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Saturday, September 08, 2012

Giant Angora Wins All Breed Best In Show in New York

Jack and Karin report good news:  Their Giant Angora senior doe Jillian wins all breed Best In Show at the New York State Fair.   The trophy is sure impressive, a giant trophy for a Giant Angora.

Congratulations to Jack and Karin.


Friday, September 07, 2012

As Cool As Cucumbers

What are these fuzzy things?


These are the fuzzy flowers that will grow into cucumbers.


The baby cucumbers are peeking from the huge leaves.


A clear view of a baby cucumber with flower.


That's what we want, a beautiful plump cucumber hanging on the vine.


A closer look at this flawless cucumber.


The vine grows in every direction, there are more cucumbers growing on the ground.


Cool cucumbers ready for consumption.


Thursday, September 06, 2012

Moon Cakes are in Stores

It's more than three weeks to the Mid Autumn Festival, there is already a major display of moon cake ads.


Boxes and boxes of moon cakes are on display at an Asian market in CA.

More moon cakes.

Churn-O's image on a tin box.

A different image of Churn-O on a tin box.


It's not uncommon to see moon cakes in CA; guess what, Maureen in OH got herself a box of moon cakes.

Realistically, the moon cakes do not taste that good and it's not good for your health.  It is, however, a symbol of an old festival that would bring back good memories especially for the Asians from an older generation.   The tin cans are very pretty for sure. 


Wednesday, September 05, 2012

Best In Show Judging at the Monterey Fair

Judge Scott explains the breeds and judging to the fairgoers during the Best In Show judging in show A.


Judge Joe examines the English Angora during the Best In Show judging in show B.

The very left is Karla, the secretary of the fair show since 1986; middle is judge Scott, and the very right is Stephanie who does the computer work for the show.   Three of them are relaxing in the sun and chatting when judge Joe works on picking the Best In Show in show B.


Tuesday, September 04, 2012

Scenes from the Monterey Fair

Monterey Fair put on tents under large trees for the rabbit shows.

Stephanie does the data processing for the rabbit shows.

Fairgoers are interested in judge Joe's juding English Angora.

Rose comes to Monterey every year to visit.


"What is this?" is usually the first question an English Angora breeder encounters in a fair.


Casey is demonstrating grooming; the lady at the right is so fascinated by the English Angora that she buys a pet from Casey.


Monday, September 03, 2012

Congratulations to Randy Shumaker, ARBA's Next VP

Great News!!!!! 

Randy Shumaker won the election for ARBA Vice President.



Zeeva Wins Double All Breed Best In Show at Monterey

While CRCS holds 5 shows at Crescent City at the CA/OR border, Monterey Fair at the central coast of CA holds double all breed shows.  It is the only fair in the greater Bay Area that puts on one-day carrying cage double shows for open exhibitors.  Other than an early entry deadline, the shows are run the same way as the regular ARBA shows.
Monterey is usually fogged in during the morning and early afternoon hours; this day the sun comes out around 10 am, it's an unusual treat.

Zeeva patiently sits on the grooming table waiting to be judged at the Monterey Fair.


In show A, judge Scott selects Betty's English Angora fawn senior doe Chu's Zeeva as the Best In Show and Chris Z's Holland Lop as the Reserve In Show.


In show B, judge Joe picks Betty's English Angora Zeeva as Best In Show again; a different Holland Lop shown by Chris Z wins Reserve In Show. 

These are Zeeva's 12th and 13th all breed Best In Show; as of this day, Zeeva's number of all breed Best In Show pars the record set by Betty's chocolate tort doe Chu's Emilia in 2006.  


Sunday, September 02, 2012

Crescent City Shows A and B

CRCS holds the annual "camping show" at Crescent City on Saturday and Sunday.   Here are partial results from Saturday.
Ed and Melissa's Mini Satin wins Best In Show in show A, selected by judge Tom K. 

Reserve In Show is the Mini Rex shown by Don and Judy.

In show B, John and Cathy's Rex wins Best In Show, selected by judge Randy.


Timmy and Danielle's Jersey Wooly wins Reserve In Show in show B.

We thank judge Allen for taking and sending these pictures.