Northern California Angora Guild

Saturday, June 23, 2007

Remember When: Presentation of Broken English Angora in 1995

Though many had tried since the 1980s, Irene Burns of Michigan was the first presenter that passed the Broken English Angora presentation in 1995.

Here are some photos of that presentation.

The top photo is the carrier that housed the four presentation animals: one broken senior buck, one broken senior doe, one broken junior buck and one broken junior doe. The photos on the blog yesterday were that of the senior doe and the junior doe.

In the second photo, Betty is helping Irene to weigh and record the weights of the four presentation rabbits.

In the third photo, Betty is helping to groom one of the rabbits just before going on the presentation table.

In the fourth photo, all the presentation rabbits are loaded in the judging coops; judge Richard Gehr opens the first hole to start the examination; Irene is nervous.

In the fifth photo, the judges call Irene into the conference table to tell her the good news: the presentation has been successful.

What happened after this successful presentation? In 1996, Irene's second presentation was rejected due to a disqualification on the junior buck. Though she still had the right to repeat the second presentation in 1997, she decided not to continue the process. She subsequently went out of rabbits.

Friday, June 22, 2007

Remember When: Broken English Angora

There are not as many shows during the summer as in fall and in spring. We are starting a new series titled "Remember When" to share some of the old memories.

The Broken English Angora has been presented many times since the late 80s. Two of the presenters were successful in passing the first presentation but could not go any further.

The two photos here were taken in 1995. The top photo is a broken black junior doe and the other photo is a broken tort senior doe. These two does were in the group that passed the presentation in 1995.     The broken black doe's name is Party Girl and the broken tort doe's name is Shelly. Both were beauties.

There will be photos of the presentation in the post tomorrow. Stay tuned.

Thursday, June 21, 2007

Casey's New Puppies

Casey has acquired two Basset Hound puppies. The boy is Elvis and the girl Priscilla. One of these days there will be a Lisa Marie!

Basset Hound is originally bred to hunt rabbits. They are also nicknamed as "rabbit dog". Let's hope that Elvis and Priscilla won't hunt for Casey's rabbits!

Casey will be showing these pups when they reach 6 months old. Her showing partner will be Kelly, the breeder of these Basset puppies.

Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Eggnog Goes to School

Tracy is a wonderful schoolteacher. She is always interested in finding ways to broaden her kids' experience in life.

On Tuesday, Tracy brought Eggnog, the rescued English Angora, to school for the kids to see.

The top picture is Judy with Eggnog. Judy has arrived in the US from Korea not too long ago; this is the first time in her life that she holds a rabbit.

The second picture is Hannah with Eggnog; and the third picture is Nathalee who was a little reluctant to hold Eggnog but warms up quickly to Eggnog.

The fourth picture is Lindsay with Eggnog. Lindsay thought Eggnog was a stuff rabbit.

The fifth picture shows a few kids with Eggnog.

The sixth picture is Eggnog with Drew and the last picture is Eggnog in Ryan's Fort.

Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Sister Act

Carrie and Sevenah are together for a photo session. The two sisters are enjoying the chance to do some girl talk .

Monday, June 18, 2007

Holly's Happy Family

Holly loves animals. She loves her rabbits and dogs. Glenn, Holly's husband, is more of a dog person.

At the top, we see Holly with her bunnies. In the second picture, Glenn is seen with their Golden Retriever Hunter.

In the third picture, Hunter and puppy Treever are relaxing in Glenn and Holly's kitchen. The fourth picture shows a slightly older Treever in the same spot at the kitchen.

A big happy family.

Sunday, June 17, 2007

Demo at the Fair

Betty and Casey were invited to do spinning demonstration at the San Joaquin Fair on Saturday.

At the top, Betty and Casey are spinning. On the table, there are samples of Angora wool, Mohair, sheep wool, Llama fiber and flax fiber for people to feel. There are also yarns and scarves. On the grooming stand, Betty's white buck is sitting there to be viewed and admired.

In the second photo, Betty's white buck BC8CE is sitting patiently on the stand. He is just six months old, yet to be named. He is definitely a good boy, not making any fuss about having to sit still for a long time.

In the third photo, judge Dani comes by to visit and has a picture taken with BC8CE. Dani says, "Be quick, my eyes are burning!" Dani is known to have severe allergic reaction to Angora. She does not judge any of the wool breeds in shows.

The fourth photo shows Mike and Dolores relaxing in the Home Art building. Dolores is in charge of the exhibits.

The fifth photo is Casey in front of kiddie pony ride. The pony ride is just outside the Home Arts Building.