffles.

Waffles on Jenny's grooming stand.

Joe picks Waffles as the Best In Show.

Jenny reports after attending the Kern County RBA shows at Bakersfield. American Fuzzy Lop had a great day, winning Best In Show in both open and youth in show B. Congratulations to mother and daughter team Mary and Jenny!!!

Sunday, April 19, 2009

Pudge Is A Mom

Gabrielle reports,

"Just writing to report the arrival of our newest litter: Pudge and Toby are parents to 7 live babies; 6 have pinkish bodies, and 1 has a gray body.

Elsa is VERY excited. She has been counting down the days, and even last night asked me if Pudge could have her babies in the morning. "Yes, she could." Elsa asked me last night to not check on Pudge in the morning, because she wanted to be the first to check. In my last thoughts before I went to sleep, I debated whether I should sneak out there before Elsa woke up just to make sure that none were born on the wire or to make sure that there were no half-eaten bunny bits scattered around the cage. I ultimately decided that I would not try to hide the unpleasant side of nature, if it was the case.

At 6:45 am I was wakened by the sound of Elsa trying to wake up Dominique to check on the rabbits. I hollered for to leave Dominique alone and let her sleep. Elsa then came to my room and asked if she could check on Pudge. "Sure, go ahead," I told her. "I want you to come with me." "Okay." We went to check and there was nothing but more fur in the nest box. "Nope, not yet, " I told Elsa. "I want to stay with her." "Fine." I was too tired to argue, and just wanted to go back to sleep. "Well, I want to have some cereal first." "Good idea," I said groggily. I got her a bowl of cereal and headed back to bed. Elsa kept checking her throughout the morning, despite my pleadings to "just leave her alone." At 9:30, Elsa reported that Pudge was in her nest box. "That's nice, honey." At 10:00, she came rushing in: "She has babies!! I saw one moving!!" We all went out to see.

Elsa got Pudge three baby carrots and fed her those while I started cleaning out the nest box. The girls each got to hold a kit while I continued counting pudgy little bodies, and clipped the long wool into shorter snippets. I've still got the nest box in the cage with Pudge. I'll take it out this evening and bring it into the house. I'm just so thrilled for Elsa!!Here's hoping that, well, she'll share with me, and that Sissy also has a safe and uneventful birth experience too. Yippie!!"