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Saturday, November 19, 2016

Baby Hurricane


Is this a baby hurricane, a baby tidal wave, or a baby tsunami?

Mom has 8 teats but there are 11 little sucklings, how do they manage to survive?

So many babies, so few teats.


Mom, may I have some more milk, I'm still hungry.


A little help from the human mom is nice.


Baby says yes, please more milk.


Milk tastes good, whether it's real mom's milk or KMR.

More, more, more, please.

I'll take it to the last drop.

It's a such a relief when the babies start eating solid feed to supplement mom's milk.

We are getting along and we are getting strong. 



Friday, November 18, 2016

Betty's Angora Sweepstakes Certificates

National Angora Rabbit Breeders Club (NARBC) keeps show tallies for members who show their Angoras in  Angora-sanctioned shows.  The sweepstakes year is counted from August 1 to July 31 the following year.
In January 2015, I posted my official show tally of the sweepstakes year 2013-2014 on:

The sweepstakes for 2014-2015 were concluded on July 31, 2015 then the certificate was received a few months later.   I did not post it, but here it is:

 I maintained the #1 position in English Angora since 1988, with 21 all breed Best In Show, 7 specialty Best In Show. 

 My French Angora standing has improved from #9 to #6 and added a Best In Show and a Reserve In Show. 


A week ago, I received the most current tally: 8/1/2015 - 7/31/2016. 

Once again I maintained my #1 standing in English Angora with 17 open Best In Show, 7 open Reserve In Show and 8 specialty Best In Show.

My French Angora standing has improved from the 6th place to the 2nd place with 3 open Best In Show and 1 specialty Best In Show.    I have less than 10 French Angora and consider them as the side breed to my English Angora,  I'm quite pleased with such a result.  



Thursday, November 17, 2016

Maya Experiences Angora

Maya and her mom ask for a photo op with Betty and Dellafina.   Betty is more than happy to oblige.  
It's harder for youth to handle the responsibility of maintaining an English Angora in show coat but it's important for them to get the chance to experience the beauty of English Angora.


Wednesday, November 16, 2016

Allen Teaches Kate and Arie

Both Kate and Arie are ARBA licensed registrars, they aspire to be licensed ARBA judges some day.

Arie is checking on the American Fuzzy Lop while judge Allen is helping Kate to have more understanding of the white New Zealand.

Now it's the turn for Arie to learn about the white New Zealand.

Judge Allen tells Kate and Arie whether their assessments of the white New Zealand are correct.

After the BOV white New Zealand and the broken New Zealand are selected, judge Allen gives instruction for Arie to pick the better one of the two.

Judge Allen and Arie together carefully examine the two BOV winners.

More examination before judge Allen announces the winner of the BOB New Zealand.


Tuesday, November 15, 2016

Arie Learns Himalayan

Arie lives in Indonesia, she is already a licensed ARBA registrar.

Himalayan is not a common breed in Asia.   It's a good chance to learn about the breed when she is visiting in the US.

Judge Allen is very kind to take time to teach Arie the fine points of comparing the Himalayan during the shows at Fresno.

The Himalayan is the only breed in the ARBA Standard of Perfection that calls for a long, narrow, and cylindrical body.  Such characteristics prompts breeders/judges/exhibitors to refer the Himalayan rabbit to have a snake-like appearance.


Judge Allen shows the proper way to pose the Himalayan: The body lies flat on the table to show its length, type and markings, as straight as possible when posed.

Arie tries her hands on posing the two Himalayans as instructed by judge Allen.


Judge Allen shows Arie how to check the markings.


Monday, November 14, 2016

Showroom Scenes and Judging Lists

Betty finds a corner at the showroom to set up her grooming....

This corner is quite and close to the door and on solid floor.


The show is held in a livestock pavilion, it's huge and with dirt floor.


Though there are quite a good number of rabbits but due to the huge size of the building, everyone has plenty of room.

Judge Melissa's list.

Randy's list.

Chris Z's list.

Cathy S's list.

Allen M's list.

Scott W's list.

Linda's list.   Linda is also the show secretary.


Sunday, November 13, 2016

Best In Show Judging at Fresno

Open show A being judged by judge Chris Z.

Another view of judge Chris Z picking Best In Show in show A.

Open Show B Best In Show judge is Randy S.

Judge Randy S. is examining the English Angora.

Judge Cathy S. is the Best In Show judge in show C.


Judge Cathy S is checking on the French Angora on the Best In Show table.