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Saturday, April 23, 2016

HGF Dream With Me Wins Double Specialty Best In Show in OH

While Gabe takes a group of French Angora to the Angora National at Amana Iowa, Eric is busy judging at Canton OH.   Fawn doe HGF Dream With Me goes to the show at Canton and wins double specialty Best In Show.


Friday, April 22, 2016

HGF I Am Titanium Wins Angora National at Amana Iowa

The National Angora Rabbit Breeders Club National Specialty Show is held at Amana Iowa on Sunday, April 17, 2016.

The French Angoras are on the table and the anxious owners are behind the table.

French Angora buns waiting and the exhibitors chatting.

Judge Zac is getting down to the last two colored senior does in a class of 19.   On the table being evaluated is HGF I Am Titanium that is shown by Eric and Gabe.

Looks just like HGF I Am Titanium but it's actually her littermate sister HGF Ultra Beauty shown by Debbie M.

The winner of the French Angora colored senior doe class is HGF I Am Titanium bred and shown by Eric (not in the picture) and Gabe.   I Am Titanium goes on to win Best of Breed French Angora then goes on to win over the English Angora, the Giant Angora and Satin Angora, becoming the Best In Show at the Angora National Show.     This is the second time that Eric's French Angora won the Best In Show at the Angora National, the current winner HGF I Am Titanium is the granddaughter of the 2013 Angora National winner HGF Dreamsicle.  

Eric and Gabe also have the first place colored senior buck, colored junior buck that is the BOSV and the colored junior doe in addition to the colored senior doe win. 

HGF Light My Fire is another littermate to HGF I Am Titanium.   She is the winner of the Four-Class in the open all breed show on April 16, 2016,  the day prior to the Angora National Show.
It's a great weekend for Eric and Gabe, huge congratulations.  


Thursday, April 21, 2016

WCC 2016 - Best Of Best Goes to the Californian

WCC event has 13,800 entries, 30 judges and participants come from 19 states in the US plus 2 Asian countries.    Now the last judging is being done to crown the Best Rabbit in the entire event.
The Best of Best winner Carol G. passes the trophy to this year's winner: Californian shown by Randy, Alan and Jonathan (not in the picture).

The proud papas of this magnificent Californian.


The Best In Show rabbits and cavies from various shows during the weekend are placed on the table and 19 judges participate in a voting process that gives the #1 placement 12 points, #2 placement 6 points and #3 placement 3 points.  The highest point getter is the Californian and is crowned the "Best of Best".

We have now completed all the show photos.   We will be posting fun photos from WCC.


Wednesday, April 20, 2016

WCC 2016 - Top Winners of Show B and C on Sunday

WCC holds double open and double youth shows on Sunday, April 10, 2016 with 40+ breeds and thousands of entries.
The first show on Sunday is designated as show B, judges Josh from TN and Jim from FL award the all breed Best In Show to Betty's English Angora.

In show C judges Bryan and Maddie award the all breed Best In Show to Kathi's Polish.

The Reserve In Show in both show B and C is the Californian shown by Randy, Alan and Jonathan, the same rabbit won the Best In Show in show A on Saturday.


Youth show B Best In Show goes to Lindsey's New Zealand, judges are Ruth Ann from PA and Josh from TN.

Youth show B Reserve In Show is Abigail's Lilac.  Joining in the photo is Adam from OH with judges Josh, Abigail and Ruth Ann.  Adam is the reigning ARBA King.


Youth show C Best In Show goes to Liana's Havana that also won the youth Best In Show in show A on Saturday.  Judges are Eric from PA and Mike from IA.

Youth Reserve In Show in show C is the Thrianta.





Tuesday, April 19, 2016

WCC 2016 - North West Angora Rabbit Association Specialty Show on Sunday

North West Angora Rabbit Association debut their first Angora Specialty show at WCC.
Heather from WA writes for judge Josh from TN.   Josh is the president of ARBA.
Judge Josh places the French Angora.

The Best of Breed French Angora is HGF Uptown Girl.

Judge Josh works on the English Angora colored senior buck class.

Judge Josh has a huge class of English Angora colored junior doe on the table.


Judge Josh picks the English Angora colored senior doe as the Best of Breed.

Here are the four Best of Breed Angora that judge Josh selected, from left to right are the Satin Angora, English Angora, Giant Angora and French Angora.

The specialty Best In Show goes to Betty's English Angora.


A closer look at the four Best of Breed Angoras.



Monday, April 18, 2016

WCC 2016 - Show C Angora Judging on Sunday

English Angora are on the table for open show C, Casey writes for judge Charmaine from WA.

Judge Charmaine examines an English Angora white senior doe.


Matt watches judge Charmaine judging English Angora.


Judge Charmaine likes this English Angora senior doe that is her choice of Best of Breed.


Judge Mike works on the Satin Angora in show C.


Sunday, April 17, 2016

WCC 2016 - Ryan Wins All Breed Best In Show in Show B

Ryan is a very handsome boy.   Being a boy, Ryan usually takes Best Opposite Sex to his sister Angelique.   A happy thing happens to him when ...

Judge Johnny likes Ryan so much that sister Angelique is selected as Best Opposite Sex to Ryan's Best of Breed in show B.   Then ...

Judges Josh and Jim award Ryan the Best In Show in show B.    Betty is absolutely excited that her English Angora buck gets the Best In Show honor at such a huge event.