Northern California Angora Guild

Saturday, May 27, 2017

Dwarf Papillon on Display at WCC

We have heard so much about the Dwarf Papillon, we finally got to see them in flesh in the WCC at Reno.  
They are very cute, the shape and size are similar to Netherland Dwarf but the marking is the same as the Checker Giant.


Though their parents were imported from Europe, all those on display were born in the US.


Friday, May 26, 2017

Friends at WCC


The fun thing about rabbit shows is not just the rabbits, it's the people, it's the friends.  Look at the happy faces of Betty and Carolyn.

Matt and the pretty ladies: Jill, Amanda and Brittany.


Heather and Matt are having a good time.


Joe, rumored to be Betty's son, comes by to visit, can't help but wanting to hold one of Betty's English Angora.

Judge Paul from MA and Betty have a great conversation.

Three of our favorite judges, or should we say the "Red and Pink Gentlemen": Jim, Don and Josh.

Don and Louis are on the COD team for Dwarf Papillon presentation.  


Thursday, May 25, 2017

Fawn Sisters and their Brother

Remember me? I'm Fawnadette.   I'm very pretty!    Judge Scott likes me so much that he picked me as the specialty Best In Show at the NWARA show at WCC.

This is my sister Fawnalisa.  She is pretty but not as pretty as I am.

This is our silly brother, he is very handsome but kinda nutty.  He does not like to sit still, he likes to dig, he likes to show his pretty white teeth, he does not know how to behave like an English Angora.   We are supposed to be calm and tame but he doesn't know that.  Guess what our mama Betty calls him?  Nutcracker!   Yes, he is a Nut and he cracks all of us up.

Wednesday, May 24, 2017

WCC Angoras on the Open Best In Show Table at Reno

 None of the Angoras made it to the top two spot on the Best In Show table.  It's interesting, however, to see the judges going over the Angoras.  

Maddie Pratt checks on the English Angora in show A.  Photo by Lindsey Vaught.

Maddie Pratt checks the French Angora.  Photo by Lindsey Vaught.

Josh Humphries checks the English Angora in show B.  Photo by Lindsey Vaught.

Another view of Josh working on the English Angora.  Lindsey is in the photo on the very left side.

Lindsey is getting a close up of Josh judging the English Angora.

Peter Velcheck works on the French Angora.

Josh has the French Angora and Peter has the English Angora.

In show C, Jim Rowland has the English Angora and Scott Rodriguez has the French Angora.   Betty is taking picture of the judging.  Photo by Lindsey Vaught.

Lindsey works behind the table taking pictures of the Best In Show judging.

What are Scott and Jim discussing?   Disagreement?

They seem to be good in the next second.

Jim is telling Scott something.  Photo by Lindsey Vaught.

More checking, Lindsey taking more close-ups.

Even more checking.   Eventually the English Angora got the only honorable mention but did not make it to the top two spot.   From the photos, the two judges seem to have given it a serious consideration. 

Tuesday, May 23, 2017

Angora Waiting for the Judge

Rabbit show exhibitors put their rabbits in the judging coops then walk away so that the judges do not know who are the owners of the specific rabbits.
The judging coops are never big enough for Angora rabbits.    Here is an English Angora fawn junior doe.   Yes, junior, the coop is already too small.

This is an English Angora chocolate tort junior buck but shown in the senior buck class.

English Angora colored senior bucks, crowded coops.

English Angora fawn junior does.

The tort senior English Angora got its coat all smashed in the small coop.


This is an English Angora black junior doe.

A fawn junior doe and a black junior doe.

A tort senior English Angora.


The French Angora are also too big for the small coops.


This is a very young French Angora junior, the coop is about right for this young one.

The broken chestnut and chestnut French Angora senior does fill the judging coops.


Two chestnut French Angora who have very intense color.

The Giant Angoras are feeling more squeezed.


The beautiful shiny Satin Angoras are filling the coops.


More Satin Angoras waiting for the judge.


Most of the above photos were taken by Carolyn, we thank Carolyn for sharing.


Monday, May 22, 2017

What's My Name?

We all do baby talks with our rabbits.   Our rabbits probably are as confused as Mooch the cat:

??? What's My Name???

(Comic strip source: San Jose Mercury)

Sunday, May 21, 2017

WCC MWARA Fiber Product Contest at Reno

Carol's gorgeous shawl is made from English Angora wool with the edging made from American Fuzzy Lop wool.   As you can see that the Fuzzy wool has more halo than the English Angora wool, Fuzzy has more guard hairs.

Carol's shawl is the Best In Show winner of the Wool/Skein/Garment contest.


Erica walks by to see what's going on with Carol and her basket of goodies.


Karin joins in the conversation, Carol's basket is the prize for the Best In Show win.
Both Erica and Karin are fiber artists, they can appreciate a good fiber creation when they see one.


Betty's English Angora wool gets a "Best Wool" win.   It's not as aligned due to the judging and handling.
The certificate of the Best Wool win.


Carolyn's scarves are the winners in the small wearable category and receive honorable mentions.