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Saturday, June 12, 2010

Found On The Net: Another Bird Nest

In a small country restaurant in Taiwan, a mama bird selected some open wires near the ceiling to build a nest. A little while later, eggs were found and then hatched. When old enough, baby birds opened their mouth waiting to be fed by mama. The owners of the restaurant bought some worms and helped the feeding; babies were happy but mama bird protested. Guess what? The baby birds understood the wishes of their mama and stopped accepting worms from human.

Having a bird nest with babies attracted lots of customers to this country restaurant. Well, if such were in the US, this restaurant would have violated health code for having a bird nest with free flying birds inside a place intended to serve food.

Friday, June 11, 2010

Lanai, An Escape Artist

Beautiful Jersey Wooly AK's Lanai

Lanai likes to play with the English Angora bunnies in the exercise pen.

Another shot of Lanai in the exercise pen with the English Angora bunnies.

Lanai's body seems to be a lot broader than the 2" wide 4" high exercise pen wire.

Betty says,

"About four weeks ago, Carol G. gifted me a beautiful Jersey Wooly AK's Lanai. She is a baby, so I put her with one of the English Angora bunnies. In the afternoon, I'd put all my bunnies out in the exercise pen; it's so much fun to watch the bunny flips.

This afternoon, an unfamiliar noise of garden hose freaked out Lanai. She went through the 2" wide wire and disappeared into the golden juniper bushes. Our gold juniper bushes have been there for almost 30 years; they are dense and almost solid to the ground.

In the next 3-1/2 hours, Lanai played hide-and-seek with us and she played it well. It probably was fun for her but not much fun for us. It interrupted our afternoon routines and eventually our dinner. The uncertainty of her possibly lost forever in our bushes or possibly being harmed by wildlife was scary and frustrating.

Eventually she was caught. My experience in rabbits has been limited to French Lop, English Angora, French Angora, Satin Angora and one Mini Lop; I'd never thought that any rabbit would be able to run through a 2-inch wide wire.

Lanai is too smart for her own good; the chance of her going into the exercise pen again is very slim!"

Thursday, June 10, 2010

Found On The Net: Saving Kittens From Big Bad Eagle

In a county court in Taiwan, two playful kittens got trapped under a huge eagle wood carving when they played hide and seek. Several of the court personnel gave up their breaks to lend a helping hand to get the kittens out.

Finally the kittens were freed from the eagle statue, the mama cat comes in from the window to lead her kittens to safety.

Wednesday, June 09, 2010

Piggies At Contra Costa Fair

It's not a fair if there isn't any piggies. 4-H kids competed with their pig project next to the poultry/rabbit barn. The piggies were very noisy, they sounded as if they were in grave danger. May be they were; there were talks about auction and very likely that these piggies would be going into freezers than going back home after the fair.

Tuesday, June 08, 2010

Enjoying Contra Costa Fair

Casey had a wonderful day at the Contra Costa Fair; her son Cole and future daughter-in-law Ashley came to visit and to enjoy the fair. Casey was asked to be the judge for the 4-H dog obedience competition and to top it all, Casey's English Angora doe Kieran won Best In Show.

Leslie judges French Angora, Gabrielle takes down comments.

Monday, June 07, 2010

Contra Costa Fair Poultry Display

A nice display by a 4-H club.

A closer look shows the little chicks cuddle to a stuffed bear.

The poultry barn is maintained by volunteers and 4-H kids, they do a great job in keeping it clean. Our rabbit show is held in this barn in the other corner.

Another view of the poultry barn.

A turkey, looks lonely.

Two little chicks keep each other company.

More poultry display.

Sunday, June 06, 2010

Best Friend Forever - Bunzilla and Morty

Bunzilla, "Morty, how are you doing?"

You smell good.

Morty, "Bun Bun, you smell good too."

Mama Maureen is coming, what does she want?

We are BFF!