Northern California Angora Guild

Saturday, May 10, 2014

Open All Breed Show Angora Judging on Sunday


On Sunday, WCC Event holds two all breed open shows.

Judge Johnny from PA judges all four breeds of Angora.  In the photo, he is examining a white junior buck.  Johnny is the star of the full length movie "Rabbit Fever", he was a youth when the movie was filmed.  

Johnny's two English Angora Best of Variety white and colored; the colored senior doe Chu's Franchesca is selected as the Best of Breed.

Judge Joy from Oregon is the Angora judge for the second open all breed show on Sunday.   In the photo, she is announcing the Best of Breed French Angora BCW's Domino that is shown by Carol W.

The Best of Breed English Angora selected by judge Joy is Casey's colored senior doe Casey's Elena.


Friday, May 09, 2014

American Fuzzy Lop National Show at the WCC Event

On Saturday, May 3, 2014, the American Fuzzy Lop national show is held at Reno.

The AFL national judge is Josh from TN, he is the president elect of the American Rabbit Breeders Association.   The Best of Breed winner is Nate's broken buck and the Best Opposite Sex of Breed is Carol G.'s solid doe.  

All three are very familiar to our readers, all three are top judges.   Though residing in TN, Josh is a regular in CA shows.   Nate is our Angora National judge last year at Reno, he is from UT.   Carol is our ARBA convention judge at Harrisburg, PA last October.   

Carol G.'s hubby Jim flies into Reno airport directly from his business trip, he says, "The best way to see my wife is to go to a rabbit show."


Thursday, May 08, 2014

Angora Specialty Show C on Saturday

On Saturday, May 3, 2014, NCAG holds Angora specialty show C at the WCC event.

Judge Bryan from Michigan judges the Satin Angora before the English and French Angoras, the two specialty shows were conducted almost at the same time.  

After Satin Angora, judge Bryan works on the English Angora.

Bryan is making the decision of whether the white senior doe or the colored senior doe gets the Best of Breed in English Angora.   The BOB winner is the white senior doe.

French Angoras are on the table for Bryan to work on.

Bryan is picking the French Angora Best of Breed between the colored senior doe and the white senior doe.  The BOB winner is the colored senior doe. 

The specialty Best In Show goes to Betty's English Angora white senior doe Chu's Ida.

Wednesday, May 07, 2014

Angora Specialty B on Saturday with the Judge with Multiple Hats

NCAG holds two Angora specialty shows on Saturday, show B and show C.  The photos on this page were taken in show B.

This is the first time we see judge Lee E. in a west coast show.  Judge Lee a medical doctor at the Louisiana State University medical center.    In this photo, he is judging the English Angora white senior doe class wearing a skunk hat. 

Judge Lee's wife Astrid is a research doctor specializing in human genetics.   Astrid is helping to write for our specialty show and checking out the wool length of the white senior doe.  

Judge Lee is judging the colored English Angora in this photo.  Our reader may notice his crab hat that is different from the skunk hat that he wore when judging the white English Angora. 


When judging the French Angora, judge Lee is wearing a garlic hat.

Betty's English Angora Franchesca gets the specialty Best In Show.   Judge Lee digs out a ladybug hat for Betty to wear.   What's on judge Lee's head?  A buffalo hat?

The French Angora Best of Breed winner Carol W. gets a rabbit hat when taking a picture with judge Lee.

The Satin Angora Best of Breed winner Maria wears a frog hat to be next to judge Lee.


Tuesday, May 06, 2014

Open Show A on Saturday at WCC Event

Saturday May 3, 2014 is one of the two main show days of the WCC event.   There is one open all breed show, one youth all breed show and several breed national shows plus specialty shows.   For the three-day event, there are over 11,000 entries at the last count.
In the open all breed show A, judge Don from VA and judge Piper from PA get to pick the Best In Show and Reserve In Show rabbits.  The winners are: Best In Show goes to Amanda W.'s Havana and Reserve In Show goes to Betty's English Angora colored senior doe Chu's Franchesca.   Amanda W. flew her 8 rabbits from Wisconsin to attend this major event.    Both Amanda and Betty have the record of winning Best In Show and several Groups in the past ARBA conventions.

The show A judge for the Angora breeds is Jessica M. from WA.   Here is Jessica judging the English Angora senior doe class.  Her pick of the class winner goes on to win the Best of Breed and Reserve In Show.


Judge Jessica is making decision on the French Angora Best of Breed and Best Opposite Sex.  The Best of Breed goes to the black buck in the front and the broken black doe gets the Best Opposite Sex of the Breed.   These two rabbits are littermates born out of a co-production of Betty and Carol W and shown by Carol W. in the far left of the photo.

Reno is very dry comparing to other locations.   All the Angora wool are full of static.  A spray bottle is a must to help calm down the wool.  


Monday, May 05, 2014

Angora Specialty Show at WCC Event on Friday Night

The WCC event runs from Friday, May 2 to Sunday May 4 at Reno. Northern California Angora Guild sponsors three Angora specialty shows, one on Friday night and two on Saturday.
NCAG specialty show A is being held on Friday night.   We are lucky to have gotten the most requested judge Eric who himself is a French Angora breeder.  His French Angora HGF Dreamsicle was the Best In Show at the Angora National and the Best Overall Rabbit in the 2013 WCC event.   This year Eric is judging but not showing.  In the photo above, he is judging the colored senior doe class.  Casey is the table help, writes down Eric's comments and helps holding on to the rabbits. 


When judging the French Angora, Eric holds up a fawn buck to show the proper texture.


Eric is judging the only Giant Angora entered in the show, Lindsay has a conversation with Eric.


There are three broken Sating Angora being displayed.   The broken pattern is only accepted in French Angora at the current time, there are certificates of development on broken Satin Angora and broken English Angora.   Kellyjo takes her three broken Satin Angora to be evaluated by Eric.  Joyce is the table clerk.


These are the four Best of Breed rabbits: from left to right, Satin Angora, Giant Angora, English Angora and French Angora.


Here are the four happy owners of the four Best of Breed rabbits: from left to right Lindsay (Giant Angora), Shannon (Satin Angora), Carol (French Angora), judge Eric and Betty (English Angora).

The specialty Best In Show goes to the English Angora Chu's Franchesca.