Northern California Angora Guild

Saturday, April 20, 2013

Donna is Showing Again and Winning

Donna took a break from showing for 4 months, now she is back to shows.
April 6, Donna's English Angora doe Marceline was BOB with Judge Piper Smith (PA) and made the top 3 for Best 4 Class.

Marcelline was BOB in both shows in March and received honorable mentions in the Best In Show judging.  Pictured with Donna who is holding Marclline is judge Mary Ellen.

In March, Donna's young buck Tulamore's Finn, won Best 4 Class at his very first show from Judge Mary Ellen then in April Finn took specialty Best In Show.

Friday, April 19, 2013

Boy Cat Visits Girl Cats

Nikki and Mary Jane are two spayed girl cats.   They live their peaceful lives as Betty's barn cats. 

One day a gentleman cat comes to visit.

I am a handsome gentleman paying a visit to the ladies.


I like to play cool. 

You have heard of LL Cool J, I am the LL Cool Cat.


I don't even mind taking a nap at the ladies' home.


Thursday, April 18, 2013

Laura in the Rabbit Show Wonderland

Laura from San Diego drove 7 hours to get to Santa Maria to meet Betty and to welcome Lydell into her family.   Here is Laura and Betty with the English Angora winner of the day: Chu's Lucia.

  This is the first time that Laura is in a rabbit show.   It's like Alice in the wonderland, everything is new.   Will Laura be bitten by the rabbit show bug?  Stay tuned.


Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Deb's English Angora Does Win Big at Missouri

Three-generation Angora breeders Deb, Alicia and Katelyn took a road trip from MN to MO for the April 6-7 show weekend at Sedalia, MO. 
In the all breed show sponsored by Midwest Trailblazer's Club, judge Dave picks Deb's English Angora doe as the Best Four-Class. 

In the Mid American Angora Club specialty show, judge Ray picks Deb's another doe as the Specialty Best In Show.

Margaret works as the writer when judge Ray judges the specialty show.


Alicia's French Angora junior is on the table being judged.  One of her seniors took the Best of Breed.

The weekend also includes a "Spin-In", many spinners gathered to have a good time.  Katelynn is learning to spin from Luann.


Tuesday, April 16, 2013

It's the Angora Winning Day at Kentucky Cup


The past weekend is the big Kentucky Cup weekend with breed nationals and specialty shows held on Saturday and all breed shows held on Sunday at Lousiville, KY.   It's a major event in the southern show circuit.

Look at the Best In Show and Reserve In Show winners: Two Angoras!   Eric's French Angora HGF Dreamsicle wins the Best In Show two weekends back to back.  Eric drove from PA to KY to show his beautiful doe.   Marcus drove from MI to KY to show his English Angora doe and it's the Reserve In Show winner in show A then went on to win Best In Show in show B.   

Please note that this is NOT an Angora specialty show, it is a huge all breed show with large entries.  Having the two Angoras on the top of the winners' list shows the high quality of our beloved Angora breeds.


Monday, April 15, 2013

Tax Day


Don't forget to file your tax return, it's the tax day!!!


Sunday, April 14, 2013

Danielle Completes Her Registrar Requirements

Danielle passed the written test for being a registrar, she started working on the 3-show requirement in February at Turlock.  The first judge who she worked with was Josh from TN.

At Gridley in March, Danielle worked with judge Allen.


The April show at Santa Maria, Danielle worked her last show with judge Randy.   Her hubby Timmy and daughter Delani are at the background at the left corner.

Danielle passed all three judges and she will complete her paper work to becoming a licensed ARBA registrar.