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Saturday, January 17, 2015

Mackie Gets His Hair Cut

Betty's handsome English Angora buck Chu's Mackie has appeared on this blog many times including but not limited to a post about his growing up:
At his prime he went to the ARBA convention at Fort Worth, Texas.
Betty grooming Mackie at the ARBA convention at Fort Worth, Texas.

At the convention, judge Deb Vecchio awards BOSB to Mackie.


No matter how handsome Mackie is, it's time for him to get a hair cut.

Mackie's back is exposed, doesn't it look like a pineapple?

Mackie wonders what's going on; "Mom, what are you doing to my beautiful coat?"

Mackie and his "woolfall".


Is there a doe underneath?



Friday, January 16, 2015

Angora Judging at Rutherford

In show A, judge Chris Z. is working on the colored English Angora.

Show A French Angora is judged by judge Stan, Lois is writing for Stan.

In show B, judge Manuel has quite a few full-coated English Angora on his table.

In show B, judge Manuel is comparing the French Angora colored senior buck class winner and colored junior buck class winner for BOV.

For a complete list of Angora results, go to:

Thursday, January 15, 2015

Youth Fun Activities at Rutherford

Kids are having a good time showing their rabbits and having fun with other rabbit related activities.

Others dress up dolls while young rabbit owners dress up their rabbits.

Getting the rabbits to go through the tubes is fun.


The middle one is the winner!

Whether the rabbit win or not, all the youth participants are having a good time.


Wednesday, January 14, 2015

Youth Top Winners at Rutherford

The youth shows are the main shows on January 10, 2015 as the sponsoring club is the Napa 4 H club.  The kids run both the open and the youth shows with some help from the parents.  They did a great job.
In youth show A, Lilia's Mini Lop wins the Best In Show.

Show A youth Reserve In Show goes to Rory's Netherland Dwarf.


Show B judge Manuel picks exactly the same two rabbits, Lilia's Mini Lop and Rory's Netherland Dwarf, as the Best In Show and the Reserve In Show.


Tuesday, January 13, 2015

Open Top Winners at Rutherford

Napa 4 H club holds double open double youth shows at the Rutherford grange on January 10, 2015.  It's the first show date in the Northern CA area.

Show A Best In Show goes to Katrina's Satin selected by judge Manuel (not shown).

Reserve In Show in show A is Dee's English Lop.

In show B, judge Linda picks Betty's English Angora as the Best In Show and Abby's Lilac as the Reserve In Show.   Abby is a youth showing in open.

Monday, January 12, 2015

Fawntasy Wins All Breed Best In Show at Rutherford

Chu's Fawntasy is a beautiful 11-month-old fawn English Angora doe that is bred and shown by Betty.


At the Napa 4 H double open double youth shows at Rutherford, Fawntasy gets selected as the all breed Best In Show by judge Linda in show B.


Sunday, January 11, 2015

Did You Miss the January Jamboree Show?

  Saturday, January 10, 2015,  driving on highway 29 into the world-famous Napa Valley wine country with vineyards after vineyards on both side of the road, exhibitors arrived at the Rutherford grange.    The sign says "January Jamboree" parking.  Really?  We are going to the January Jamboree show?   Isn't the January Jamboree show next weekend at Vallejo? 

January Jamboree show secretary Stephanie says, "Are we having the January Jamboree show today?"

See, this is the parking sign for the January Jamboree show.


You must have missed our show!!!

Don't worry, you did not miss the Sonoma-Marin RA January Jamboree show.  It's still to be held this coming Saturday January 17, 2015.      Why this sign?   Napa 4H holds the double open and double youth show at Rutherford on January 10 but the parking sign uses the name of the Sonoma-Marin RA's January Jamboree show.