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Saturday, November 21, 2015

ARBA Convention at Portland Revisited - Broken Satin Angora Presentation

On Tuesday, November 3, Charlotte and Joan have their broken Satin Angora ready for presentation at the grooming area.

Charlotte and her broken Satin Angora arrive at the presentation area, she finds out that due to a medical issue of another presenter, the Satin Angora has been bumped to a later slot.


The broken Satin Angora presentation finally starts.


Judges take turns to examine the presentation animals.  

On the table are judges Mike and Cheryl, both are from Texas.


Charlotte and Joan are watching judge Chris Z examining the presentation animals.

More examination by judge Cheryl and Chris Z.


Checking further.

Some discussions.

On the right corner is judge Cathy from CA.

All members of the ARBA Standard Committee completed the examinations and sit down for a verdict.

Unfortunately broken Satin Angora does not get the green "PASS" sign.   Reason given is that one senior buck has "butt teeth" thus disqualified.

The certificate of development expires for Charlotte and Joan.   The next person in line for broken Satin Angora presentation will be Kellyjo of CO.


Friday, November 20, 2015

ARBA Convention at Portland Revisited - English Angora Judging

The last breed of the four breeds to be judged is the English Angora.  On judge Kevin's table are the white variety.

Now the colored English Angora are on the table. 

There are quite a few of English Angora colored senior does.

These are junior English Angora.


These are the four finalists for BOB and BOSB English Angora.   The BOB is the white senior doe and the BOSB is the colored senior buck.

For a list of the results, go to:


Thursday, November 19, 2015

ARBA Convention at Portland Revisited - Giant Angora and Satin Angora Judging


The Angora judging order rotates each year.  This year, the first breed is French Angora and the second breed is Giant Angora.     There are 13 Giant Angora entered, Kevin is starting judging them after the completion of French Angora.

Judge Kevin checks on a Giant Angora.
Judge Kevin gives comments and places the Giant Angora.


After Giant Angora, the next breed to be judged is the Satin Angora.


The Satin Angora is getting more popular each year.  There are quite a number of breeders working on the improvement of the breed.

The BOV white and BOV colored are on the table, judge Kevin is making the final pick for BOB.

Judge Kevin's choice of BOB is the chinchilla doe.  The BOSB goes to the white senior buck.   Heard from the grapevine that the BOSB white buck is 6 years old!



Wednesday, November 18, 2015

ARBA Convention at Portland Revisited - French Angora Judging

The first breed on judge Kevin's table is French Angora white variety.

Judge Kevin is weighing a white French Angora junior buck.   Per convention rule, the top 5 places are to be weighed to make sure that they are within the weight limit.

The pointed white doe is the Best of Variety winner. 

On the table are 7 French Angora colored junior bucks.


There are a good number of colored French Angora on the table.

Colleen from Michigan is a long time French Angora breeder but she did not have any entries at this convention.   She is experienced in controlling the French Angora on the table.  

From left to right on the table: BOV white (pointed white doe), BOSV white buck and also the BOSB, BOSV colored buck (cream), and BOV colored doe and also the BOB French Angora (pearl).   On the very right, the fawn is the first place colored junior buck and the chocolate agouti is the first place colored junior doe.

The French Angora BOB pearl doe goes on to win the Group the following day during the Best In Show judging.   


Tuesday, November 17, 2015

ARBA Convention at Portland Revisited - Judging Day

The judging day for the convention is Sunday, November 1, 2015.

In the small grooming area, people are frantically getting ready for judging, Cody and Heather are carrying on a conversation while grooming.

Chris is grooming a white English Angora while Gabe is grooming a white French Angora.

Carol G at the corner is working on her American Fuzzy Lop and Deidre is brushing her rabbit.

Gabe and Eric are done with grooming their French Angora; they cleaned up the fuzz on their aprons and getting ready to work.   Gabe is going to work at the KW booth while Eric is getting ready to judge Mini Satin.  

A group of the Angora exhibitors are anxiously waiting for the judging to start.    Walking toward the group on the left is Mary, in the group from left to right are: Lynn, Caroline, Deb, Sue, Alicia, Dawn, Betty and Karin.

More to come......

Monday, November 16, 2015

Hubby Goes Car Shopping

Betty says,
Nope, I'm not car shopping but hubby is.   Albert's name is on the digital appointment board at the dealership.

  His SUV is on the left and the new sedan that he's considering is on the right.  Albert picks the car, I pick the color.   I must have the same taste over time, the colors of these two autos are about the same.  The sales staff Thao is at the driver side of the SUV.

If you ask me, I'd like to keep the SUV.   Just in case my van does not start in the morning of a rabbit show day, the SUV could substitute as a bunny mobile.

The new sedan is hopeless for transporting rabbits to the shows, the big carriers for my full coated Angoras will not fit.

Did Albert complete the transaction?  Yes, he did.  He now has a sedan.  My van better work well, I don't have a second choice!

Sunday, November 15, 2015

How Smart Would It Be If I Buy A Smart Car?

Betty says,
These cars are so cute, they don't look like the real thing.   They look like little toys!

The do exist, here is a little silver cutie.

This one looks like a little man wearing a tuxedo without the tail.

That's the frame of this little thing.

Do you think I should get one to go to the rabbit show?

I probably can fit into this little car but where would the rabbits go?
It's cute, it's gas saving, but how would this car fit into my passion for rabbit shows? 
Do you think I'm car shopping?  Do you think I'm planning on showing one rabbit in each show?