Northern California Angora Guild

Saturday, March 27, 2010

Maiko Sends Baby News

Maiko attended the ARBA convention and visited with Betty. Hiro, a fellow breeder from Japan, helps Betty and Maiko to communicate. Grand Champion Chu's Mabel went home with Maiko.

Grand Champion Chu's Jayden also went home with Maiko to be Mabel's husband.

In February Maiko reported good news: Jayden and Mabel are the proud parents of three bunnies.

Two REW and a blue tort are the babies of Mabel and Jayden, picture taken in March.

Maiko has three English Angora and three Jersey Wooly bunnies; can you tell which ones are EA and which ones are JW?

Hint: The JW bunnies have shorter ears.

Friday, March 26, 2010

Visiting Time Before The End Of Myrtle Point Shows

Early Sunday morning at Myrtle Point, the showroom is almost empty but the judges, Rusty, Jim, Josh and Betty are already there.

Betty and Judge Josh in front of Josh's "cage".

Judge Joy and Betty hanging around the judging table when Rusty is examining the rabbits.

Vanessa helps at Judge Rusty's table.

Dawn and Betty together before the end of the show weekend.

Carrie and Ramie are wearing the Angora scarves purchased from Betty.

Jeanne came to say goodby to Judge Rusty before she heads for home.

Thursday, March 25, 2010

Caged Judges

The PacCoast RBCA has a very intriguing judging set that includes enclosed wires. It's designed for running breeds but exhibitors like to think that the "bad" judges get caged. Here is Josh being sentenced to the cage jail on Sunday morning.

Jim and Rusty accompany Josh into the cage while Rusty makes bunny ears on Josh.

Vern in the middle and Jim on the right also join Josh in the cage for a visit.

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Paralyzer Again Paralyzes Competition

Allen with Paralyzer that won BIS three times at the Great Western Livestock Show at Tulare then double BIS at the Central Valley RBA open shows at Hanford.

Allen with Tambria, Armando and Paralyzer; judge Armando picked Allen's Netherland Dwarf as BIS and Tambria's Holland Lop Reserve In Show at the GW Livestock Show.

Randy and Allen's Netherland Dwarf Paralyzer is paralyzing her competitors again.

Out of six all breed shows in the last two weekends, Paralyzer won Best In Show five times. The reason why there's not a sixth Best In Show was because Randy and Allen had to withdraw her from competition in order to judge Best In Show.

What a ND girl!!!

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Mandie Wins Four Class In Ohio

Maureen and her Best 4-class winner Mandie and judge Jacinta in show B on Sunday March 20 in Ohio .

Mandie sits pretty on her stand.

Bunzilla won BOB over Mandie in show A and received an honorable mention for 4-class and then won BOS in show B. What a handsome boy!

Judge Jacinta judges Four Class.

Judge Stacy judges Best In Show, picks between the 6-class winner Satin and 4-class winner English Angora. The 6-class winner Satin gets the Best In Show.

Monday, March 22, 2010

Serve Me, Love Me, Caress Me

Oh, this is good, what is it?

Chester the white bucks says, "I can live on this granola bar."

Where is the granola bar? Come back!

Caress is good, I'll take that.

Tracy, you are very nice, I love to be caressed; don't stop.

Sunday, March 21, 2010

Doggie Fashion

Becky and Hazel.

Hazel is a mama's girl.

Hazel knows tricks.

Hazel is enjoying the view sitting on the grooming table.

This is the porch where the Angora people groom. Hazel is joining the Angora crowd.

Am I adorable, Hazel says.

I am a natural born fashion model, Hazel says.

Betty says,

"Becky was the registrar of the Myrtle Point shows. She said to me, Dawn said you have Angora sweater for dogs, may I see some?

I had two little doggie sweaters, so I showed them to Becky. Too small and too short, Becky said. I can knit one for you right now, how big is the dog? It's a 5-pound Yorkie Terrier, Becky said.

Becky picked out the yarn and color combination; I started knitting. When it got close to lunchtime, I had it done. Little darling Yorkie Terrier showed up and tried it on; too short again. I can add on by crocheting the edges, I said.

Little princess Hazel tried it on two more times and more crocheting, now the custom-made Angora doggie sweater is perfect for the little darling Yorkie Terrier. Isn't she adorable?"

Becky says,

"I tell everyone that I don't own an angora sweater but my dog does. People laugh until I show it to them. Then they love it."