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Saturday, June 14, 2014

Cute English Angora White Bunny

What else can I say or do to add to my cuteness?

 I am just too cute to put into words!

Friday, June 13, 2014

English Angora Bunny Colors

These bunnies are different kinds of torts.
A black tort bunny, black tort is also the "regular" tort.

A blue tort bunny.


A chocolate tort bunny.

Thursday, June 12, 2014

English Angora Wins Best In Show in the New Zealand National Convention

Kerstin reports from New Zealand:

The 2014 national show was held on May 31 held near Hamilton on the North Island of New Zealand.    The judge was Stephanie MC Clintock from Australia.    Kerstin showed her blue English Angora doe "Blue Rose" for the first time, the first time is the charm, she won the Best In Show.

As far as Kerstin could tell, this is the first time an Angora winning the Best In Show at the national show in New Zealand.

Big Congratulations to Kerstin and the English Angora in New Zealand.  


Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Spin Crazy

Betty says,

When planning on going to the WCC at Reno, I decided to cut down any of my rabbits that has a decent coat except those I was showing.   In order to minimize the chance of flystrike and reduce the workload for hubby when I was in Reno for three days,  it'd be wise not to have any of the rabbits that carries wool on their back.    It took several days to get it done, then the wool was everywhere, bags and bags of them.   I did not have time to manage them, I just let them spread out in the garage.   After I came back from Reno and got caught up with chores, I decided to spin all the wool that I harvested before WCC plus some miscellaneous bags that had been around for a little while.   For three weeks, I went spin crazy.    The picture above shows the result: 18 skeins, average 4 ounces per skein, give and take an ounce, the total weight is between 4 to 5 pounds. 

The four skeins on the upper right corner are from French Angora Meara and Jim, the rest are from my English Angora.  The French Angora skeins have a slightly more halo, more intense color but not as soft as the English Angora skeins.    Needless to say that I could not use up all of these yarn, they are available for sale if interested.  Contact me privately.


Tuesday, June 10, 2014

German TV Filming Betty's English Angora, Part 5 It's a Wrap

Markus did all the camera work, finally he gets a chance to feel Ida's wool.

Markus says, "OMG, this is so soft!"

Sandra has handled Ida for a while, she is still interested in looking at Ida's coat.

Sandra likes to have a photo with Ida.

Markus, Betty and Ida get a photo taken together.

Markus, Betty and Sandra after the wrap, it's time to say Goodbye.  They stayed at Betty's home for 5 hours to do the filming.   The final cut video is a little over 2 minutes.   We can see why it costs so much to make a movie or a TV series.

 If you have not seen the video, here it is again:


Monday, June 09, 2014

German TV Filming Betty's English Angora, Part 4 Play Time on the Lawn

Betty has an exercise pen for the cut down rabbits exercise and socialize.  Markus, Sandy and Betty all join the rabbits in the pen.

Markus wants a close up of Sandra in the pen.

Ida on the left and Franchesca on the right are not that use to being on the lawn as they have their show coats, but a camera op is needed.

Ida and Franchesca are very well behaved, they stay at their designed spots for Markus to film.

Ida and Franchesca are outside the regular exercise pen for filming while the does that are cut down have their fun time inside the exercise pen.

Sandra joins Ida and Franchesca.

Sandra offers a carrot to Ida.

Sandra then offers a carrot to Franchesca.

Sandra tries to show Ida and Franchesca that carrot is really tasty. 
Sandra eats the carrots and says, "Yummy, try it, girls, it's good for you."


Sunday, June 08, 2014

German TV Filming Betty's English Angora, Part 3 The Video


It took a little effort, the video is now uploaded to our blog.

If it does not play well here, then go to